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  1. This defense is trash. This roster is so bad that it's beyond embarrassing.
  2. Darnold looks great more times than not when he's out of the pocket but Gase has refused to adjust his play calling. That's all on the offense "guru" coach who is too stubborn or too stupid to change his play calling
  3. "Tanking" is the designer word for teams that get can't get out of their own way year after year due to crappy ownership and / or upper management / coaching. Well run organizations never have to tank.
  4. If the Jets win today, it's likely that Darnold had a good game, and if they lose and are embarrassed again, Gase is that much closer to being gone. A rare win-win situation for the Jets.
  5. Adams didn't want to be here, forced his way out of town, and the Jets would be a bottom feeder team with him or without him. Oh, and we don't have to worry about paying a safety 100 million dollars now for a team that's still in the toilet. I'll take the picks over Adams any day of the week under theses circumstances.
  6. Just as I've been saying, these gazillionare owners might not always care about winning football games, but they sure as hell don't like to be embarrassed. This confirms it. Gase is as good as gone. Now it's just a question of how much embarrassment the Johnson's are willing to take?
  7. I'm telling you, all of these "injuries" and then their subsequent longer-than-usual recovery times always seem to plague sh*tty teams way more than good teams. Funny how that works. It's the modern day NFL indicator of losing the locker room.
  8. While I'm tempted to agree with you based on the incredibly low opinion the football world has of the Jets organization, I don't think that Lawrence or any of the young athletes of today for that matter are going to put an uncashed lottery ticket in their pocket and sit on it for a year. No way.
  9. Aren't YOU the one that consistently cites the Jets 6-2 record against bottom feeder teams to close out last season as a point of reference for Gase's prowess as a coach? Can't have it both ways, bruh. The troll force is strong with this one.
  10. I think two bye weeks is coming which would also help push the Super Bowl to the Sunday before Presidents’ Day, which there has been a growing groundswell for too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Because the souring of a fan base is far worse long term to their bottom line. Disgruntled fans don’t buy tickets, merch, concessions at the stadium, etc... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Another embarrassing loss in front of a national audience to bring the team to 0-4 could seal Gase's fate. Even morons like the Johnson's can only take so much egg on their face before they are forced to act. That and the fact that Gase as HC would hurt them in their wallet, which we all know they care a lot about. Can't sell this chump to the fanbase in 2021. Might as well see if their franchise QB responds to someone else now.
  13. Very fair point. I just think though that Darnold has shown enough so far for me personally to believe that with a different offensive system, an NFL caliber WR room, and a coach that is willing to highlight his strengths, he is a legit franchise QB. He's held his own IMO over the last 2 years considering he's basically had none of that so far.
  14. The notion of Fitz over Darnold is silly but I will say this - Fitz plays with incredible passion on the field and that really resonates with the fans. Darnold may very well have the same level of passion, but his general demeanor doesn't always match. Not a criticism of Darnold, just an observation.

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