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  1. They drafted one high last year too Jeffrey Simmons
  2. Giants and falcons look good so far. Hope they keep it up
  3. Zamir white is definitely someone i would have interest in in rd 3 -rd4
  4. Macc paid Q instead of Robby i still can’t believe it ..
  5. Trevor is special idc what anyone says
  6. Risk catching covid to pay to watch the jets. Seem like a good idea to me lol
  7. This is the last hope for Sam apologist . Cause Sam certainly isnt gonna play the jets out of the bottom.
  8. Because we all know gase will be fired by seasons end. Yall just wanna push this narrative cause it isnt happening now like yall would like.
  9. I don't care what they wearing. just keep piling up those losses.

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