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  1. Izdik - had a prime opportunity to rebuild the team and managed to sink it further into the depths.
  2. Sadly I can see this happening, but at least if it does, the consolation prize will be Mac and Bowles getting canned after the 2018 season.
  3. Baker Mayfield

    The Browns and 49ers would be tough to beat out for a top 2 pick even if the Jets were successfully tanking, so I'm feeling slightly less aggravated about potentially missing out on Darnold and Rosen. However, especially if we finish with a top 10 pick (which I think is very likely), my pissed off gauge will red line if Mac didn't try to trade up to get one of them.
  4. Does Giants loss help/hurt us?

    And to top it all off, we will draft another defensive player whenever we pick in round 1 and reach for another QB in the 2nd round again. Book it.
  5. The remaining schedule is brutal and other than the Chargers game, I don't give them a realistic chance of winning any of the other games. This team will max out a 5 wins at best and pick somewhere in the 8-10 range. Mediocre in perpetuity. That should be the Jets new slogan.
  6. The fact that the GM cannot intervene here and demand that Bowles play Petty and/or Hackenberg is maddening and just highlights the dysfunction that exists in this organization and why it will continue to spin its wheels and go nowhere year after year.
  7. Remember when..,

    This x 1000! The only solace I'll get from the inevitable November - December swan dive that this team is about to take is that Bowles won't survive it to ruin 2018 too.
  8. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    There's no reason not to start Petty the rest of the way. It made no sense to start McCown to start the year, and it makes even less sense now at 4-6. Most fans could have lived with a terrible year with Petty at the helm because it least he got the chance to prove himself. Having a bad year with a 38 year old journeyman QB who is just good enough to win 5-6 games but not bad enough to secure a top 3 draft pick for the team is just an asinine approach to getting this organization on the right track and proves that this clueless team is doomed to mediocrity forever.
  9. QB or I’m done

    The bottom line is that Mac has forced his own hand by not adequately addressing the QB position in 3 years as a GM. He needs to do whatever it takes to get a legitimate QB on this team in 2018 via the draft or free agency. If he likes one of the QB's in the draft, he needs to trade up to get him if necessary. If he goes the FA, route, he needs to make an offer to whoever his target is that cannot be refused. If he swings and misses again, there will be no year 5 for him.
  10. This team never ceases to amaze me. As soon as even the biggest naysayers (like myself) jump on board and start believing in this team, the Jets take a big sh*t right on our faces and produce a stinker like yesterday and derail all of the good will and momentum that they had. This team has been doing this for years! Never good enough to win a super bowl, never bad enough to get a top 3 draft pick. Perpetually mediocre with no concrete plan for the future. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!
  11. Fitzpatrick, McCown, Petty, and Hackenberg have been the Jets QB's under Mac's leadership for the last 2-1/2 years. That's plenty to hate Mac for. Passing on viable QB's and not properly evaluating the QB's he picked over that span is plenty more to hate Mac for. If Mac doesn't lock up a legit QB via the draft or free agency in 2018, he should be run out of town.
  12. This is complete lip service BS. Mack swung and missed with Hack but isn't about to admit it. If he he truly believes in Hack, he would have strong armed Bowles to play him this year. Lets see what happens down the stretch but I won't hold my breath.
  13. 2018 NFL Mock Draft: By Albert Breer

    If the Mac doesn't pick up a QB via free agency (which is unlikely), he has boxed himself in to drafting a QB with a high pick in 2018. There is no no way around this. He cannot possibly ignore the QB position for another year. He will be run out of town if we have another journeyman veteran, recycled QB starting for us week 1.
  14. It would be very Jetsian for Fitzpatrick to drop a 3 TD, 350 yard game on the Jets and blow up their season for good. This board would implode if Fitz torches the Jets.
  15. 2018 NFL Mock Draft: By Albert Breer

    Completely agree. Drafting a QB, no matter what. Whichever the best one on the board is when the Jets pick is who they're gonna get. There's no wiggle room for Mac any more at the QB position. Mybe he'll surprise us and trade up to get one.