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  1. If we can get OBJ on a prove it type incentive laden deal then I'm all for it. If he's motivated to get one more multi year contract after this season, it can only benefit the Jets.
  2. But the Jets aren't the one's on the brink of having to pay 58 million dollars to a player that they've already publicly said they've moved on from and who has also publicly stated he wants to play for another team. The Packers have ZERO leverage, and if they're dumb enough to dig in long enough to miss out on getting a draft pick in this year's draft, it will already add to their growing public relations nightmare.
  3. Wholeheartedly support the Rodgers move. I am tired of watching bums play QB for the Jets and rooting for draft position in the middle of every season. I'm just sick of losing, and if Rodgers can give me a year or two of meaningful games and do some damage in the playoffs, I'm all in. If we can interrupt the cycle of drafting sh*tty QB's for a year or two, sign me up.
  4. Just got home from work. Was able to catch most of Rodgers comments live. This is a great day, Jets fans! Rejoice! And to whoever has found new and more improved ways to still bitch about this now, step away from the laptop, go touch some grass, take your meds, and try to smile for a change. It will change your life, I swear!
  5. That and the fact that Corey Davis is a bum. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Rappaport pulling this nugget from the same bag of nothing that he's holding about the Rodgers saga. Real tough to guestimate salary based on service time and stat comps, Rappaport. You're literally two contacts more of an insider than most people in this forum you twat!
  7. I'm sorry but the entire online and print media have been completely shut out of this entire process and not a single shred of info has been leaked (other than Wingo's tweet), but yet I'm supposed to believe that THIS "reporter" has found some magic treasure chest of info? I call COMPLETE BS!!! THIS is exactly why people despise the media. Complete fabrication of "facts" for a few seconds of spotlight and clicks. Nauseating.
  8. Jets fans have been programmed to be miserable all the time. 3 generations of losing can destroy even the most even keeled fan. I constantly have to fight the negative energy that builds up inside me every time I see the Jets logo! 😆 I think Adam Gase was the tipping point that sent the last few holdouts over the edge. 🤮
  9. Literally every word of this tweet is fabricated and based on nothing but opinion or complete make believe. The internet LIES!!!
  10. Because many Jets fans suffer from PTSD sustained from the last dozen years of bad player personnel decisions, crappy GM's, terrible HC's, a buffoon owner, and general bad luck following this team around like a black cloud.
  11. In a broken vacuum maybe. Davis is a bum, and a bum made of glass to boot. His 30 catches a year are replaceable by literally ANY wr if they stay healthy.
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