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  1. he was mediocre for the entire game. Show me the proof of that? 1 play regardless how you spin is it not gonna back up that kinda claim.
  2. you haven’t back up anything. Besides posting clip of Zach holding the ball to long. Becton has never been liability on game day. And wasn't one vs carolina. But its whatever where not gonna agree here. So it is what it is.
  3. So he was mediocre and yet forced the panthers to take burns away from his side.
  4. Ball should of been out more than enough time there. Especially when the average time throw in the NFL is 2.7 seconds. How about some clips of his actual bad plays not one of Zach holding the ball to long. I mean he was bad all game right? Should be easy
  5. Yikes this is what your hoping for?
  6. 3rd and 2 zach got 4 seconds. You gotta throw the ball. defense is not sitting back in that situation.
  7. Zach held that ball that why becton never got credited with giving up the sack.
  8. He was solid vs carolina . Hell pff had him rated above average and likely would had him graded over 70 if played the entire game.. the play he got injured he was stone walling his guy.
  9. Becton starts at LT tomorrow.. interesting stuff..
  10. Wait im pointing out the double standard. Relax
  11. And yet he has been hurt every year
  12. Funny Becton is off the PUP list while Fant isnt. those fat and lazy types
  13. You love to see it. Give em hell big fella
  14. Compared to fants legs these are trees trunks.
  15. Back tracking about to heavy in this training camp.. alot foolish over top comments where made this offseason
  16. i feel like i haven’t found off ball linebacker yet besides leonard and Warner.. that pff actually grades well.
  17. Based on twitter response our players seem to love them too.
  18. Connor didn’t miss at all during FA.. but good job by JD using his main guy to leak out misinformation during the draft.
  19. He isnt leaving the beat.. not sure where his new home will be but JD mouthpiece should be 100% in place for training camp.
  20. These are the best jets Podcast in no particular order. flight deck -Cimini play like jet - Scott Mason Badlands -Connor Rogers Gang is all here -Coz the official jets podcast - Eric Allen Turn on the jets - Will Parkinson honorable mention for the now discontinued Cant Wait podcast by Connor Hughes which was a great one too. Fan made podcast (even though most are terrible and boring) jetsXfactor - good for jets analytics letstalkjets -Great for venting on the bad weeks. on youtube Luka,Robby, Joe are good for film breakdowns. Whether you belive in what there saying and seeing thats a whole another thing. But interesting breakdowns none the less. Also on youtube both these guys are doing a good job right now.. getting good guest on there shows. Boy Green Jake Asman
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