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  1. Nice pickup . Had down year this year due to injury . But prior to that he is one of the best guards in the league .
  2. One if the best Blocking TE’s in football . But dude is 32 why ?
  3. Say what you want Antonio Brown won . Everything he said was gonna happen did.
  4. As long you got internet and some kinda smart streaming device or pc there always Sunday ticket
  5. Barr-Lee-Williamson-Allen would be a crazy LB core. As far as speed go
  6. Why cant you sign him and get a WR1? Lol why does everyone act like signing one player impacts us signing another as if where broke. .
  7. https://theramswire.usatoday.com/2017/12/14/nfl-los-angeles-rams-lamarcus-joyner-position-safety-cornerback/ doubt it . He didn’t like being a nickle CB .
  8. I’m just enjoying fact everything you said he would never be. he has become in his 2nd year .
  9. based on the compensation nvm on that more ammo thing
  10. Backs that can’t thrive in the passing game aren’t what we need .
  11. I’m not sure how you compare ED to Donald . While he is terrific athlete he really isn’t that great of a pass rusher .
  12. A RB who had 1200+ yards rushing and had more catches than both our starting Recievers. I’m sure the rams are dying inside
  13. I would never sign Coleman over bell . If both options are on the table . And this from somebody that thinks Coleman May have some untapped potential .
  14. Why are they dumb? he is there best player . Once he got hurt Goff turned to crap
  15. How’s that Jordan Willis take working out for you ?
  16. The giants let a player go that they where offered a first rd pick for before the trade deadline . I’m not sure how this terrible mismanagement makes you feel anyway .
  17. Since this is season of lying . I’m guessing some team loves kyler.. and fed Charlie trash info to try and drive down his stock thru the media .
  18. Not even close to a need , and dude is 34 years old .
  19. Should be all in on Trey Flowers and Darby
  20. Dude has been the #1 WR in the class long before the workout at the combine the Stephen hill comps are terrible and downright lazy. Everyone knew DK was freak . The fact that he exceeded even the highest expectations is what has eveyone falling over themselves . Its very rare for a Reciever of his build and Athletcism to fail especially if you get him around the right coaching staff . He has a HOF ceiling but his Floor is probably just as low. Which is why some people are probably scared of him . But imo if your gonna take a shot on a 1st rd Reciever this is just the kinda freak you do it on . My dream scenario right now if Bosa and Allen are gone would be to Trade down hopefully net a 2nd this year and a 1st next year and take DK if he is sitting there .

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