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  1. Fields needs to erase any doubt tonight that he should be the #2 pick and then the Jets need to pick him at #2.
  2. Totally on board with this. After 3 years of surrounding their QB with a bottom feeder offense, if the Jets are serious about doing what it takes to have their next QB succeed, THIS is what they need to do - draft as many day 1 starters at offensive skill positions as possible.
  3. Just wanted to chime in and say that Marvin Lewis would be a terrible choice for HC. The Jets need to find a younger, innovative mind that is hungry, not a retread coach that has never won a playoff game.
  4. I have no faith in the Jets hierarchy to make sound decisions so yes, the more Fields does to eliminate any doubt that he needs to be the #2 pick, the better.
  5. That list just reminds me how horrible this organization is and makes me question my sanity for sticking with it. Thanks for nothing.
  6. Post Gase content should get you banned. Haven't we all suffered enough already?
  7. 2nd rounder, but only if a team is desperate and we throw in a 100 dollar gift certificate to Robert Kraft's favorite rub and tug.
  8. Who gives a fu(k about anything Gase related now??? I propose a new forum rule that the mention of the name "Gase" going forward shall be met with an automatic 3 day ban. I also propose that we change the poop emoji to the face of "he who shall remain nameless." Carry on.
  9. Today's game was the final nail in Darnold's coffin in NY. Knowing he was playing with his NFL future on the line, he gave us this stinker. It's a shame really. Regardless of how we got here or who's fault it is, after 3 years Darnold cannot consistently read defenses, has terrible footwork, holds the ball too long, and is not capable of elevating the play of the players around him. Even a big supporter like me has seen enough. He cannot be our QB in 2021. No way. I'm officially on the draft Fields bandwagon. Sorry Sam.
  10. Don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out you f'n bum. You've wasted 2 years of this franchise's time and ruined a quarterback in the process. GTFO.
  11. Nice! American Gothic is a classic. I'm partial to Death On A Ridge Road.
  12. Yep. My favorite painting of one of my favorite artists. It's the one that sold for a record breaking $110 million a few years ago. To counterbalance my refinement, I bring my own beer to art exhibits instead of sipping on champagne. lol
  13. The Jags are taking Lawrence #1. There is no debate. The only real question is if the Jets are drafting Fields or Sewell.
  14. If Jacksonville doesn't draft Lawrence, they should have their franchise revoked. I'm very torn as to what the Jets should do at #2, but I think this game puts to rest Fields / Wilson debate. If the Jets decide go QB, Fields will be the pick and I would be fine with that, even though deep in my core I want to give Darnold one more year. In any other year, Fields would be the consensus #1 and the Jets cannot go wrong with him (famous last words).
  15. Not fired but laid off once. Got caught up in a sweeping round of unexpected corporate layoffs after 15 years at this particular firm. I thought I was walking into my weekly team meeting and was instead greeted by a few HR suits. My cowardly actual manager sat meekly and said nothing for the next 15 minutes. I was totally blindsided. I had genuinely thought that I was going to be with this firm for my entire career. It was a super company and I hated leaving, but the entire experience left a really bad taste in my mouth regarding corporate loyalty and trust. I was unemployed for almost two years before I finally found a new job, but got lucky and landed with another great firm that I'm still with after 9 years.
  16. If the Jets don't LOVE a QB at #2, I'm fine with giving Sam one more year with a new and hopefully improved coaching staff and an upgrade in personnel around him. In either scenario, JD has to hit a few home runs in this draft.
  17. I agree with this 100% regarding ANY position. If a team is drafting at a position of need, as long as they're not reaching for a player over a round too early, it's meaningless IMO.
  18. Dax is coming off a gruesome injury AND the Jets aren't even close to being a playoff caliber team. Paying a QB top level money is not in sync with the Jets timeline. Keep Darnold or draft another QB.
  19. Dax = too expensive Jameis = bum If a veteran QB is the way the Jets decide to go, I would try to get Wentz. He would be at the top of my list.
  20. It was a stupid pick. For a team that needed help all over the field in 2020, to pick ANY player, regardless of position, that you know will not see one snap during the current season and will never likely play a meaningful down for you ever was just terrible IMO. Teams that need bodies and that have no talent cannot afford to waste pics on projects. Certainly not in the FOURTH round. JD needed to use every pick to grab players who he thought could contribute NOW.
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