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  1. Gase better come up with the game plan of his life this week. Time for him to put up or shut up.
  2. Great news! No excuses for Gase now. Let's see what his offense is capable of.
  3. The Jets caught a HUGE break when Darnold fell to them, and as much as I enjoy watching Mayfield struggle, I will enjoy when Darnold starts lighting up defenses on a regular basis even more.
  4. I don't know how much success Mayfield will or will not have in the NFL, but his struggles this year so far make me happy. The more his giant ego and big mouth has to eat crow, the happier I get. When that Browns locker room implodes after a few more losses, I might actually have to do a happy dance.
  5. Leatherwood and Cushenberry. Best names ever.
  6. The Jets should offer their 4th round pick to the Skins to hire Gase away from us.
  7. I think after Darnold's spleen got a closer look at the offensive line this weekend, it started smashing itself against Darnold's rib cage to get as enlarged as possible.
  8. Practice squad QB's play like practice squad QB's. It ain't rocket science. The bigger crime here is not investing in a legit QB with NFL starting experience, even off the street, to hold down the fort for a few weeks after Siemian went down, especially if you thought there was even a tiny ray of optimism that you were going to play meaningful games in December. Running out a non competitive team for a month is inexcusable.
  9. If Darnold comes back, plays the last 10-12 games and the team shows only minor improvement and ends up with 4-5 wins, The Johnson's need to show some guts and not get lulled into the same 3-4 year pattern of accepting a sh*tty coach and sh*tty results. Cut ties with Gase and reload with a HC coach that actually has had success in the NFL.
  10. What's the record for 3rd string QB starts in a season? You really just have to laugh at this point.
  11. It remains to be seen if Darnold will become a very good QB (I think he will), but every QB mentioned in this thread has something Darnold does not - a legitimate OL. With just an average OL, Darnold will be able to move the sticks. Hell, with last year's bad OL he moved the sticks, but the level of incompetence that we have witnessed so far this season makes me think that Darnold will have to be Superman to escape having have brains bashed in every week.
  12. The putrid O line won't disappear simply because a better QB is at the helm. I'm all for the notion that a better QB can get more out of this offense than Falk, but so far, the combination of a non-competitive O line and horrendous game planning and play calling give me little confidence in any kind of sustained success week to week. Darnold will be able to avoid the rush more effectively by rolling out and /or scrambling and defenses will not stack the box on every play against him, but that doesn't make a crappy line disappear. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.
  13. This is so true. Even with a swiss cheese roster, the HC has to produce better results than this. The team isn't even competitive. This offensive "guru" of a coach had two weeks to prepare for this game and this is the best he came up with?
  14. We are dealing with the worst O line I've seen in 45+ years of watching football. Even the most elite of QB's would be unproductive under these circumstances. That being said, Luke Falk is a 3rd string QB and not legit NFL quality so what can we possibly expect from him? Pretty much what we are getting. This is the perfect storm of terrible players all working together to create the abomination we are witnessing. I'm actually in awe of the level of putridness.
  15. I agree on all points, especially about Gase. He cannot continue to lay massive eggs on offense, no matter who the personnel is. He's been around the block as a HC and should have the ability at this point to get the best out of his roster. If he cannot, he needs to be gone after this season or whenever he loses the locker room - whichever comes first.

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