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  1. Of course this is a win now team. The division is wide open. The Bills are the best team on paper but have a suspect QB and JD has done a good job of improving the team where it was weakest. The Jets aren't going to be happy with minimal progress in 2020 when the division title is no longer a pipe dream. By your own logic, the 6-2 finish should mean that the team and coach "figured it out" and should be poised to take the next step. A 6-7 win season in 2020 would be a far cry from any reasonable measurement of "progress." If the Jets aren't a .500 team or better in 2020, Gase will be gone.
  2. "What makes a draft pick a bust?" If you were drafted by Mike Mccagnan, your chance of being a bust was at around 95%
  3. All semantics. Gase would be a 5 year HC with a losing record if the Jets win 6 or 7 games in 2020. That's a big enough sample size to determine his worth and as far as I'm concerned, it would be time to move on. This is a win now league, and 5 years is an appropriate amount of time to determine that Gase is not a winner. Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for a 10-6 record and a division title. I hope this is the year that Gase puts it all together, but his track records suggests that I shouldn't hold my breath. Hope he proves me wrong.
  4. I've been on the trade Jamal bandwagon for a while now but this breakdown has changed my mind. The Jets should just let the contract play out through year 5 and try to negotiate a long term deal at that point. If that cannot get done, franchise him for one year and try to renegotiate after that. He's wants top dollar now and will want top dollar in 3 years. Might as well get as much value out of him as possible. It's been a minute since the Jets had a player that produced at a high level that is UNDERPAID. They should take advantage. He has zero leverage now, and no matter what impact you think he has on a team, he plays the lowest salaried position on the field. We shouldn't be jumping through hoops for him because he certainly won't for the Jets.
  5. Gase has a losing record as a head coach through 4 years and 2 organizations with only 1 winning season under his belt. I'm not sure what the official metrics are for judging a HC on his merits and not personnel, injuries, his GM, or his owner, but at some point, a HC has to sink or swim on his own and be judged accordingly. I think this is that year for Gase. There are no excuses. The expectation is that the team takes a big leap offensively and is competitive in every game. Tough schedule or not, this team needs to be fighting for a playoff spot in a division that's wide open. I think a 6-7 win season gets Gase fired.
  6. For THIS team at THIS time, the Jets would have been better served to draft another WR. In an extremely deep WR draft, there were decent prospects still on the board in the 4th round. I would much rather have rolled the dice and try to develop another WR for Darnold than a QB who might never take a snap in an NFL game.
  7. That's a 13% chance vs. a 0% chance for a 3rd string QB who won't dress for a single game in 2020. For a bad team with a bad roster, this is a terrible strategy IMO. Legit teams have legit backup QB's. If the Jets are a playoff contending team under Darnold, you can bet your bottom dollar that the GM will find a way to have a legit backup on the roster every year.
  8. Not in the 4th round with legit holes all over the roster.
  9. When the roster has crater like holes all over it, picking a longshot QB to develop could have waited and the 4th round pick would have been better utilized by taking a player at a position of need that might actually get on the field and contribute in 2020.
  10. Great signing! A veteran backup is the smart way to go. The division is wide open. Can't give away games with a terrible backup QB like the Jets have for the past few years. If it was JD's intention all along to sign a vet backup QB, can we now all agree that James Morgan in the 4th round was a silly pick?
  11. I was at that game with my Dad! Section 130. The most exciting football game I've seen live.
  12. Unlike most of us who were born into our Jets fandom, you chose yours which makes me question your decision making process. All kidding aside, Welcome!
  13. My two cents - Maynard and Toon are 1-2 by a wide margin. The rest are all so close it's a matter of who your favorites were. On my list I would put Chrebet and Walker 3-4.
  14. How does this guy still have a job? He has been openly hostile towards Gase and the Jets with ZERO objectivity. Don't get me wrong, I have been known to enjoy a good Gase hit piece now and again but this is getting ridiculous.

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