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  1. I think Mac is a bum and has done a putrid job overall, but the bottom line is that he took a smart calculated risk in trading up to #3 assuming the Giants would be drafting Barkley as all signs pointed to, knowing he would then land one of the two QB's he coveted.
  2. This would be great! Sign me up!
  3. 1- Draft 2- Draft 3- Draft 4- Draft 5- Draft
  4. Anything that potentially increases the value of the Jets #3 pick is a good thing.
  5. ChuckkieB

    Jets Release Spencer Long

    Long was one of the poster boys for the ineptness of the Bowles era and whether he deserved to be cut or not based primarily on inability to perform due to an injury (He wasn't tearing it up prior to the injury to be fair), I applaud the move. Move on from the stain of Bowles any time the opportunity presents itself and set the tone for the new regime - poor play will not be tolerated. Earn and keep your spot.
  6. ChuckkieB

    Darnold > Goff

    I never liked Goff and he had a terrible game. Not saying Goff is a stiff but I am cautiously optimistic that Darnold will be ahead of Goff when he hits year 3.
  7. Boring game. Hated the result. The commercials sucked. Spilled some guacamole dip on my pants in the 2nd quarter. Didn't hit on any of my boxes. Did I mention I hated the result?
  8. I'm no expert but I think that whatever Beningo thinks the Jets should do, they should do the exact opposite.
  9. I don't know why folks are getting bent out of shape about a uniform discussion. Uniforms literally are the identity of the franchise one roots for and when all signs seem to point to a drastic change in the design and perhaps even color scheme, this will naturally fuel a lot of feelings one way or the other. I for one think this is an awesome thread and love reading about the wild conspiracy theories, rumors, and completely made up nonsense because at the end of the day, I'm really curious and excited about the final product..........and am praying to the football Gods that Nike doesn't mess it up completely!
  10. I'm not generally a big fan of black uniforms but I can live with these!
  11. Tannehill is a mutt and whether Gase wanted to move on from him or not is not the issue. The issue was bringing out the best in the players you have to work with. Did Gase do that with Tannehill? I don't know the answer but IMO Tannelhill is / was a stiff and you can't bleed water from a stone. Definitely looking forward what he can do with Darnold.
  12. ChuckkieB

    Jimmy Graham

    Washed up. Never had much success without Brees. Pass.
  13. As the draft approaches and the QB class has a chance to impress scouts at pro days and the combine, the fervor to draft a QB in the top 5 will reach a fever pitch and I think the Jets are primed at #3 to take advantage to accumulate some very much needed picks and still get a quality player in the 1st round. I'm hoping that Mac makes an early trade like he did last year instead of waiting it out.
  14. I think the main uniform color will be a lighter shade of green with yet another shade of green for the numbers and player names, ala Cleveland's brown on brown unis this year. I can live with that.

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