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  1. Rank Your Free Agent QB's

    I think I’ve been pretty clear that my strong preference is for the Jets to draft a QB, but if they go FA, Cousins is the only one that makes sense to me. There will still be plenty of cap space to fill out the roster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Rank Your Free Agent QB's

    Cousins, Cousins, Cousins. If the Jets can't sign him, I don't want them to even consider anyone else.

    I think if a QB is bad, he's bad, and no amount of coaching will help. IMO there are three types of QB's: ELITE - come right out of college and play at high level and get even better as they gain league experience. Elevates the play of the players around them and consistently get their team into the playoffs. MID LEVEL (this is the majority of the league) - decent out of college and with good coaching can improve to be consistently productive enough to keep their job for 6-8 years and depending on their team's circumstances, make a playoff run and if all the planets align, get to a Super Bowl. Bad - not ready for prime time out of college and if they get to see the field at all, they don't perform at a consistent starting QB level, no matter how good their coaching is. These guys typically lose their job fairly quickly and are dumped by their team after a few years and catch on elsewhere as a backup or are out of the league all together. Petty is a BAD QB and will be out of the league as early as next year. Hackenberg is the worst example of BAD and might night see one snap as a NFL starter before he's out of the league.

    Petty is a sub par NFL QB that will probably be out of football in 2018. The best QB coach of all time couldn't get him to perform at even an average level. A great sculptor needs a decent piece of clay to create his masterpiece. He couldn't create much of anything with a pile of festering sh*t.
  5. If the Jets don't sign a FA QB, a QB has to unequivocally be their 1st round pick and it looks like they're going to have to trade up to be in front of Denver if they want to get the #3 QB on the board. Drafting a CB before a QB with no legit FA QB in the fold would be a disaster of epic proportions.

    If the Jets were one of the good organizations you speak of, then Bowles would have been fired one millisecond after the 2017 season ended.

    Between Morton and Bowles, I would keep Morton every day of the week. He was one of the better OC's the Jets have had in a while. Bowles on the other hand...
  8. If we could get a 7th round pick for Hackenberg, Mac should be awarded GM of the year immediately.
  9. Elite QB's win Super Bowls and this year will be no exception when Brady wins another one. The Foles, Keenum, Bortles, story lines are nice but QB is king in this league and with all of the rules shifting towards helping the offensive side of the ball over the last few years, QB will continue to be king. I'll take my chances with Brees, Rothlisberger, Brady, Rodgers over Keenum, Foles, Bortles any day of the week.
  10. Manning will be first ballot HOF'er but I don't think he should be. 4 pro bowls 14 years which means he was considered amongst the best QB's in the NFC only 4 times in 14 years. That's not ELITE to me. I think you need to be an elite player to make the HOF. That's my criteria anyway. He's accumulated nice career numbers because he's as tough as nails and has never been hurt, a very good quality as a QB, no doubt, but not a reason to vote him into the HOF. He has been a good to very good QB for a long time and played at an elite level in the two biggest games of his life. That is why he is a first ballot HOF'er.
  11. Mularkey Out as Titan's HC

    Smart organizations are quick to recognize and act on coaches who are not doing a good job, regardless of their records. The Jets are not one of those organizations and never have been. This should surprise no one on this board.
  12. If there’s a God

    Pats win by 30.
  13. Cousins would be one of the best if not the best QB the Jets have ever had, so Mac would be negligent if he didn't at least kick the tires here. If they sign him, there's really no way I could be angry about it. That being said, I would much rather draft a QB at #6 or higher and use the cap space to fill in as many other holes as possible so the team will be ready to compete at the same time our young QB comes into his own. I know there are those who think a good QB automatically makes a bad team good a la the 49ers this year, but the difference between the 49ers and the Jets is that the Jets actually had very good QB play this year and still got only 5 wins. The 49ers QB play was putrid prior to the Garappalo trade. The worst case scenario is to sign Cousins but not have a team around him competitive enough to justify his 30 million dollar annual salary while the team is still rebuilding. I'm not saying that's going to be the case, but it's definitely something Mac has to consider. In my mind, there's risk involved no matter which way the Jets go here.
  14. One thing that many seem to undervalue here is EXPERIENCE. Mayfield was a 4 year starter in college. Sanchez started 13 games.
  15. I don't care who the best college QB is. All I care about is that the Jets draft a QB somewhere between pick #1 and #6.