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  1. What has he done wrong? His oline trash and he still leading them to points.
  2. There not gonna move Becton from LT. Especially with dominance he has shown at the position. Not saying they wouldn’t draft sewell but i doubt Becton would Be making position change if they do.
  3. He will probably get signed by contender he is solid starting guard that hasn’t giving up a sack in 2 seasons.
  4. Could probably get a good to decent pick for Williams Maye Williamson jenkins Poole Mcdougald Jd is likely not trading his rookies. rest probably not bringing in anything needle moving . Maybe some late pick deals?
  5. What has he done to be considered great? Cause statistically speaking he has been one of the worst QB in league 3 years straight
  6. Maybe there is a plan to jd 6th rd pick hording
  7. 46 snaps is expanded role for zuniga lol
  8. Getting anything for him is kinda impressive.
  9. Yes but whatever happen he didnt want to be there anymore. Dude gave up 0 sacks last year and there run game has suffered since he got hurt and had to miss games . Winters has been horrible buffalo fans where really looking forward to spain returning to the lineup.before the surprise cut.
  10. Spain is actually decent tho . Unlike GVR
  11. We should . But we probably wont and he will have options
  12. So mims is the big change here? Cause we lost to bills week 1 with the other 3. Im excited to see mims tho . I hope clark gets the start at guard as well.
  13. I thought it was clear this pretty much a redshirt year for him when we drafted him
  14. I wouldnt go that far we lost to denver with there 3rd string QB with sam.

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