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  1. There's a legit shot he is there when we pick in third round. As I undesfand there a lot of teams That don't even have him on there board . There's a possibility we could be one of those teams .
  2. lmaoo there only one other QB .. no rookie is coming in here to start
  3. there a Pass Rusher/OLB away from having a legit chance at a top 3 Defense imo
  4. he so much better that where in the third or 4th tier of free agency and Kyle Wilson is still not being courted by any team
  5. lol he has no one to blame but Sanchez for ruining his career
  6. thx man. the official jets website never post the conference calls
  7. Yeah I'll pass on this signing . Already got babin and pace to fill the past prime pass rusher role
  8. Dude was pretty much playing MLB this season and started slow hit his stride around mid season and played really well towards end of season . Basically Development But hey I'll let people tell how terrible a safety he is when he barely played safety this year . http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/nfl/cardinals/2014/10/14/arizona-cardinals-deone-bucannon-bruce-arians-nfl/17254539/
  9. In jets fans mind if your not a all pro your 1st year your bust.. Most of them dont understand players have to be develop and in most cases it takes them more that 1 year . But here is irony they don't think Pryor can be fixed but Allen who was one of the worst DB's in football last year to the point Rex couldn't stomach him no more at safety nor Corner and benched him. Is the guy yall want to start
  10. he played like a rookie o wait ... Pryor should be better with Gilchrist and great Corner play now.
  11. Im fine with it as long as it Fowler or Beasley . No to Shane Ray to many question marks for the 6th pick imo. And I don't trust Gregory ability to Sustain weight seems real Maybinish in that aspect . If it wasn't for that he would be my #1 choice . Good thing he will likely go before us.
  12. That plays where he freezes Bart Scott and goes right by him sheesh. I'll never forget that should of been tackled for a loss .
  13. Career and skills wise he is much better player than both and has proven he can be a productive player on this level Problem is he can't stay healthy.. Hell tbh if they sign him I wouldn't be suprise if he ends up taking snaps away from kerley if he stays healthy .
  14. Then if Cro or Revis goes down which is a legit concern then what ? And again no one is giving up a 2nd or 3rd milliner till he proves he is worth that .
  15. Lmaoo just stop no one is giving a 2nd and 3rd rd pick for him . Milliner hasn't been developed properly and has extensive injury history dating back to college . U will probably if lucking get a conditional 4th but more than likely 5th-7th . Which isn't a gain for the jets . So thee is no point in trading . Just keep him and let him get healthy and actually learn from people who has played the position at a high level as compared to him having to be the guy trying to teach himself the ways of the NFL .
  16. I'm glad he did . Stevie Johnson use to whip on us .
  17. Agreed . Kid is young and cheap still has plenty upside . They gain nothing by trading him especially in a league where CB are premium
  18. If the jets are lucky Millner will be primed and ready to take over for Cro in 2 yrs.
  19. Kerley Won't matter when Cooper is in the slot lol I hope
  20. Smokescreen .... Nothing to see here. Mariota won't be a charger and Rivers is betting on himself this year to cash out next year .
  21. Should they be eating crow cause of bridgewater 64 QB rating 14 tds and 15 TO's? Or the fact the great Derek Carr who was protected so much he threw a whooping 5.5 ypa , 58% completion percentage and 599 pass attempts and barley went over 3,000 yards. I personally don't think anyone needs to eat crow over these guys. They both still have plenty prove .
  22. rather just Draft receiver at some point in the first 3 rds.. need to add speed to this mix Stevie Johnson won't add that. that being said i hope he goes to San Diego lol
  23. Lol dudes talk about that buffalo game as if we where not forcing deep balls to Percy Harvin so Rex could show off his new toy . 3 forced deep balls 3 ints .
  24. "I'm Gon show you how to Light it up this year" - Marshall I can't wait . Teach him how to play Brandon
  25. Then your not paying attention to the details . Almost all the big contracts we made are front loaded deals . Players get most of there money the first 2 years. after that the cap hits become more than reasonable and can be cut if needed with any real repercussions if needed. With a rising cap over the next few years eventfully hitting a 180 million . The jets will be fine long term as long they continue to manage things creatively .
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