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  1. If Darnold basically shows no significant improvement after year 4 in the league, the book on him will be officially written and the Jets can move on, regardless of the other variables. 4 years is more than enough time to show you're a franchise QB, no matter what the circumstances are. And before someone says it, YES, you can say the same thing after 3 years too, but I'm ok if Gase's heaping pile of ineptitude gets Darnold one more mulligan. I'm also fine if they move on. This team has made me comfortably numb.
  2. Now at least we get to see Darnold for a full year under a competent coach and an improved roster(hopefully). If he's still inconsistently average or worse after 2021, we have a definitive answer and can move on. Normally 3 years is more than enough time to assess a QB, but these circumstances were so extraordinary, I think I'm leaning towards being ok giving Darnold one more year.
  3. Totally agree. Not that difficult getting motivated to root against the Pats, but releasing all of the pent up disappointment and anger about the 2020 season is going to culminate in assaulting the eardrums of my entire family. Rooting for a win. What a novel idea.
  4. I was also ready to move on from Darnold for Lawrence, but picking 2nd muddies the waters a bit. My first instinct was, despite being a Darnold fanboy, to move on from him, but as I think it about it more, I'm just not sure that the better play might be to give him one more year to prove himself and take the bookend tackle at #2. Man, I hate this team.
  5. It's true that unless the players around Sam are significantly upgraded, a free agent or two and a few draft picks will unlikely make an all pro out of Darnold and significantly improve his play. What WILL have an impact is a new HC and OC who will hopefully design the offense to Sam's strengths and get the best out of him, whatever that is. Now, the "whatever that is" is the big question mark, and even if the new coaches are successful, will that be enough? How long will that take? Has Darnold's ceiling been lowered from 3 seasons of bad coaching, bad personnel, and bad habits? Was his ceiling never as high as we thought it was? The fact that we have so many important questions about Darnold still unanswered after 3 seasons tells me all I need to know. As much as I was rooting for Danold to be the answer, I think the Jets have to move on. Then again, what the hell do I know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. The most important job for a GM that is rebuilding a team is to find "the next" franchise QB if they don't already have one, and to keep trying until they get one. The Jets don't have one.
  7. I was one of the biggest Darnold defenders here, but after 3 years, we still don't know if he's a franchise QB or not, and the evidence is saying that he is NOT. Sadly, the Jets cannot waste any more years on him, even if they feel his growth has been in part sabotaged by the system, bad coaching, and lack of talent around him. He is not a good QB now, and it will cost the Jets too much time and a second, massive contract for them to find out if he is, and that just isn't the smart play. Wherever they end up picking, the Jets need to take a QB, set the rookie QB contract clock back to year 1, and make pray they pick the right guy. QB is the most important position by a mile, and the Jets have to keep swinging until they hit a home run. As much as it pains me to say it - Darnold was not a home run.
  8. I had something really clever and insightful to say about this subject, but holy hell, that Alyssa Milano pic has me all discombobulated!!!! Carry on, folks.
  9. This is by far the worst organization in professional sports. This win is fu(k1n meaningless and the team likely lost out at drafting the best QB prospect in years. There is no way with Lawrence within their reach that they should have even come close to sniffing a win the rest of the way, but this team can NEVER get out of it's own way and it's literally nauseating. Honestly, I don't know why I do this to myself. I cannot ever remember being as angry and frustrated at this team as I am right now.
  10. If there are any Jets fans out there who still thinks that a win or two has more value to the long term growth of this team than getting the #1 pick which lands the Jets a top shelf, once every 10 years blue chip QB prospect, this is why I weep for humanity. P.S. - 90% of the players that experience the wonderful "growth" and "learning" that comes with a meaningless late season victory won't be on the team in 2 years.
  11. If the Patriots don't need a win to make the playoffs, I truly believe Belichick will do the necessary subtle things to ensure the Jets win the game. He has proven himself to be a cheater and a sneak so this notion that he has some sort of invisible integrity and professional pride is laughable. His players might be playing for pride, but Belichick can and will influence the game with play calling, personnel moves etc... Belichick is a snake, plain and simple. Also, if I were Douglas, there is no way I let Gase coach the game with the #1 pick on the line. Fire Gase and install a lackey who will take his orders to not win the game. I just don't trust Gase either. This clown will do anything to salvage his professional reputation (if that's actually possible), and the Jets cannot let him potentially attempt to erase 0-16 infamy from his resume be his last incompetent act in a long list of incompetent acts for the Jets. Man, I hate this team.
  12. After this abomination of a season and all of the suffering the fans have endured with Gase at the helm, anything but the #1 pick and Trevor Lawrence will be a HUGE disappointment.
  13. Just horrible. And don't worry, our win is coming in week 17 - a last FU from King Belichick.
  14. I used to think it was entertaining to have a foil like you on Jets Nation to keep things lively and have unpopular contrarian views to debate, but after some internal wrangling, I've concluded that you're just an a$$h0le. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Is there really any debate at this point that this team is the worst in Jets history? What a disgrace.
  16. I cannot entertain this hypothetical because it made my blood boil to even read it. I can't let the negativity get into my headspace. I'm still basking in the glow of the glorious "Lawrence defense" called by Greg (build that guy a statue at Met Life) Williams. Don't ruin my buzz, man.
  17. The Jets did Darnold dirty, no doubt about it. I was all in on Darnold and my disappointment in the way things turned out for him and the Jets really stings, but it is what it is. Never in my life have I ever cared about or rooted for a player that left MY team, but Darnold will be the first one. I hope he becomes perennial all pro wherever he lands.
  18. No fake outrage here. I'm glad the Jets lost today and after the fact at least, I'm glad they lost it in spectacularly brutal fashion, if for no other reason to put an exclamation point on this sorry 2 year chapter in the franchise's history.
  19. Screamed like I was climaxing after a two hour kama sutra session with Natasha Nice.
  20. My son and I erupted in joy on the Ruggs play as if the Jets had just won the Super Bowl. The fact that I have been reduced to rooting HARD for the Jets to lose like this makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Damn this team.
  21. I want to kiss Ruggs on the mouth. What a garbage team the Jets are. Thankfully it paid off for us today!
  22. Darnold is just not good right now. How we got here is no longer the issue. The issue is what the Jets do to move forward, and with a lottery draft pick in their pocket, it's sadly the end of the road for Darnold in NY. He might never have developed into an all pro QB, but he never had a chance here.
  23. It's not really important at this point how much the entire front office, both past and present, have contributed to officially ruining Darnold. Maybe Darnold just is a flawed QB who will never be consistently good or better and didn't need much help in being bad. All that matters is that he's not a good QB right now and the Jets cannot waste any time beyond this season to attempt to fix him. It's a shame, really, because I really thought he was the answer, but the Jets have to move on from him, no matter where they end up picking in the draft.
  24. That press conference was the lowlight in an all time bad 2 years from Gase. What a sniveling, lying, pathetic, POS he is. Every second he represents this team is a disgrace and an indictment of the pathetic owner. We all deserve better than this.
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