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  1. Agreed . Make all those picks in the top 100. We need them all
  2. Basham is straight trash i don't why he gets hype on this team
  3. They would be complaining about robby not catching Sam under deep balls. And calling him 1 trick pony.
  4. They would of never been drafted in rd 1 if anyone believed that
  5. Tannehill got hurt. You seem to have alot of excuses for Sam. But wanna make big deal out of 1 bad game by lawrence. it dont even matter i want gase and sam gone
  6. Dude had 93.2 QB rating under Gase and made the playoffs . He certainly shown more under gase than darnold has .
  7. Whats missing in this take Tannehill was actually competent QB under Gase. Sam has not shown one bit of consistency to date.
  8. No thinks the roster will be the same next year or thinks gase will be here. So i dont really care about what he could do with the current jets.
  9. Ty johnson did actually lol
  10. Gase wont be here by seasons end . Im not overly concerned about that.
  11. Telling the truth about a player is ragging on him? He will have 10 weeks to play himself outta replacement simply by taking us out of the TL range. We will see what he does.
  12. Then he should of trusted robby more who is clearly better without him .
  13. Nah i rather draft a QB who isnt a turnover machine , can read defense and doesn't crumble under every blitz.
  14. Being a homer isnt gonna change Sam bad play nor is comparing him to brady or rodgers. But go off.
  15. 2nd yr pro’s dont read blitzes With bad Olines and bad personal?
  16. Was its the Oline fault that he held the ball so long with a wide open receiver in his face. He got himself hurt?
  17. 9 other teams playing competitive football. jets scored 0 points vs the powerhouse dolphins.
  18. Please name a QB that cant even handle a zero blitz that has succeeded?
  19. Jets arent beating either of those teams. But cool story
  20. Darnold has not faults he just needs all pro everything and maybe he can be middle of the road QB for once.

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