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  1. Completely agree. I want the Darnold and the Jets to BEAT Brady over and over again and win a few division titles before Brady calls it quits.
  2. This "concern for the players well being" is complete rubbish and nothing more than a bargaining chip. Players get paid big $$$$ to play football and know what they're signing up for. The escalating salaries and the desire to "get paid" as long as possible (totally within their rights to do so) has a certain segment of players missing games when they have the sniffles. It has turned football players into businessmen who are protecting their interests first and foremost. Nothing wrong with that but let's call it what it is.
  3. More games equals more revenue for the owners and higher salaries for the players. It's a win win. Throw in "concessions" by the owners about smoking weed and the players will be falling all over themselves to sign this deal.
  4. Can't wait for all of these dopes to eat their words when the Jets start putting up W's when the season starts. Until then, this is all clickbait nonsense from a bunch of uninformed morons.
  5. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for millionaire players fighting with billionaire owners over a multi billion dollar pot. Work it out and everyone laugh all the way to the bank.
  6. Gase is "top sideline talent?" Not so sure about that.
  7. I agree. Douglas, or whoever the new GM is going to be, must have signed off on these moves. That's the only way that this makes sense to me.
  8. No, I'm saying that if you were running a business and you granted someone an interim title while searching for a replacement which we're assuming will be filled very shortly, you would NEVER give that person, especially one with ZERO experience at the position, autonomy to make a major move like firing someone. It seems crazy to me that Gase has been here all of two minutes and all of a sudden he's making front office personnel moves? This guy must have slipped the Johnson's a love potion or something because to me this is insanity.
  9. Regardless of how small or insignificant these moves might be, I still don't see how Gase would be granted any legit authority by the Johnson's to do ANYTHING personnel or staff-wise considering he will be acting GM for a very short period of time, I presume. The circus is back in town, folks!
  10. Completely agree. If there was any legitimate intel that Gase didn't like the QB or whatever other negative feedback is out there, why the hell did they offer him the job?
  11. Now that the euphoria is dying down after my initial reaction, which was pure elation, reality has set in and I realize that my team just fired their GM AFTER the draft and AFTER he signed 100 million dollars worth of FA's! If this timing doesn't qualify as the Jetsiest of Jetsy moves then I don't know what does.
  12. But......but......but.......he drafted Darnold and countless BPA's!!!!!! Can't wait for the hot takes id of the Mac supporters.
  13. This made my day! Almost shed a tear of joy actually.
  14. I was all in on Geno Smith. Watching his descent into irrelevance since being exiled from the Jets is not enough to quench my dislike for this man.
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