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  1. The Browns are in position for a maddenesque type of off season. They have an absurd amount of money and high draft picks. I could see them, not saying they will, going all in for Kirk Cousins. They could take the best player available or have the flexibilty of getting a kings ransom for the #1 overall pick. Sign Cousins, Use #1 and 4 to add strong supporting players, which should be major contributors, and turn there team around in one year. Just food for thought.
  2. You guys act like your the ones paying the contract. We need a QB, he is the best known QB available, and the Jets have the space. The Cap rises every single year and $30 million will be on the cheap in a couple years when new QBs get their deals.
  3. Best I can tell, there is no clear cut #1 QB, ala Luck/Manning. I would hope the Jets dont trade up, but if they fall in love with one, the time is now to go get him.
  4. What type of contract is he going to command? Coming off a significant injury, does he sign a one year prove it deal with a team option or performance bonuses? I would expect him to be run through the mill by every team and if it is believed he is 100%, could he get that large deal and if so how much?
  5. One would have to believe they wouldnt want to draft a QB. However, a team(s) may want to jump the Giants, and it is possible they gamble, select a QB still and attempt to trade him.
  6. Offensive Line

    Games are won and lost in the trenches. Period. They arent flashy and they dont receive their due, but theyre most important aspect of any team.
  7. his contract void in 2019 if on the eagles roster though. Contract is on the cheap.
  8. "The Play"

    Greatest play of all time. Of course, if it failed it would have been stupid!!!
  9. is this even possible until new year starts?
  10. Its interesting that the same people that would have been upset are the same people that thought he sucked last year when Macc was perceived to be pursuing him.
  11. Pass Interference Penalty

    Judgement call is pandoras box. Slanted as it is, imagine if they had the power cor 15 yards one, 50 the next.
  12. Not sure a single player was set in that quick snap.
  13. You forgot all of the above. Thats my favorite multiple choice answer, and in this case might be the best choice.
  14. If he doesnt fire him, he probably loses his job to him at some point during the season next year.
  15. Absolutely no problem with double dipping this year.