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  1. ChuckkieB

    Sam Is Mic’d Up On Showtime Tonight

    I still can't believe that the planets finally aligned in our favor and we landed this kid. I've literally been waiting to root for a QB / player / person like this for 40 years. I don't know what to do with this strange feeling that folks around me have told me is happiness every time I watch or talk about the Jets.
  2. Not to worry - we have like 18 TE's on the roster so we'll be fine.
  3. The Giants GM went all in on Eli and the team as currently constructed to win NOW by drafting Barkley as the missing link but instead the team has been one of the worst in the NFL. The reward for such massive incompetence is to reset the dial by getting another chance to draft a franchise QB at the top of the 2019 draft. Does anyone other than me find this to be quite aggravating?
  4. I think if the Vikes are able to establish the run early, it will be lights out for the Jets. No way that we have the firepower to keep those WR's in check the whole game, and a solid run game will cause even more havoc. If the Jets are playing from behind the entire game, we just don't have the weapons to keep up. That being said, we've dropped 40+ points twice in 6 games this year so far so what the hell do I know? Conclusion - the Jets are unpredictable.
  5. ChuckkieB

    The New York Giants are a circus!

    The stupidity of the Giants GM in vastly misreading what Eli had left in the tank and the overall talent of the rest of the team has resulted in a lost season instead of competing for a playoff spot which was his plan. The fact that they are so bad will actually get them another top 3 pick in all likelihood and they can then draft the best QB on the board in 2019. The GM definitely didn't draw it up that way but they can then move forward with Barkley AND a blue chip QB prospect. Sigh.
  6. Gruden has 101 wins including a Super Bowl under his belt and has a .528 winning percentage overall. Todd Bowles still hasn't figured out how to properly use his timeouts after 3-1/2 years of being a HC. I would take Gruden as a HC over Bowles everyday and twice on Sunday.
  7. ChuckkieB

    Mike Mccagnan in our section

    Delivering a franchise QB gets you a lot of mulligans. Let's see how he does this off season and in the 2019 draft. He cannot afford any more 1st day and mid round draft swings and misses.
  8. Chris Herndon impressed me yesterday. They need to get him more involved in the offense. He's a massive target and he's athletic. Darnold and Hendon can become a deadly duo.
  9. ChuckkieB

    Jets are tied for 1st in Defensive Turnovers

    This is true. There's not one truly dominant defense out there this year. The league is so tilted towards offense now that I think we've seen the last of the defense first teams. If your defense makes a few stops a game now, it's a big deal.
  10. It's a pleasure to watch a team play with a competent, confident QB. It literally changes the way the coaches coach and how the players play around him. A very good QB elevates the whole team. Gentlemen, we finally have a very good QB.
  11. ChuckkieB

    Amari Cooper

    No way. This guy disappears for games at a time. We don't need to take flyers on anyone. We need to seek out a legit #1WR this offseason.
  12. It was nice to see the aggressiveness of the offense for a change. It's been a long time since we had an offense that was in constant attack mode. It's only one game, of course, but perhaps there was a shift in mentality with this coaching staff that will carry over to next week and beyond. A good QB at the helm has that kind of effect, ya know?
  13. Plenty of folks said that around here. Even more were big defenders of Sanchez. None of this amounts to a hill of beans now because after watching 6+ years of those bums, we finally have a legit, young QB to root for.

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