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  1. I hear what you are saying, but Darnold has provided very little to no reason to believe he will magically transform from a bad QB to a good QB after 3 years in the league. This just doesn't happen in the modern NFL and it would be folly for the Jets to close their eyes, cross their fingers, and hope this happens, while wasting another year in the process IMO
  2. Folks, Darnold is NOT a good QB and will never be a good QB. I've said it before and I'll say it again, QB's come into this league and are either good immediately or they are not good immediately. Good young QB's can be coached up to be BETTER. Very good young QB's can be coached up to be GREAT. Almost NEVER, however, do we see a QB that comes into the league that is considered BAD somehow transform himself after 3 years to all of a sudden become GOOD. It just does not happen. Darnold is a bad QB after 3 years. That ship has sailed.
  3. As I said, they can also trade for a QB. Several viable options seem to be available. Unless the Jets are going to wait for a generational QB to fall into their laps like Lawrence was touted to be, they have to keep swinging for the fences at the QB position until they get their guy. The Jets have to take advantage of being in a position to hand pick the QB of their choice at #2. It's not often a team is in a position to do that, so unless they feel all of the QB prospects do not have 1st round ratings, they have to pick the one they like the best not look back. 3 years later, if he's not the guy, rinse and repeat.
  4. And if you DON'T draft a QB, you are in essence committing to Darnold, a 4th year QB who has proven NOTHING in this league, was the worst QB in the league last year, AND is worse today than the day he came into the league. Committing to Darnold imo is career suicide. The Jets are drafting a QB or trading for one. Darnold is done here.
  5. There is NO WAY that a second year GM and a first year HC are going to hitch their wagons, and in essence, their careers, on a 4th year QB they didn't pick, that hasn't proven he's a franchise QB after 3 years in the league, AND that they are going to have to de-program and re-train after two years of incompetent coaching around him. If I were a HC or GM, I would want to go to war MY guy, not someone else's, and I think that's what Douglas and Saleh are going to do.
  6. The Jets finally get the hot commodity, young, hungry, in demand coordinator to coach the team who will bring his strong leadership skills with him. Very exciting news! Great day to be a Jets fan. Wait a minute.....did I just say that?
  7. Garoppolo for Darnold and draft a QB For the love of God, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  8. Once Kay Adams was mentioned in the thread, the actual subject matter being discussed became unimportant.
  9. I just asterisked the letters as to follow website guidelines. It should have read as the regular word, knowwhatimsayin? How about this... ...
  10. No idea what the McCgregor reference is about.
  11. Darnold is that faded, watered down, 2nd xerox copy version of Trubisky, who wasn't able to keep his job in Chicago, and is not a better prospect 4 years into his career than any of the top QB's in this draft. Hard pass.
  12. For the love of God - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No.
  13. I've always ben curious of this notion of a coach "bombing" an interview. How does that happen? Is this an over exaggeration by the general media made for the purposes pushing their content or agenda? Is it legit? Does not articulating a coaching philosophy that the GM and owner are looking for constitute bombing and interview? Is it something much simpler like the candidate starts barking like a dog for no reason? Maybe they pull out their junk? Inquiring minds want to know!
  14. Completely agree. I just think that there are 2 QB's that are worthy of being picked at #2, but let's be honest, if the Jets determine that both Fields and Wilson are rated as 1st round talents, what's the difference if they're picked at 2, 12, or 22? Need DOES factor in when it comes to drafting a QB more than any other position. If they decide that there are no 1st round QB's on the board, by all means, pass on them and draft another position of need in the 1st round.
  15. Joe Douglas will be run out of the NFL in short order if he passes on a QB at #2. The Jets are still looking for a franchise QB and they have the pick of the litter after Lawrence. Do their due diligence and pick whoever they feel is the best QB on their list. There is no way Douglas is hanging his hat on Darnold after this miserable season.
  16. Fields is the clear #2 imo. Trade Darnold, draft Fields, and don't look back. Keep swinging at the QB position until you hit a home run. If you're not sure your QB is a franchise QB after 3 years, it's time to move on.
  17. GM's usually sink or swim based on their QB, so if I were Douglas, there is NO WAY I would hitch my wagon to a QB that was drafted by another GM AND who took a major step backwards this year. If I'm going to go down in flames, you better believe its going to be with MY QB.
  18. No it isn't. The mere suggestion of anything contrary to what the Jets SHOULD do that's floated into the ether, the more likely it is that the Jets will engage in stupid behavior come draft day. Trust me. It's science.
  19. Yes I understand what hypothetical means, but I'm not willing to engage in your hypothetical as it so antithetical (see what I did there?) to the course of action that the Jets should take, thus my response.
  20. No no no no no no no!!!! We need a QB and there will be a top flight QB sitting at #2. Unless a team gets the QB right, they will be treading water forever, just as the Jets have been for decades. Pick the QB.
  21. This former Darnold fanboy says Fields all day long.
  22. Based on the track record of the Jets when it comes to drafting, if they need a brick to the head (figuratively speaking) to make the right pick, so be it. The more positive affirmations they get regarding a player that it seems obvious to many they should pick anyway, the better.
  23. I don't expect to the FO to make a decision based on one game, but a another massive game tonight can validate what they might have already been thinking about his value. The Jets have historically made poor drafting decisions, no matter who is actually doing the drafting (it's like a curse), so the more evidence they have to make a smart decision, the better.
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