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  1. Unfortunately I think you're right. He basically gets a free pass this year. Not bad for a sub par head coach. Bad coaches should NEVER get 5 years in this league. That's why they should have canned him after last season. Just my .02 cents.
  2. By what we've seen and heard so far about Darnold and Mayfield post draft, the Jets definitely got the right guy. The Browns ineptitude is the gift that keeps on giving.
  3. The Jets have had some good wins against Brady, highlighted by that playoff win in NE when they were the #1 seed, but he definitely got the best of the Jets more times than not. I think Brady retiring will change the rivalry for me a little. As a Mets fan, I compare it to when Chipper Jones retired from the Braves - the rivalry will still exist but it's just no quite the same.
  4. We long suffering Jets fans have been waiting a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time to hear this kind of positivity and praise for a young QB on our team. After all of the swings and misses with this franchise, this DOES seem surreal as we've been programed to look for and expect all the negatives to jump out at us, or at best, waiting for the other shoe to drop proving once again that we have no luck when it comes to the QB position. This time, folks, FINALLY it truly seems like we have the real deal on our hands and quite frankly, I don't know what to do with myself. It's like I'm feeling a new emotion that Ive never felt before. I like it!!!
  5. Exactly. Sitting on the sidelines with a clipboard in hand does nothing to further Darnold's development. If he's deemed ready to play week 1, he should start week 1. Experience is the best teacher in the NFL, not watching games from the sidelines.
  6. ChuckkieB

    Bates On Darnold

    I'm feeling all tingly inside! I can't remember a time where Ive been this excited to watch preseason games. Can't wait to see this kid in action.
  7. ChuckkieB

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    If I had to go all in long term, I'd go all in on the best QB prospect we've had in 40 years over a QB who is two years removed from playing NFL games due to a gruesome knee injury, regardless of how great Bridgewater might look in mini camp and the preseason. In a best case scenario for the Jets, Bridgewater impresses enough to start a few games to open the season, does, well, and then is unloaded for a good draft pick in 2019. This team has waited soooooo long for a young franchise QB like Darnold, but they would choose to go with Bridgewater long term over him? NO WAY. Not in a million years. The likelihood is that Bridgewater doesn't take a regular season snap for this team, but impresses enough to be traded at some point this season.
  8. ChuckkieB

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    I don't think you can compare the Rodgers situation to this. The rules of practice have changed over the years and now there are limits to the amount of practice time teams have, particularly for backup and 3rd string players. In the modern NFL, the only way to truly develop is to play in real games. Assuming he's ready, I think it's important for Darnold to get as many starts under his belt as he can this year when team expectations are not high. This way, he can can go through his growing pains with as little pressure as possible in 2018 so he can come out guns blazing in 2019.
  9. ChuckkieB

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    My two cents. I feel bad for the kid because he should have never been drafted that high by Mac in the first lace. It put incredible pressure on a player that required a ton of development. Not only did Mac make a terrible pick, he also wasn't prepared to put a proper development program in place to maximize whatever talent Hackenberg might have had. This organization really screwed Hackenberg as far as I'm concerned and was one of the worst draft swing and misses Ive seen in the NFL draft n a long time. That's all on Mac.
  10. Don't get me wrong, as Ive said before, I think this team is going to surprise a lot of so called "experts" this year, particularly on defense, and if Darnold gets the majority of the starts at QB, it will be a very satisfying year for the fans, despite our sh*tty coach.
  11. I voted "wrong track" simply because I don't think our current coach is any good with X's and O's and in the locker room as a leader and don't think he's the right fit for a team that's now going to be built around their franchise QB.
  12. The Jets secondary is GOOD. If the front 7 can establish a consistent pass rush, this defense can take a big leap forward this year.
  13. ChuckkieB

    Duke Johnson Contract

    I think Crowell will emerge as a reliable every day back and all the writer hacks and talking head "experts" who had negative things to say about the signing will be eating crow at the end of this season. See what I did there?
  14. Cimini and all the other local and national hack writers with their clever column titles and lazy "writer," non expert points of view aren't going to sour me on the fact that Darnold talks and acts like the QB that the Jets have been searching for for decades.
  15. ChuckkieB

    Which Game will the Jets win this year?

    I have them at 6 wins: Sep 16 vs Miami Sep 20 @ Cleveland Oct 28 @ Chicago Nov 4 @ Miami Nov 11 vs Buffalo Dec 15 vs Houston The game vs. Houston is when Darnold convinces us all that he is in fact our franchise QB.