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  1. To slow for my taste at Corner . Prefer someone like Nevelle Clark over him
  2. Okudah and it’s not even close . And although it means little in the grand scheme of things I’ll take OSU track record of Corners developing over Florida’s
  3. Could u imagine getting Higgins at 48 and someone like Aiyuk or Peoples Jones in rd 3.
  4. I think all positions come into play after your outside the top 100.. if a highly ranked player falls to you . Are you gonna pass to reach for a need?
  5. I could easily see Gase falling in love with Shenault his run after the catch ability is special.. he would thrive in that mid to short passing and heavy screen game his offense is built around . Don’t think he even makes it’s too 48. I think we have better chance at aiyuk or Pittman. I don’t like his mock because I prefer to double dip at OL and WR withIn our 1st 5 picks.
  6. Yup easily the one thing we know Gase and look like Douglas loves Speed at the receiver spot .gase probably drooling at the idea of Ruggs running those screens lol
  7. Cowboys are struggling to sign there own Franchise player right now . Just lost one of the best corners in football cause they couldn’t offered him . But there gonna trade for and make Jamal the highest paid safety .
  8. I know this is probably fake but man Logan Ryan would make our secondary One of the best in the league .
  9. This article is from 3 days ago and the nfl came out yesteday and said the draft will not be pushed back .
  10. Need somebody that can take a Hit I know that .. my Vote is Matt Moore he knows the offense already too
  11. I don’t see a lie here. Of all the young QBs in the league I don’t think there is one being wasted more than Sam. Everybody putting together good Olines and WR’s for the young QBs. We signing George Fant’s and 5 game wonders .. maybe JD has a plan with the madness . Trust the process
  12. Just based on this I doubt Pittman is a target.. I think The Ruggs rumors are absolutely real if they go WR.
  13. https://twitter.com/Michael_Nania/status/1242604605395124224?s=20
  14. And half the career production . Upgrade
  15. People still listen to Francesca for anything ?
  16. Chill perriman is all word he goes up high points everything .
  17. JD building the ultimate boom or bust team . But Atleast we saving money to pay absolutely nobody
  18. homerism is strong in this thread
  19. He average 7 more ypc than Robby tho Lmaoo
  20. And yet he had to wait for robby to be signed to get his 1 yr deal.. very telling for former 1st rd pick .
  21. Lmaooooooo so we signed the poor mans version of robby makes sense . anyway good signing
  22. I don’t need to defend nobody . But adding buch average to below average players to the roster isn’t anything brag about . But whatever makes you happy

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