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  1. What ifs are the definition of scared coaching! If you are a heas coach you believe in your guys to step up and make a play, you believe in your ciaching staff and the game plan, even when it isnt going to plan (in game adjustments). You dont play the what if this happens or this happens. Coward plain and simple.
  2. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Bottom line is he had an opportunity today ans he blew it. He gets another next week. If he doesnt flash next in line.
  3. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    He should have been getting reps one day of the week at the very least. Sad.
  4. but, but, but, McCown starts to help develop the young receivers.
  5. foresight at its finest! At least he didnt proclaim hin next years starter like he did with fitz, but i guess we havent technically reached the season ending presser yet.
  6. Are you kidding? He got up off the ground, blatantly looked at him, while he was laying on a two yard white strip known as the out of bounds no less and drove his shoulder into the back off his head with his full weight. This is an egregious a penalty as the Suh stomping incident.
  7. Hackenburg or Petty, and I even put Hackenburg first. Oh, and even though the Qb whisperer Bowles says it, I disagree.
  8. Based on what, that is simply speculation with no possible way to back it up or discredit it. Regardless of what happened this year or what happens going forward it is a mistake to continue to start McCown, which they will do. He is playing arguably his best football to date, and its not fair to take that away from him. However, seeing what we really have in Hackenburg or Petty is the best course of action. Giving either one of them an opportunity with a group of hungry players will tell us more about our future at the position then what we will see with McCown under center. Lets take the statement as fact, is anderson going to regress, no. Is the team going to continue to play hungry, yes; if they dont you know who to get rid of in the offseason.
  9. Why do i get the feeling logan may have just won this game with that penalty by making jets take points off board.
  10. thats was by far the longest they have been on the field this half, maybe the whole game....geez
  11. Well thats an interesting defense coverage call.
  12. Interesting 3rd down call, 5 receivers and anderson on sideline.
  13. I dont believe the consensus is people dont like McCown and what he is doing for this team at the QB position. He has had a solid season. I believe the consensus is that he isnt the future at 38 yrs old, and this year is a rebuilding year.
  14. Good luck to him. Glad he is starting a game again, just not for the Jets.