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  1. Also a little bonus of Quinnen looking explosive on there as well plus more.
  2. Im scared to post youtube content on here anymore. But its on there Official youtube page.
  3. those all hand catches he was making in the jets hype video from practice yesterday. is what makes me smile. he just plucks that ball out the air no body catching..
  4. im guessing we will do the eagles joint practice again too... I like these joint practices especially cause where a young team. but they do scare me a little in terms of injury..
  5. he looks fine. he looks like a tall guy doing the ladder drill. I believe that's Corey davis behind him was looking the same.
  6. Are yall expecting 6’3 Mims to look like 5’9 Moore in these kinda drills.
  7. Forgot he was still on the team.
  8. He is gonna take his lumps . But he should be well battle tested after that list.
  9. He is talking about Wilson . Said if wilson was picked they would of likely drafted Jermaine at 10.
  10. Im not posting video opinion from myself. Just simply posting one of the more in depth interviews i heard from Saleh.
  11. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cant-wait-a-show-about-the-new-york-jets/id1477129387 This was a pretty good interview. Starts at 28min mark
  12. 10 game Might be bit rich where still extremely young and are banking on 4 rookies for the turn around.. But there not lying this team only goes as far as Zach takes them. There is not alot holes on this roster. I hope he takes the step.
  13. Hopefully there’s no Mono cases lol
  14. Atleast we wont be embarrassed national tv. Both teams see to be in same ball park.
  15. last time we played them Lamar single handily destroyed us and threw a td pass to 5 different receivers..and Bateman is probably better than Brown.... should be a fun test for this DLine gonna have to pressure him
  16. Probably the best secondary in football. Big test out the gate for Zach.
  17. Easily one of worst takes i seen on this board in a while.
  18. Look at Rankins pff grade this actually would be upgrade
  19. I didn’t know people actually listen to florio .. his peers don’t even respect him
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