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  1. In the offseason and during VOLUNTARY workouts right? And he didn’t take off he was working with duke along with bunch of other Olineman fron around the league. Some of u dudes go way over top trying to tell players how they should live there lives.
  2. Didn’t expect him or anyone else to do much anyway. Saleh already said the tone of minicamp will be very similar to OTA’s.
  3. Lmaoo positive jets threads don’t do numbers on this board..
  4. 8 pages of whining over 8 throws. @T0mShane and his crew never fail.
  5. Small time writers have figured out how to get attention. Write a negative piece on the jets And the jets fans will blow it up .
  6. Early out looks like Mike White is 3rd on the depth chart..
  7. Old heads still thinking there making uniforms for them…
  8. WR Corey Davis replacement ..
  9. Kinda funny they dont think much of Fant at all. Jets fan wanna make him out to be a all pro.
  10. Twitter is real time news.. save your .50
  11. Wait injuries taking longer to heal than originally diagnosed. He must be fat and lazy
  12. I didn’t listen yet. But usually tom spin of Connor take is different than what Connor actually says.
  13. Dude is real life Manish clone. Apparently the fans nor the players like him.
  14. Its really all they got . Cause on field in the real games he is good and at times like vs rams dominant. He has also shut down way better Edge players than lawson.
  15. I believe it was Tony Pauline with that rumor. Hughes stood firm on us taking a edge and backup OT in the day 2 or 3… but he was firm we wouldn’t take a corner. And we took sauce. either way he isnt getting traded and probably never was.
  16. Lol you hate everyone on this team. its funny watching u do the same thing every year. Trash player after player some before they even play a down…. But wanna hype players like Mike White….
  17. Scoop24

    2023 Wrs

    Quentin Johnson Is the guy i would like to replace Davis atleast early in this process.
  18. Mcbride was comfortably the #1 TE.. i like Rucket tho .
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