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  1. I've been a Jets fan since the Shea Stadium days and have been going to games since the mid 70's and the sad state of affairs is that instead of countless awesome memories of playoff and Super Bowl victories to choose from, my fondest memory is a regular season game - My father and I were at the 1986 Ken Obrien / Dan Marino 51-45 shootout game and it was glorious! A close second is the 28-21 playoff win against the Patriots in 2010. Still aggravated at myself for not trekking to Foxboro to see it live.
  2. NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY Bowles is back. No way.
  3. ChuckkieB

    $80 Million Cousins

    The only reason Cousins is not a Jet is because he didn't want to be a Jet. Mac threw everything but the kitchen sink at Cousins instead of having faith in drafting the right QB prospect. Going hard to bring in a veteran QB was another terrible lapse in judgement on Mac's part considering all of the holes on this roster. What would have been the point in paying a QB 30 million to lead a 4-5 win roster??? Mac needs to go. The sooner the better.
  4. ChuckkieB

    Wentz Out This Week, Possibly Season

    Wentz has a 102.2 Qb rating, completing almost 70% of his passes and threw for over 3000 yds and 21 TD with only 7 INT's in 11 games. He's not the problem on the Eagles.
  5. ChuckkieB

    McCagnan CAN NOT be trusted!!!

    Welcome aboard. Yes, Mac has been a dumpster fire and needs to go. The Jets need a front office and coaching overhaul to make the Darnold era a successful one.
  6. Offense offense offense in the 1st round. Either an OL or WR.
  7. This would be a nightmare. None of the retread, recycled coaches would be a good choice here.
  8. 100% done. As ignorant as the Johnson's are, even they realize that the league has become significantly slanted towards offense and need an offensive minded coach. The only question that remains for me is what caliber of HC will the Jets attract.
  9. Any player that doesn't give 100% effort on every play doesn't deserve a roster spot. This is disgraceful, especially for a top 10 draft pick.
  10. Unless Darnold has a serious leg injury, he should be playing. Not sure where this "don't break the porcelain doll" attitude is coming from from Jets fans. He's a football player and football players get nicked and dinged and play hurt all the time. Hiding our QB from contact, "tough defenses, or whatever other excuses people have come up with is NUTS! Darnold needs game experience to further his development, and I'm quite confident he can manage with some aches and pains. He did just fine yesterday despite some limping, didn't he?
  11. ChuckkieB

    Fans turn backs on Redskins.

    But....but.....Sanchez now has weaponzzzzz!
  12. OL and WR should be the priorities in FA and in the 2019 draft. Darnold first and foremost needs to be protected and then he needs people to throw to.
  13. ChuckkieB

    IF Jets finish season with 2 more wins

    Even if the Jets win the last 3 games by a collective score of 120-0, both Bowles and Mac have already earned their pink slips and there should be no saving them.
  14. ChuckkieB

    Sam has elite accuracy

    Darnold definitely has excellent accuracy when he's on the move. He needs to work on his decision making and learn how to eat the ball or throw it away instead of trying to force it into coverage. Once he figures that out, look out!
  15. Robbie Anderson, Henry Anderson, and Jason Myers are the only players on this entire list that should be back in 2019 IMO - a testament to the horrific job Mac has done as a GM.

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