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  1. I pray to the Football Gods that this is true but my inner Jets fan tells me that the Jets cannot possibly be that lucky. If Allen or Mayfield and then Barklley are taken ahead of the Jets, it will literally be the single greatest moment the franchise has had since Super Bowl III. This is NOT hyperbole from me. I truly believe it.
  2. Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, Allen. Rosen will be the best pro. Allen the worst. Whoever we draft will be starting by week 8 at the latest. Bowles is gone the millisecond after the season ends.
  3. I agree with this but would add any of the Mez sections between the 40 yd lines are great.
  4. Does anyone else find it strange that so many "experts" and "insiders" are convinced that the Jets are taking Mayfield? The Jets have been pretty tight lipped during the Mac era so in my personal, non expert opinion, the Jets are in full smoke screen, double agent, screw everyone and their expert opinion, misinformation mode.
  5. David Carr on the Draft Qbs

    I think Carr still suffers from PTSD from his rookie year with the Texans. Just another dope with a dopey opinion. T-9 days and counting.
  6. Who do the Jets draft in the 3rd round?

    They should draft the BPA on the offensive side of the ball. Gotta start to give the young QB some weapons at the skill positions and on the line.
  7. I'd like to think that great players always rise above crappy coaches. I refuse to let Bowles rain on my parade. When the Jets make their pick at #3 it will be the most exciting moment this franchise has had since the two Rex Ryan championship games. Sit back and enjoy!
  8. Delete

    Glennon and Mayfield spotted in training complex comparing hand size. Film at 11.
  9. Most embarrassing top 5 QB bust

    Allen. Not sure how he is going to miraculously and significantly improve his completion percentage at the pro level where windows to throw are smaller and the defenses are smarter and faster. Being coached up on his mechanics and catering an offensive system that plays to his strengths will help, but that's a lot of moving parts that have to come together for him to be successful. I'm not going to pretend to know if he can do it or not, but compared to the other 4 QB's, I think he has the most to learn.
  10. ***Speculation from Brownsboard.com***

    In a heartbeat.
  11. Has anyone else had enough already?

    I don't mind all the hoopla and "so-called" experts getting on their proverbial soapboxes to tell everyone how smart they are and how much they know, and invariably, after the draft, most are proven to be the blowhards that they really are who don't know any more than your average message board participant. It's entertainment at it's finest!
  12. Rosen, Mayfield, Allen. Darnold over all of them every day and twice on Sunday.
  13. Baker Mayfield meeting with Jets Brass(yesterday and today.)

    I will be happy with either Rosen or Mayfiield, but no matter who the Jets pick, the media at large will be in attack mode because everyone hates the Jets and nothing gets more clicks and than an anti- Jets commentary.
  14. Can a #3 overall QB in Rosen

    Give Rosen a break. He's trying to show the naysayers that he's confident and that he cares about winning. If he said nothing, people would bitch and moan. If he says stuff like this, people are gonna bitch and moan. He's in a no win position. Draft day can't come soon enough.