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  1. He pretty much got 10 mill a year and sucked Year 1 and got hurt, sucked year 2 before being switched to Lt. Finished decent still got hurt.. Im not sure he outplayed his deal . Would love strong year from him this year. To feel like that.
  2. Fant has gotten hurt every year of his career. i don’t know how that isn’t a pattern
  3. Seems it was good day of football for both sides. Can wait till pads come on . So we can really get some action.
  4. He was deciding the saints wanted him back.
  5. he wont do it now cause he has to reprove himself. but i am certain his agent isnt okay with him being RT after showing he can be good LT.. i believe this why saleh choose his word carefully in terms of bringing up his contract and his future..
  6. it must suck being So Loud all offseason to be wrong 1 day into camp..
  7. becton situation bout to be orlando brown type problems in a year if he plays well. Really hope saleh didn't say what cimini reported.
  8. i admit the throws after a would be sack is not what I want to hear this year.. zach did it last training camp and it translated to him him holding that ball too long at times last year in the real games.. its super early though .
  9. Mims trying to make it hard to keep him off the field.
  10. It’s literally not news. But to each his own. Whatever makes yall happy
  11. this needed a separate thread from the current training camp one?
  12. he was mediocre for the entire game. Show me the proof of that? 1 play regardless how you spin is it not gonna back up that kinda claim.
  13. you haven’t back up anything. Besides posting clip of Zach holding the ball to long. Becton has never been liability on game day. And wasn't one vs carolina. But its whatever where not gonna agree here. So it is what it is.
  14. So he was mediocre and yet forced the panthers to take burns away from his side.
  15. Ball should of been out more than enough time there. Especially when the average time throw in the NFL is 2.7 seconds. How about some clips of his actual bad plays not one of Zach holding the ball to long. I mean he was bad all game right? Should be easy
  16. Yikes this is what your hoping for?
  17. 3rd and 2 zach got 4 seconds. You gotta throw the ball. defense is not sitting back in that situation.
  18. Zach held that ball that why becton never got credited with giving up the sack.
  19. He was solid vs carolina . Hell pff had him rated above average and likely would had him graded over 70 if played the entire game.. the play he got injured he was stone walling his guy.
  20. Becton starts at LT tomorrow.. interesting stuff..
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