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  1. Lmaoo We just need to stay away from this dude . I'm done with Recievers that can't catch..
  2. He isn't a NT. So you trade down or Pass cause we don't need him . Mo is gonna be signed , not so sure about Snacks his price tag will be high. But like I said he isn't a NT.
  3. Fitzpatrick such a legit starting QB that he is on a new team every year playing the backup role.
  4. It gonna hard to take him at 6 now .. Fowler, Beasley , WR or trade down
  5. "The Jets are more likely to trade down than to draft Marcus Mariota." – @RichCimini http://t.co/hIy2UZBna4 I'm gonna let this settle in .. I don't believe the jets are high on Mariota could be a smokescreen but I don't think he is the guy Bowles wants to risk his job on . Geno atleast buys him a year if the team does bad gives him a scapegoat in a sense .,
  6. He is gonna have too if wants to make the rosters . We are suddenly deep at safety .
  7. Antonio Allen is not that good man . Dude was so bad last year he got benched at CB and Safety . Also if his strength is suppose to be a Cover guy . How Is he a Threat Pryor Position ? He would be more of a threat to the FS and we all know Who is starting there . Right now he is fighting for the 2 backup spots with Miles and Jerrett who both played better than Allen last year .
  8. There not the same kind of player Coats is not even that tall he is 6'1. Hill is a long strider , Coats more quick twitch
  9. Bowles pretty much said he is his Starting SS. Is he suppose to do that too ? Cause that's a lot different that players competing for a job .
  10. “@DarrylSlater: Todd Bowles said Marcus Gilchrist will help Jets in coverage so that Calvin Pryor can play a strong safety role.” “@domcosentino: Bowles on Calvin Pryor: ”I think he’s going to be a good football player.“ Says he can hits, not type who takes on blocks.” “@domcosentino: Bowles praised Marcus Gilchrist’s versatility and cover skills. Said Gilchrist will play FS, Calvin Pryor will play SS.” So much for Bowles having no ties to Pryor . Sounds like Pryor is very much apart of his plans .
  11. Bowles on @NFL_AM: Geno is the No. 1 guy right now. Fitzpatrick is injured & we don't have a draft yet... Looking to add competition there. I'ma just leave this right here . Cause it sounds to me exactly what most realistic Jets fans know Geno Smith has a strong chance starting this year . Current Comp would be a Injured Fitz who they hope is back by TC already ruled out for OTA and Mini Camps and let's say Mariota who is far from ready any QB drafted after him is even worse at this point .
  12. Wow that was a damn good post .Facts ,stats backing up your opinion .
  13. OLB Fowler rd1- WR DGB rd2- RB Duke Johnsonrd3 would be awesome . Pipe dream but awesome
  14. I like Samie Coats terrific athlete . Has a tendency for drops tho . Although I'm sure he can overcome it . Where not talking Stephen Hill hands here.
  15. It was 100k given in the form of a bonus or whatever .... Unless the jets where gonna cut him mid season week 1. This whole point is moot
  16. Eh Cro's Personal life is not my business. He ain't the first nor will he be the last to have baby mama drama.
  17. To get Winston I would inquire . He's way more ready than Mariota at this point .
  18. lol see no one posted Brent Grimes wife dissing Eric decker tweets yet . I'm not sure how to embed tweets but ur tag is @iheartmiko if yall wanna see
  19. Marcus Williams beat out Darrin Walls last year ? I don't remember that for some reason . Anyway Unless one of them can play safety they probably both will cut. Especially if Millner and Mcdougle are healthy
  20. Lmaoo this guy isn't even the best prospect in his own class.. Your selling him like he is Elway,Manning,Luck kinda prospect . I'm cool if we pick him . But to predict pro bowl level by year 3 seems Like stretch considering the guy is coming out the spread and has a long way to go just learning the basics of being QB much less a NFL QB. I won't pretend to know what he will become . He could very we'll be the thing you say . But he isn't the kinda Prospect I could predict those things for .
  21. I would love to get him . Learning behind Marshall and Decker would help him a lot . Just saying don't be upset if DGB last a lot longer than people think and if the jets pass on him multiple times. I'm not saying they will just saying it's real possibility . That being said would also love Dorsett rd 2 or if (doubt it) jalen strong fall out of the first rd
  22. He has the highest ceiling of the group . But his weight issues scares the crap out of me .
  23. There's a legit shot he is there when we pick in third round. As I undesfand there a lot of teams That don't even have him on there board . There's a possibility we could be one of those teams .
  24. lmaoo there only one other QB .. no rookie is coming in here to start
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