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  1.  Zack really surprised me today. Bouncing back from last week’s game like this was not something I expected at all. He’s going to have to stack games like this before I’ll be convinced that this is the real Zack Wilson and not last week’s version.

    That being said, I saw growth from him today. He wasn't perfect, and there's still things he needs to clean up, especially missing on those easy throws and dumps, BUT he stood tall in the pocket all game and pulled the ball down and ran when the defense gave it to him. No silly scrambles to extend plays long enough to force the ball downfield. Hope he can build on this. 


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  2. Fantastic win! This was by far the best game plan Lafleur has come up with for Wilson so far, and Wilson consistently executed.  Still missed a few easy throws, but made good decisions every time he needed to.  THIS is how he has to play consistently to be considered a legit franchise QB!

    Statement win for sure!


    Wasn't expecting this at all so I'm gonna go enjoy it now and so should everyone else! LFG!

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  3. Some of you have been hitting the dispensaries hard apparently! 😆

    This is the exact kind of game that a franchise QB will elevate his play and lead his team to victory in.  Wilson hasn't proven that he is capable of doing that. He'll need to stack a few W's in games like this before he wins me back over.  

  4. So sorry to hear this.  I lost my Dad 4 years ago after he was in and out of the hospital for various illnesses the last few years of his life. He fought the good fight until he couldn't fight anymore.  I feel your pain and am sending you and your family love and strength during this very difficult time.  🙏

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  5. 11 hours ago, Paradis said:

    actually, what would be worse would be a 24-3 loss. D holds for 3 quarters largely and offense can’t move the ball. That would be kiss of death 

    And this is exactly what I think is going to happen.  The defense will hold their own until late and ultimately wear down because an inefficient Jets offense will keep them on the field most of the game.

  6. 13 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    The kid has been groomed since middle school to play QB.  He's been going to QB schools and camps.  He's had personal coaches, he's had high school coaches, he's had college coaches and he has NFL coaches.  Him and his family have probably spent 100's of thousands of dollars, to get him the very best coaching money can buy.  Who knows how many hours he's put in practicing, watching film, etc. and he still, doesnt understand the very basic fundamentals of being a QB.  The only excuse for Zach Wilson to be this bad, is he just doesnt give a **** and think he's better he is and can just get away with everything because yo!, peep my arm.  Anyone who has played sports knows this kid, crazy raw talent, total sh*t for brains who cant play fundamental ball.  Probably great in a pick up, back yard game, but put him in a system and ask to execute and he cant.  It's why so many unathletic goobers ie; Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, have been all time greats.  They understand the position. 

    I dont see how different coaches does anything to change Zach Wilson.  He is, who he is.



    I think you nailed it.  All the coaching in the world isn't going to change who Wilson is.  Suppressing who he is in previous weeks by running a heavy run / quick one read and throw offense only works when the running game and defense are stout.  When Zack has to elevate the team and carry them to victory on his own, he just isn't capable of sustaining a high level of play. Too many fundamental mistakes and he seems to have regressed from year 1, and at best, is the same. I know there are those who will say that he's only played 20 NFL games, but, most young QB's come out of college now and hit the ground running in their first season and fine tune their game fairly quickly after that to achieve that higher level of excellence. The days of waiting 3-4 years to develop a QB in real time are over.  The modern NFL QB is either good right away or they're not. I think we all know what Wilson is.  I hope he's the outlier but I won't hold my breath.  

  7. I'm all for suffering through the growing pains of a young QB but at the same time, allowing a QB to make the same rudimentary mistakes over and over that costs a competitive team W's is folly. At some point, your shiny new blue chip QB has to produce.  Wilson was drafted to win games, and this team, after YEARS of rebuilding, is finally capable of being competitive.  The Jets cannot let Wilson derail that.  If he's struggling during the Buffalo game and the game is still winnable, I can guarantee you that White will take the helm in relief, and if he does, well, we will have a full blown QB controversy, and I'm all for it.  I want the Jets to win games and have a shot at the playoffs, and I don't care who the QB is, as long as they give us a chance to win every week.

  8. I want to learn this season if Zack Wilson is a franchise QB, and I also want to win games.  It would be great if both happen concurrently, but as long as Flacco continues to win games, he is going to remain the starter. We've had so many games over the last 20 seasons handed over to backup bums that had no business being in the NFL, and now that we have a decent NFL veteran, we want to yank him off the field as soon as possible.  Don't worry, Flacco will eventually play down to his late career averages and take his rightful spot on the bench, but until that happens, you have to ride him like a pack mule. Zack will get his chance this season.

