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  1. A WR and a CB in round 1 would infuriate me. We don't need another season to see about Darnold. We need a QB. Draft one or trade for one. Don't waste another year hoping that Darnold miraculously turns it around. Slightly improving the personnel isn't the magic potion for Darnold. His stats and more importantly, his game film, over three years tells us all we need to know. Time to move on. QB and RB in round 1 is what I'm hoping for. This is an offense driven league. If you don't have your QB, keep swinging until you find one. Passing on a blue chip QB at #2 would be a massive mistake.
  2. That's good to know because the Jets are entering the 7th year of their latest rebuild.
  3. I would be ecstatic with a QB and RB in round 1. My preference is Fields, but as as long as the Jets pick a QB at #2, I will trust JD to make the right call. Etienne in the late first round would cap off a phenomenal haul for the Jets imo.
  4. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! By the time the Jets are ready to be competitive, Stafford will be 35+. Not to mention, ZERO playoff wins in 12 years as a starting QB in the NFL. Great stats. Not a winner. Part of that is team related. Part of it isn't. Not interested in paying 30 million a year to find out which factor contributed more. Hard Pass.
  5. I just finished listening to all of the Saleh interviews, and I have to say it is an absolute pleasure to listen to a head coach who actually sounds capable and knows how to articulate his point of view with firmness, confidence, and authority but with an attitude that isn't off-putting. He sounds like a LEADER and that's exactly what the Jets need. Shame on every single person in the front office and ownership who let the totally incapable dumpster fire who shall remain nameless coach this precious team of ours for the last two years.
  6. Not a political statement in any way shape or form, just topical and funny as hell!
  7. My preference is to draft a QB at #2 and build the team out and address the many other needs with the rest of the picks, Truth be told, as long as Darnold isn't the starter in 2021, I'll be ok with whatever else happens.
  8. I'm glad I've been drinking a lot tonight or else I'd have a lot more to say about comparing Cousins to to Watson. Our previous GM (otherwise known as the worst GM in the history of the NFL) wanted Cousins and didn't draft Watson. That's all you need to know.
  9. Yes, there are many ways that QB's can win over their teammates. I'm not doubting Danold's commitment to winning or his effort, I'm doubting his ability to be a leader in the locker-room and on the field and inspire his teammates. As you mentioned, competency and actual skill are also components of inspiring your team, and Darnold has not shown much of either consistently enough to be an effective leader.
  10. In addition to Darnold's many flaws as a QB, his lack of apparent fire and casual attitude about losing has been very annoying to watch over the last 3 years. I want my QB to inspire his team to run through a wall for him, and I never got that vibe from Darnold.
  11. Lots of interesting takes on Watson vs. a QB at #2, and while my preference right now is to draft a QB, as long as Darnold is not an option in 2021, I would be fine with either of the other scenarios.
  12. If the Jets are giving up on Darnold (which they should), they need to draft a QB at #2 and fill as many holes as possible with the rest of their picks. IMO it's the much better option than trading all of our draft capital for Watson. Watson is a great talent but putting him on this team minus a ton of high draft picks the next few years will only improve the team marginally, but not enough to become a consistent winner.
  13. This is the time of the season where speculation and theories run wild, from both the experts and the fans, but let's all take a deep breath. This ain't rocket science. The Jets need a QB. The Jets have the #2 pick. If their player evaluation people give any of the QB prospects a first round grade, draft the QB. The Jets will be drafting a QB.
  14. The situation might not be ideal, but the Jets need a QB (in my opinion) and they cannot pass on one simply because the best logistical circumstances haven't presented themselves.
  15. 2nd year GM. 1st year HC. Both want to really put their stamp on the team. Both weren't involved with drafting Darnold. Darnold was the worst QB in the NFL last year. Both new GM and HC want to have long and prosperous careers. Both will NEVER rely on a 4th year, lowest ranked QB to make that happen. The Jets are drafting a QB or trading for one.

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