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  1. I think the NFL has become very watered down product and nothing like the football I grew up with in the late 70's and 80's. I've given a lot of thought as to why I feel that way, and the easy surface level answer is that I'm older now, more cynical in general based on life experience, and it's ME who has changed and not football. But then of course I realize that it's not ME, it IS the NFL that has changed. It's BIG business now, and it's run that way, kowtowing to political influences, the massive gambling industry, and their TV and broadcast partners. They've altered the rules to protec
  2. This is pretty spot on and at least for me, it highlights the fact that after 2 drafts and 3+ seasons under Joe Douglas, we are truly no further along in our latest "rebuild" than the day he started. The names in the front office change every few years and so do the HC's and players on the field, but the end result is the Jets forever spinning their wheels, going absolutely nowhere. When the hell is this ever going to end????
  3. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
  4. Teams don't let their WR1 walk, especially not their WR1 drafted in the top 5, for no reason......except if he's not really a #1, of course. it's painfully obvious after 3 games that Davis is not a high motor or maximum effort player and his hands are suspect. Quite frankly, his drops are alarming. If your shiny new blue chip rookie QB can't rely on his WR1, he's in big trouble. This another failure in progress that falls at the feet of our esteemed GM.
  5. I feel like there has been a glitch in the matrix as this feels EXACTLY like it did 3 years ago after a few games with Darnold at the helm. After a shaky start, we were all saying that Darnold has star potential but he's been restricted by the talent around, him and the failures of the front office. We went on to say that he's shown "flashes" and that we were confident that he would turn it around as the season progresses. If this isn't a case of history literally repeating itself, I don't know what is. Joe Douglas has failed this team and he should officially be on the ho
  6. Seriously folks, this is friggin exhausting. We have been stuck in in the bad GM, bad HC, bad OC, DC wrong players cycle for DECADES! Every few years we change the names on and off the field, but the results are the same - TERRIBLE. The common denominator over the last 20 years hase been the Johnsons. This team will never win as long as they're in control. At this point, we would all be happy with just being competitive and not the laughing stock of the league.. This team has not been competitive for THREE ******* YEARS!!! THREE!!!!! Again, this is exhausting.
  7. I just don't understand those who are still saying that "we need to give JD more time, blah blah blah. WHY?????? This is HIS team, from top to bottom. He's completely shaped it to his vision over the last 3 years. He's drafted poorly and his FA signings and strategy has been AWFUL! It's literally professional negligence what he did to Darnold and he's clearly learned NOTHING from it as Zack Wilson is surrounded by a bunch of BUMS and is set up for failure as a result in 2021 and beyond. The stink coming from Met Life Stadium is all over him.
  8. Completely agree. The blueprint of a proper rebuild was finally executed correctly and right people were seemingly put in place to see it through, but inexplicably, the end result is the same hot pile of steaming garbage that we've been staring at for decades. I am so disgusted and disheartened that I feel like I don't want to invest the energy to care anymore. I was visiting my son at Penn State this weekend and even though the game was a layup, I had an amazing time watching PSU demolish Villanova, and I was wondering to myself as I'm looking around the stadium filled with 105,000 sc
  9. In 45+ years of disappointment in this team, I cannot recall I time that I've been more disappointed than right now. This team is an unmitigated disaster. There is no shining light ANYWHERE or a glimmer of hope. The roster, after THREE F'N years of JD's rebuild, is no better off than it was 3 years ago and the team is committing the same exact blunders that got Darnold killed and run out of town - NO ******* TALENT SURROUNDING THE QB. The WR's are invisible, the running game is garbage, and the gamreplanning has been atrocious. Wilson has ZERO chance to succeed on this 2021 team. It's amaz
  10. Wilson looks good and throws for 3 TD's in a Jets win. Book it. Can't wait to see the incredible reversal of opinion by some of you and the verbal fellatio you'll be giving Wilson after a bounce back game. Conclusion - Some of you need to chiiiiiiiiiiiiiil. 2 games does not a career make. Jesus.
  11. There is obviously something going on behind the scenes because this seems completely absurd on the surface no matter how Saleh tries to frame it. You cannot give up on a 2nd round pick after one incomplete season under one of the worst HC's of all time. Unless he's so dumb that he literally doesn't know left from right or he's so disruptive at practice and in the building that he's taking dumps on the table in the WR daily, you have to give him a chance over the bums being paraded out there in front of him. Complete insanity.
  12. So sorry to hear this. Condolences to his family.
  13. I'm just glad he didn't tear his MCL. That would have been a disaster. Happy he'll be back later this season. Usually the Jets get the worst possible news no matter what the circumstances or issues are, so maybe we really are turning the corner. Silver linings, people.
  14. Lawrence had some flashy stats but got most of them in garbage time as the Jags were losing big, especially late. His 3 INT's were not good. Wilson and Jones both had decent games and kept their teams in the game. They both win the rookie debut contest this year imo.
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