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  1. I'm glad I've been drinking a lot tonight or else I'd have a lot more to say about comparing Cousins to to Watson. Our previous GM (otherwise known as the worst GM in the history of the NFL) wanted Cousins and didn't draft Watson. That's all you need to know.
  2. Yes, there are many ways that QB's can win over their teammates. I'm not doubting Danold's commitment to winning or his effort, I'm doubting his ability to be a leader in the locker-room and on the field and inspire his teammates. As you mentioned, competency and actual skill are also components of inspiring your team, and Darnold has not shown much of either consistently enough to be an effective leader.
  3. In addition to Darnold's many flaws as a QB, his lack of apparent fire and casual attitude about losing has been very annoying to watch over the last 3 years. I want my QB to inspire his team to run through a wall for him, and I never got that vibe from Darnold.
  4. Lots of interesting takes on Watson vs. a QB at #2, and while my preference right now is to draft a QB, as long as Darnold is not an option in 2021, I would be fine with either of the other scenarios.
  5. If the Jets are giving up on Darnold (which they should), they need to draft a QB at #2 and fill as many holes as possible with the rest of their picks. IMO it's the much better option than trading all of our draft capital for Watson. Watson is a great talent but putting him on this team minus a ton of high draft picks the next few years will only improve the team marginally, but not enough to become a consistent winner.
  6. This is the time of the season where speculation and theories run wild, from both the experts and the fans, but let's all take a deep breath. This ain't rocket science. The Jets need a QB. The Jets have the #2 pick. If their player evaluation people give any of the QB prospects a first round grade, draft the QB. The Jets will be drafting a QB.
  7. The situation might not be ideal, but the Jets need a QB (in my opinion) and they cannot pass on one simply because the best logistical circumstances haven't presented themselves.
  8. 2nd year GM. 1st year HC. Both want to really put their stamp on the team. Both weren't involved with drafting Darnold. Darnold was the worst QB in the NFL last year. Both new GM and HC want to have long and prosperous careers. Both will NEVER rely on a 4th year, lowest ranked QB to make that happen. The Jets are drafting a QB or trading for one.
  9. Yep....the Jets have leaked their intentions as to their QB situation, thereby destroying any leverage they might have with the #2 pick, to all of these "insiders" less than a day after hiring their new HC. C'mon people.
  10. I'm not sure how saying "almost never" can be considered a blanket statement but ok. You roll with that. No big deal.
  11. Absolutely true, but when a team needs a QB, they NEVER pass on one, especially when they have the #2 pick. If the Jets braintrust has a 1st round grade on any QB in this draft, it's a slam dunk that they will draft him.
  12. I said almost never btw, and each of these 3 QB's made significant leaps in their second full year in the league, and even if you disagree with that assessment, that's just a handful of QB's in probably the last 15-20 years or so. I'll stick with my position. None of this changes the fact that there is 3 years of bad NFL game film on Darnold floating around in the ether, and it's going to take too much time and work to "fix" for it to be worth it for the Jets imo.
  13. EXACTLY. He passed on a QB based on terrible scouting, poor judgement, and incompetence, and instead remained beholden to the stiff he had drafted the year before, relying on only scouting and his "expertise, " which, of course, lead to a catastrophically bad decision. Fast forwarding to the present, the Jets have THREE years of NFL game film to tell them that Darnold is not a franchise QB. If they ignore it, they will prove once again that they are a mickey mouse organization, forever doomed to failure under the Johnson's.
  14. If you think drafting the #2 QB on the board at the top of a draft is "taking a flier" on a "raw QB prospect" then we are just going to have to agree to disagree. And McCagnan's worst draft was the one where he passed on TWO legit 1st round talents (Mahomes and Watson) and THAT was the draft that has literally set this team back 5+ years. So there's that. One more thing - when a team NEEDS a QB and passes on one with the #2 pick, they will be forever scrutinized for doing so. This just never happens. Never.
  15. A rookie QB has to learn a new playbook, play with new players, and adapt a new team philosophy no matter how much experience the coach might have, so I don't think it makes much of a difference.
  16. Now this is EXCELLENT content right here. Keep up the good work.
  17. And this is the problem with the Jets and why they've been spinning their wheels for the last 20 years under the Johnson's. If a new HC and GM have placate and kowtow to the owner who has proven to have zero football acumen whatsoever and give a crappy QB another year to prove what everyone else already knows, it completely compromises their ability to make decisions that they think would be best for the team. And I disagree with the notion that there are no consequences for passing on QB's who then become legit franchise QB's. Ask Mike MacCagnan.
  18. I hear what you are saying, but Darnold has provided very little to no reason to believe he will magically transform from a bad QB to a good QB after 3 years in the league. This just doesn't happen in the modern NFL and it would be folly for the Jets to close their eyes, cross their fingers, and hope this happens, while wasting another year in the process IMO
  19. Folks, Darnold is NOT a good QB and will never be a good QB. I've said it before and I'll say it again, QB's come into this league and are either good immediately or they are not good immediately. Good young QB's can be coached up to be BETTER. Very good young QB's can be coached up to be GREAT. Almost NEVER, however, do we see a QB that comes into the league that is considered BAD somehow transform himself after 3 years to all of a sudden become GOOD. It just does not happen. Darnold is a bad QB after 3 years. That ship has sailed.
  20. As I said, they can also trade for a QB. Several viable options seem to be available. Unless the Jets are going to wait for a generational QB to fall into their laps like Lawrence was touted to be, they have to keep swinging for the fences at the QB position until they get their guy. The Jets have to take advantage of being in a position to hand pick the QB of their choice at #2. It's not often a team is in a position to do that, so unless they feel all of the QB prospects do not have 1st round ratings, they have to pick the one they like the best not look back. 3 years later, if he's not the guy, rinse and repeat.
  21. And if you DON'T draft a QB, you are in essence committing to Darnold, a 4th year QB who has proven NOTHING in this league, was the worst QB in the league last year, AND is worse today than the day he came into the league. Committing to Darnold imo is career suicide. The Jets are drafting a QB or trading for one. Darnold is done here.
  22. There is NO WAY that a second year GM and a first year HC are going to hitch their wagons, and in essence, their careers, on a 4th year QB they didn't pick, that hasn't proven he's a franchise QB after 3 years in the league, AND that they are going to have to de-program and re-train after two years of incompetent coaching around him. If I were a HC or GM, I would want to go to war MY guy, not someone else's, and I think that's what Douglas and Saleh are going to do.
  23. The Jets finally get the hot commodity, young, hungry, in demand coordinator to coach the team who will bring his strong leadership skills with him. Very exciting news! Great day to be a Jets fan. Wait a minute.....did I just say that?
  24. Garoppolo for Darnold and draft a QB For the love of God, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
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