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  1. Both these QB are as up and down as sam . Only really difference is they have great overall teams that can hide there warts.
  2. He didn’t look down the field . Allen was scared immediate retreat
  3. Yeah that makes sense. Except all the other all pros that are in playoffs .
  4. Back to back all pro .. lol I didn’t see any of the bills safety’s on up there
  5. I remember being so excited Dalvin Cook was sitting there in rd 2.. Maye has been alright tho I guess.
  6. I called this hate for Sam early in the year I said y’all will turn on him after few bad games. . Some Jets fans turn on there own so fast it’s hilarious. The grass is always greener in there minds. The teams 2 best players (Darnold and Adams) are 2 of the most hated players when it comes to some fans

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