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  1. I agree, however. The first question of any interview should be either "Does the kid work hard?" or "Does the kid have a brain?". The second question should be the one that wasnt asked first. Follow it up with "Does the kid love playing the game?" You are only interviewing one of their coaches because you already saw enough in tape. It is unfortunate that players are drafter that either think their sh*t don't stink or their talent is enough, are just in for the money, or are just plain dumb. That should be easy to weed out, but obviously it not.
  2. From all accounts I hear Joe Burrows is a pretty good QB, correct? Did anyone else see at one point that he was something like 14 of 28 for 150 yards or so with 0 TDs and 3 INT? I do not remember exactly but it wasn't good. I was not for drafting another QB for this team, but I do think he is going to be pretty good, but not after one or two or 17 games.
  3. I personally was on the keep Sam, trade down, and build the team around him. Hell, no one on here can say he ever had a good team or coaching around him. We traded him, ok, move on. I personally was quietly hoping we would go the direction of Mac Jones in the draft. I like what I saw from him, and he may have a pretty good career. However, I am excited with Zach Wilson. He is having a horrendous day, and his decision making is horrible. There is no way you can say anything but, he looks like sh*t today. Same as Trevor Lawrence today? or Joe Burrows and his 3 picks?
  4. So wide open, and so much room to run. Throw it over his head.
  5. Who the hell was that throw to? NVM, They actually called the penalty.
  6. You want to talk about ball placement, that throw by Jones is Textbook.
  7. Whatever happens this year, this defense is playing fast and downhill, and I love it.
  8. I agree on the route. The throw on the inside shoulder is the proper placement on the route.
  9. Smart QB's - Take what they give you. Not so Smart QB's - Force throws.
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