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  1. ChuckkieB

    Draft Trade Rumors

    If Mac trades out of the #3 pick, it will be cause for celebration. We need bodies and this is the way to go.
  2. My top want in the 1st round is a trade down to accumulate picks. If that doesn't happen, I want: 1 - Bosa 2 - Allen 3 - ANY player other than an interior lineman What I don't want - ANY interior lineman
  3. Yup. My 17 year old son loves the new uniforms, especially the black ones, and wants a Darnold and Bell.
  4. My preference is definitely for the Jets to trade down and accumulate picks. If they stand pat, I would be happy with ANY player other than an interior lineman.
  5. Anyone know when the "Limited" jerseys are going to be available on the Fanatics site for all players and colors?
  6. Haven't read through this whole thread so I'm not sure what the consensus is about Oliver, but I for one would be extremely unhappy with him at #3. If Allen is on the board at #3 and Mac picks Oliver, it will be the death knell for his career as a GM.
  7. ChuckkieB

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    The prizes for last year have already been given out. This is a new year. New players. New coaches. New attitude, and most importantly, a 2nd year QB who is getting better. The Jets are a better team than the Dolphins and the Bills going into 2019. If you don't think so, so be it. I do, and I expect them to win all 4 games this year.
  8. ChuckkieB

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    The Bills and Dolphins are inferior teams and if Darnold and the Jets are truly going to take a leap forward, they have to beat up on the inferior teams. With any luck, maybe then can even steal one of the Patriots games. Assuming Mac doesn’t completely mess up the draft, I feel really good about this team this season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. ChuckkieB

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    1 Sun, Sep 8 Buffalo - WIN 2 Mon, Sep 16 Cleveland - WIN 3 Sun, Sep 22 at New England - LOSS 4 *BYE 5 Sun, Oct 6 at Philadelphia - LOSS 6 Sun, Oct 13 Dallas - LOSS 7 Mon, Oct 21 New England - LOSS 8 Sun, Oct 27 at Jacksonville - WIN 9 Sun, Nov 3 at Miami - WIN 10 Sun, Nov 10 NY Giants _ WIN 11 Sun, Nov 17 at Washington - WIN 12 Sun, Nov 24 Oakland - WIN 13 Sun, Dec 1 at Cincinnati - WIN 14 Sun, Dec 8 Miami - WIN 15 Thu, Dec 12 at Baltimore - LOSS 16 Sun, Dec 22 Pittsburgh - LOSS 17 Sun, Dec 29 at Buffalo - WIN 10-6 with a wildcard playoff berth
  10. ChuckkieB

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    We haven't had a legit edge rusher in a long time. The top of this draft is filled with edge rushers and we are guaranteed to get a blue chip one at #3. We don't need an interior lineman. There is no scenario in my mind based on those facts that the logical conclusion is to pick Williams. If we stay at #3, the pick has to be whoever is available out of Bosa and Allen. I think another poor draft for Mac will be the tipping point in finally getting rid of him, so the pressure is on.
  11. NFL network is my network of choice for the draft, and if Mac messes up the Jets 1st round pick, I will have enough alcohol in me soon after that it won't matter who is hosting.
  12. ChuckkieB

    Rosen's Value Dropping

    Whatever scenario leads to the Giants being a consistently bottom feeding team with no clear direction is the one I'm rooting for. Rosen was a top 10 pick last year. If the Giants get him for a 2nd or 3rd round pick this year, it completely justifies taking Barkley at #2 last year, regardless if Rosen pans out or not. Totally worth the gamble for the Giants IMO.
  13. ChuckkieB

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    Haven't read through this whole thread but my take on Montgomery is that he's been made of glass and would be comfortable with a more reliable backup to Bell.
  14. ChuckkieB

    What is your local NFL team?

    Born, raised, and live in the shadows (taking a little poetic license) of old Shea Stadium, so I bleed "gotham green" through and through.
  15. ChuckkieB

    Ty Montgomery visiting the Jets

    Another team's JAG can be the Jets new JAG. It's their motto.

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