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  1. Austin from his body type to his style of play reminds me of Talib
  2. Lol just scroll up there literally crying about pass he completed . Can’t please everybody
  3. Who cares? Lol Roberts was Butt hurt because we wouldn’t over pay him. And he isn’t even having close to season he had last year .. neither has Jason Myers who has missed 5 fgs with a whopping 73% FG percentage this year . Some jets fans love hyping players up simply for the fact there not jets .
  4. That’s great and all but I’m sure if Mack plays the bengals with there current Qb. He would have 4-5 sacks too
  5. I’m never bothered . Just found it interesting considering this is jets board .
  6. So what the of comparison maxx and Khalil got to do with that ?
  7. Unless you know his responsibility on the play you don’t know anything . You assume you know something . A lot of Times jamal is chasing down and tackling guys that other guys got beat by And y’all blame him .. like I said a lot yall don’t have clue as to what happens on defense outside of splash plays. You can’t point to one game in past 2 years and say Jamal got lit up for 100 plus yards in game. But u will point out 1 or 2 occasional catches out the 30 times he is in coverage throughout a game and say he is liability. there are no numbers anywhere that backs up Jamal is bad in coverage.
  8. Jets are 5th best team in the league when it comes to covering TE’s you think that’s by accident they where also top 10 last year as well.
  9. Lmaoo it’s known fact a lot of these dudes don’t have clue as to what’s going on defense. Jamal is coverage a lot but the only time they notice is when he gives the occasional catch. Then it’s Jamal can’t cover
  10. It’s kinda funny All Jamal Adams threads on here literally have the same recycled hate in every thread from the same people .
  11. I love all the the jets won against bad teams . This The same jets who lost to Miami we are one of those bad teams. Winning games vs bad teams is actually progress imo .
  12. The funny part is there still people that takes everything this clown says as gospel .
  13. He on pace to win MVP. Seem like the flavor of the year to me .
  14. Unless you never played the sport . I don’t see how u don’t understand the QB runs the show on offense . Nothing said there was out of ordinary or even offending. He did exactly what he suppose to do . Redskins will cut one of those Olinemen before doing anything to Haskins.
  15. QBs have been lineman players forever. Dude literally ran for his life all game and he isn’t allowed say anything. A lot the vet players here wanted Sam to speak up more last year that was one main things mention in the difference in Sam this year and last year.. Cause That’s what you expect from your leader /FQB.
  16. It doesn’t matter he is the defecto Leader and Franchise QB. He said what needed to be said .

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