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  1. The Jets number font is terrible for the #1. It looks a highway divider line. Anything but #1 please.
  2. After the abomination of the last few years, this WR group is the best this team has had in a long time, and the best part about it is the DEPTH.
  3. The key to the later rounds is to consistently draft athletic players that can be coached up to fit into the team's offensive and defensive schemes. The Jets have been at the bottom of the league at doing this for a very long time because they've had a parade of poor GM's and HC's that either didn't have a long term plan, couldn't execute their plan, or were so bad at their jobs that they weren't here long enough to see their vision through. When a team has to push the rest button every 3-4 years, it's impossible to drive the franchise forward. Joe Douglas is hopefully well on his way of changing all of that.
  4. I would LOVE to see a RB with that first 4th round pick! Gainwell, Cater, or Mitchell, in that order.
  5. I am loving what JD has done so far. You can finally see an actual plan being executed, something this team hasn't done in a very long time. He can really make this a memorable draft if he nails a few of the picks today. Let's goooooooooooooo!
  6. The Jets have to go all out to improve Wilson's supporting cast on offense. I would love to see Javonte Williams or another OL like Teven Jenkins. If they insist on going defense here, I would much rather go after a CB.
  7. The offense has to remain the priority at #34. I would love to see a RB or another OL here. I would be ecstatic with either Javonte Williams or Teven Jenkins.
  8. We can't go Coleman and Perine as our RB's can we? CAN WE?
  9. nooooooooo. Grab a RB out of Etienne, Harris, or Williams and don't look back!
  10. Sorry....I've been drinking all night.......catch me up......who do we want now at 34? RB?
  11. Garappolo is going to be a Patriot before the night is over. Have a feeling.
  12. You better be right JD!!!! Let's gooooooooo!!!
  13. Wilson is so pretty. What can go wrong?
  14. In before the Wilson verbal masturbation begins! Let's goooooo!
  15. I want to believe this. I really, really want to believe this. Dare I say I'm cautiously optimistic? I've said THAT before... ...and I've been burned so many times before, but dammit... I'm a glutton for punishment soooooo........ I'm In!!!! The new era of Jets football starts tonight!
  16. JD has to nail this draft and the team has to show significant improvement this year or else we will officially be stuck in the middle of yet another 4 year rebuild cycle that takes us nowhere. He got his HC, presumably he's going to get his QB, so I can buy the "excuses end now" premise of the OP. Do I expect the Jets to be a playoff team this year? Of course not. Do I expect the team to improve enough to the point where the consensus of all the armchair QB's, journalists, and "experts" out there will consider the Jets to be an "up and coming" team in 2022? Yes. Another 3-4 win season will not be acceptable.
  17. #2 - Zack Wilson #23 -Najee Harris #34 - OL
  18. There is no denying that the Jets have been terrible at developing QB's over the last 20 years, and while I've always gritted my teeth and have been the eternal optimist when it came to "next year" and "the next GM and HC," most of the time I was just waiting for the next crash and burn. Jets fans have been programmed to think this way. So while it might be hokey for me to say this, I really do think that THIS time it's going to be different. I like the GM, I like the new HC, and for the first time in a long time, it seems like there's an actual plan in place that the entire organization is behind. Let's see if they can finally deliver.
  19. The Wilson's are Trevor Bauer level trolling Jets fans.
  20. I've drank the Kool Aid on Wilson and would now be disappointed if that's not the pick. I do think Fields is going to be a successful NFL QB though and would be able to live with him as the pick, but not before I bitched and moaned about it for a little bit.
  21. The Jets cannot make the same mistakes they did with Darnold and fail to provide him with legitimate help on offense. This draft has to be entirely focused on offense in the early rounds IMO. I would like to see picks #23 and #34 used for a RB and OL in that order.
  22. The Jets can do no right as far as the local and national media are concerned. Years of losing and front office ineptness have given them all a free pass to dump on the Jets whenever they want. If the Jets kept Darnold, they would have been criticized for sticking with the lowest rated QB in the league over the last 3 years, and now that they've moved on, they're criticized for giving up on a promising young QB. They can't win, and deservedly so. The ONLY way to change this cycle is to become a consistent winner.
  23. I understand the need to defend our GM, but the Jets didn't dress Morgan once all year, even for the games that Darnold was inactive for. Very Hackenbergian, don't you think? Before anyone goes berserk, I'm not saying Morgan is as inept as Hackenberg, I'm saying that there was apparently no plan for Morgan. If you're going to make this pick, at least TRY to develop him A LITTLE during the season. If that's not your plan, then the Jets shhould have tried to fill another position of need at 125 that would have actually gotten some playing time and at least give the coaches something tangible to assess the player's value going forward. The fact that Morgan was getting 3rd string reps every week during a historically bad and lost season tells you all you need to know about what the Jets plans are for him. He will NEVER take a meaningful snap for this team. We all know this. A complete waste of a pick by every single measurement of draft picks. Maybe before his eventual release down the road, the Jets will pull a "Rudy" and let him take 1 snap in a real game just so he can actually prove he was on the team.
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