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  1. Can't go wrong with a WR (Cooper , White) OLB (Fowler,Beasley,Gregory) Trade Down Draft Mariota All these Scenerios are fine
  2. http://espn.go.com/espnradio/newyork/podcast/archive?id=6472344 parcells and Westoff podcast are up if anyone wants to listen.
  3. Parcells believes in Geno . Good listen on ESPN radio
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick was horrible as bill . Some of you guys need to come back to earth. Yall are acting like its some Elite QB coming . Sooner yall come to terms Geno will be the day 1 starter the Sooner you can get over the disappointment . Fitz will be there for when and if Geno falls on his face again .
  5. I would rather use Cro money on someone like Rahiem Moore . But it can't hurt to be deep at CB our Nickel and Dime packages should be real strong
  6. Where exactly would we fit in his 28 million dollar cap hit with bout 18 million left In cap?
  7. @Connor_J_Hughes: SOURCE: Even w/ Revis signed, #Jets are still interested in CB Antonio Cromartie. Source: “Talks are still alive
  8. Happy as hell we missed out n Carey Williams dude sux
  9. I feel like he Houston All the way. Just using the jets to get more $$$
  10. i like your list although we seem to be all in on Revis at the moment hopefully the wait won't bite us in the ass.. would love Rahim Moore or Ron Parker. wouldn't mind them trading for Parnell (Cowboys) Harrison Needs to be resign no excuses. would love to pick up Orakpo for the right price he seems to be motivated. would like to get a RB done soon weather is Powell or Spiller
  11. I was just about to post this dude can you play any position in secondary and pretty much has .
  12. that sux. one of the guys i was hoping for.
  13. he is a way better "Receiver" than Harvin . so he would be worth it
  14. that would be good pickup for the texans
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