  9. I'm sick and tired of losing games, suffering through lost seasons, and rooting for draft position. I'm sick and tired of hearing coaches, GM's and owners talking about rebuilding. I'm sick and tired of waiting for our young QB's to finally "get it."  The Jets have been on a hamster wheel of all of this for a very long time. Of course I would love for our shiny new, young, blue chip, MILF loving QB to become the next Joe Montana, but goddamit, I want to start seeing this team stack W's, and if the decrepit and mostly pedestrian Joe Flacco has somehow caught lightning in a bottle this year, I'm totally here for it! Wilson can sit on the bench and learn until he's the next man up.  



  10. I hate Tom Brady with the passion of 1000 suns, but any attempt to diminish, disparage, or explain away his success and incredible list of accomplishments is just SOUR GRAPES by bitter Jets fans, plain and simple.  Someone said it earlier.  He is Babe Ruth.  He is Wayne Gretzky.  He is in a class all by himself.  He is the unequivocal GOAT.  To think otherwise is just folly.

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  11. My daughter tested positive for covid almost two weeks ago.  She was really messed up for a few days.  Lots of coughing and congestion, and a fever. Heavy symptoms lasted for around 72 hours.  Felt better after that, except for a lingering cough.  She was probably contagious for a least 4 days comingling with everyone in the house  before she showed any symptoms and tested positive.  She isolated in her room and my wife and I who are triple vaxxed, and my son who is double vaxxed, thankfully escaped without getting it.

  12. The most disheartening part of this is the lack of hope for the future of this team. It's the same cycle over and over with no relief in sight.  We are stuck on a carousel of sh*tty GM's and sh*tty coaches. We know how this latest iteration of a rebuild is going to end with Douglas and Saleh, but we have to sit here for at least another year before the NEXT big changes are made, the front office and players team are purged, and the next rebuild starts.  When does this all end? When is the payoff? This team is a JOKE. 

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  13. 2 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    So if JD drafts 4-5 starters including 1-2 studs next year you're firing him if Wilson isn't the guy? Do you realize how crazy that sounds?

    Let's see him do that and we'll talk. The Jets were a 4 win team going nowhere when he took over and they are a 3 win team going nowhere 2-1/2 seasons later.  And by the way, when you're handed lottery draft picks every year, you BETTER be drafting studs.  

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  14. At the most important position, JD invested one year too many in Darnold and he drafted Wilson who looks far from a #2 pick in the draft, franchise type QB. Both he and Wilson get one more year to prove all the naysayers wrong, but he will be sent packing if Wilson craps the bed next season.  He hung his hat on Wilson, and he will have to go down with that ship.

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  15. I think we can all agree that Jets fans collectively have PTSD from the last decade of their "highly touted" young QB's. That being said, looking at as objectively as I can, Zack Wilson so far has shown us LESS than Darnold, Smith, and Sanchez did in their rookie seasons BY A MILE. Yes, the team has been decimated by injuries and didn't have a lot of talent to begin with, but that cannot excuse the mental lapses and lack of consistency, accuracy and touch Wilson is guilty of this season.  All of those things are alarming, to say the least.  

    Not sure how this is going to pan out but I have very nauseous feeling in my stomach.

    Joe Douglas has somehow managed to have this team in worse shape right now than the day he inherited the team 2-1/2 years ago. 

    Gentlemen, the Jets are the definition of a mickey mouse organization, and all of the clever excuses that are made here for JD and Wilson will not change the fact that this team is a disgrace and an embarrassment. After year two of Gase, I felt like that was the most dejected and disappointed I've ever been in 45 years of Jets fandom and didn't think I could ever feel any worse. 


    This ******* team somehow finds a way of moving the line as to how low their fandom can sink. Truly pathetic.



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  16. I would like a roll call from everyone who died on the hill defending Douglas for this abominable pick.  

    Douglas has had 3 offseasons and 2 drafts and currently has a 2 win team on his hands.  They are no better off now than the day he got the job.  He has been a BAD GM.

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  17. No one is afraid of Mike White.  The fanbase is viewing him thru beer goggles. Let's all take a deep breath and relax.  Because this fanbase has suffered through YEARS of terrible QB play, the first time someone "Browning Nagle's" a  really good game, we automatically anoint him the second coming of Joe Namath.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day.  Mike White is our latest and greatest broken clock.

    This franchise needs to play Zack Wilson the second he is ready to go, and if they don't, cue the clown music.

  18. Haven't read thru this entire thread but I'm sure the consensus is that this is a gratuitous move by a GM on the hot seat who is trying to justify giving away a draft pick mid season for a QB3. There is no good reason on God's green earth to start Flacco over White here if Wilson is in fact still not ready. 

    This franchise is a ******* joke, and the joker's-in chief are the Johnsons for either sanctioning this move or doing nothing and letting it happen


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