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  1. Yep. I’m 49 and remember one of my favorite local bars in Forest Hills on Austin Street called Keegan’s regularly had a large group of Cowboys and Steelers fans there just about every week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Up until 1984 when Gooden was called up and the team started to make some noise, the stadium was regularly empty. The place was a ghost town for weekday afternoon games. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. ChuckkieB

    We doing a JetNation fantasy football league?

    I'd like to be in if there's a spot available.
  4. No butt fumbles or teammates punching him in the face and I think we're already way ahead of the last few years.
  5. ChuckkieB

    Jets Training Camp- 8/2

    Apologies. Dup post. See? It started already!
  6. ChuckkieB

    Jets Training Camp- 8/2

  7. ChuckkieB

    Jets Training Camp- 8/2

    Ditto. I'm leaving Sunday for Amsterdam and Belgium for two weeks and will be off the grid for the most part as I dive headfirst into an endless supply of booze and other mind altering "indulgences." Will try to check the boards here and there if my varying altered states of consciousness don't get the best of me. Cheers!
  8. ChuckkieB

    Who is leading the QB race?

    Unless Darnold completely sh*ts the bed, I think he's going to be the Week 1 starter. The more game experience he gets this year, the better he will be in 2019. Who knows, if he excels, the Jets might make some noise THIS year. Let's get the train rolling in week 1.
  9. ChuckkieB

    Jets "caved" in Darnold negotiations?

    The Jets could funnell Darnolds bonus up his arse for all I care. As long s he starts throwing dimes all over the field in games that count, we'll all be happy campers and never bring up contract offsets and payout schedules again.
  10. ChuckkieB

    Why not look at Dez?

    No team in the league wants this guy. That's all I need to know. Pass.
  11. ChuckkieB

    Your best Jets practice/game story

    I used to go to watch the Jets practice at Hofstra all the time with my dad in the late 70's and early 80's and every interaction that I had with with the players was great over the years which netted me plenty of autographs and a few handshakes and highfives. One time, though, that was NOT the case. I was around 10 or 11 years old, practice was ending, and the players were walking off the field and Greg Buttle was about to walk by me. When he gets to me I say " Hi Greg, how about and autograph?" His response was "How about a punch in the face, kid!" He kept on walking and chuckled to whoever he was walking with. I thought he was joking and would come back and sign the piece of paper that I was holding, but he kept on walking. It was bizarre. Two years later, against my better judgement, I tried again. After practice as he was running off the field I screamed "Hey Greg, do you remember asking me if I wanted a punch in the face?" and without stopping he yelled back "I should have done it!" So of course, as an adult, despite all the great experiences I had at Hofstra, that's the incident that always come to mind first. Thanks, Greg!
  12. ChuckkieB

    Darnold a hit in Training Camp Debut

    Very excited to see what this kid can do in preseason games. Hopefully he will light it up and leave no doubt who the game one starter should be.
  13. Can't wait until the design is leaked.
  14. ChuckkieB

    Let's Be Real Here

    Bad job by the Jets for not recognizing and working on any potential contract language issues months ago and bad job by Darnold for not making it clear to his agent and "handlers" that he didn't want to miss even one second of training camp.