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  1. They offered a 1st and 3rd . But Douglas wanted a 1st and 2 2nds . But continue spin the truth for your agenda. Looks like he is on verge of making being a All pro for 2nd consecutive year ..
  2. Lmaoo gotta love narrative changing from his haters.. went from he isn’t good and doesn’t make any impact.. now it’s he don’t play good vs good teams .
  3. Bro I remember you hyping the hell out Ed Oliver and his stats are very comparable Q.
  4. Or it proves guys need time to accumulated to nfl . Shepherd was considered a bust after his 1st year here.
  5. We lost to Miami a few weeks ago . I’ll just enjoy a win
  6. Sams a baller when protected .. sooner we can clean the Oline pressure issues The sooner we can clean up his turnover issues .
  7. lol now Nathan Shepard has turned into some pass rushing beast
  8. dont worry scherff with money where gonna pay you that fine is gonna be lite .
  9. Agreed . He is terrible at tackle . I had some Hope early but it’s gone

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