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  1. That's all well and good, but drafting a player KNOWING he won't have ANY impact or play one single snap before the season even starts on a team that had the least talent in the league is a STUPID pick. The 4th round is still draft territory where you should be trying to find players that can contribute to the team THAT year. Project picks should be reserved for the 6th and 7th rounds, not the 4th.
  2. I Like JD and it seems like he does have a plan, but the Morgan pick was definitely a stumble. When your team is full of holes, picking ANY player in the 4th round that you KNOW will not likely take one snap in an NFL for that upcoming season and potentially EVER is a stupid pick. It was a stupid pick at the time and it looks like an even dumber pick now.
  3. The national media always grabs the low hanging fruit, and the Jets are low hanging fruit and have been for a long time, and deservedly so. That being said, the 2021 narrative for Darnold and the Jets has already been written, pretty much no matter what actually happens. Darnold was the lowest ranked starting QB over the last 3 years, so of course he's going to do at least marginally better than he did last year, because it's pretty tough to be ranked lower than dead last. This will translate into countless stories running with the "Darnold is a decent QB and the Jets should have never given up on him" narrative. Regarding Zac Wilson or whoever the Jets draft, unless they play like Mahomes in year one, the narrative will be - QB X was only marginally better than Darnold - the Jets made a mistake by giving up on him. Book it.
  4. While I’m glad and relieved that the Jets have decided to move on from Sam, I am profoundly disappointed that it didn’t work out. I was all in on him and thought he would be great here. He deserved better than the Jets gave him and deserves a fresh start elsewhere. His failures were a combination of his own shortcomings and the direct and collateral damage from having the worst GM and HC tandem in the history of the sport. I religiously root for the laundry and never care about players who move on from the team, but I will be rooting hard for Sam’s success with the Panthers. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. Because of 20 years of terrible ownership, mismanagement, and a poor product on the field, it's obvious that convincing top shelf players to play for the Jets is no easy task, so the Jets of course have to overpay to get good players. That's the nature of the beast, but at some point, you actually have to lure some of those players over. Maybe JD isn't doing a good enough job of selling the Jets to these FA's or they're just not interested in coming to a toxic and unstable team no matter what. Sadly, I think it's the latter, and that's why JD has to NAIL every damn pick in this draft. It's the only way this team is going to truly move forward.
  6. Davis is a solid and reliable but not a true #1. I think the Jets are allergic to true #1 WR's. Hopefully Mims turns into one this year. Could be a very productive 1-2 punch.
  7. At some point, your savvy , young upstart GM needs to sign some top tier players at positions of need, no? How many seasons do we have to wait for this to happen?
  8. Darnold is a broken QB and needs a lot of fixing before he can become a consistently effective player. I have more faith in the new regime to reboot the position and pick the QB they think can hit the ground running in the NFL than trying to fix a 4th year QB. As I said a million times, QB's who have been cumulatively below average for their first 3 years in the league very rarely if ever magically transform themselves into all pros. Time to move on from Darnold.
  9. I was a big Darnold supporter but I personally lost faith somewhere in the middle of this past season. Week after week of bad decision making and his way too casual attitude for losing and post game "I gotta look at the film" mantra just wore me out. One more thing - Let's not partake in revisionist history here. Most of the NFL "experts" and top analysts had Darnold as the consensus #1 pick in his draft, and I was excited as hell to get him.
  10. Can't hurt to be there, except for the silliness it drums up within the QB starved Jets fanbase, of course.
  11. Anyone but Darnold. My preference in order: Watson Fields Wilson
  12. agree. It would be profoundly disappointing.
  13. Trade him and never look back! He's a classic case of "needs a change of scenery."
  14. Getting back to Heather for a second, I had this one on my will as a kid. Got a lot of mileage out of it. Worth every penny.
  15. What a stupid take by McShay. No reasonable observer, especially an "expert," can possibly come to this conclusion. This is either McShay trying to have a "look at me" moment or he's in the middle of a meth hallucination.
  16. A WR and a CB in round 1 would infuriate me. We don't need another season to see about Darnold. We need a QB. Draft one or trade for one. Don't waste another year hoping that Darnold miraculously turns it around. Slightly improving the personnel isn't the magic potion for Darnold. His stats and more importantly, his game film, over three years tells us all we need to know. Time to move on. QB and RB in round 1 is what I'm hoping for. This is an offense driven league. If you don't have your QB, keep swinging until you find one. Passing on a blue chip QB at #2 would be a massive mistake.
  17. That's good to know because the Jets are entering the 7th year of their latest rebuild.
  18. I would be ecstatic with a QB and RB in round 1. My preference is Fields, but as as long as the Jets pick a QB at #2, I will trust JD to make the right call. Etienne in the late first round would cap off a phenomenal haul for the Jets imo.
  19. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! By the time the Jets are ready to be competitive, Stafford will be 35+. Not to mention, ZERO playoff wins in 12 years as a starting QB in the NFL. Great stats. Not a winner. Part of that is team related. Part of it isn't. Not interested in paying 30 million a year to find out which factor contributed more. Hard Pass.
  20. I just finished listening to all of the Saleh interviews, and I have to say it is an absolute pleasure to listen to a head coach who actually sounds capable and knows how to articulate his point of view with firmness, confidence, and authority but with an attitude that isn't off-putting. He sounds like a LEADER and that's exactly what the Jets need. Shame on every single person in the front office and ownership who let the totally incapable dumpster fire who shall remain nameless coach this precious team of ours for the last two years.
  21. Not a political statement in any way shape or form, just topical and funny as hell!
  22. My preference is to draft a QB at #2 and build the team out and address the many other needs with the rest of the picks, Truth be told, as long as Darnold isn't the starter in 2021, I'll be ok with whatever else happens.
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