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  1. I hope he learned some humility, and puts his game together. He has all the talent in the world, but until he learns to play with his head, he will struggle He has relied soley on his athletic ability, mostly against lesser talented players, and now he has to learn how to use that talent with intelligence against same or higher level talented players. Honestly, if he can keep it together mentally after last season he may actually have what it takes. JMO
  2. How do you go 11 years in Hockey? 1/2 the teams get in.
  3. Can't you just buy like 7 firesticks with youtube on them? How many logins/devices can you have under one account?
  4. Woody, let the professionals who are not trust fund babies take care of business. Leave the spoon in your mouth and shut the **** up.
  5. If the deal is anything like the first part, without the picks, JD should include himself.
  6. I could see Tannehill being moved, but I don't see that type of compensation. He would be more of a conditional 2024 candidate based on 2023 results and new contract.
  7. You really think this would have made GB flinch? Holy crap. Ok. And I'm sure Lamar would love to play the part of a pawn. To be honest, I want the Jets to talk to Lamar for this very reason.
  8. He most definitely has a plan B, and there is also no doubt it is anywhere near as good as plan A. However, all professionals have a backup plan in place. I would bet it had something to do with a mid level QB on someone else's roster AND a draft pick.
  9. For no other reason, hire an agent for use of the English language.
  10. Hey, at least we are ahead of some of the expansion teams!
  11. I am always for a trade down. This team is getting better and better buy still has holes. More choices is more possibility of hitting immediately and with development.
  12. hawk

    Nuclear Option

    Are you implying that I am saying Rodgers is the only option? He is the only known future Hall of Fame QB available, but I am literally saying he is not the only option at the posiiton. The Green Bay Packers have literally two choices (currently). Keep Rodgers on for Huge Cap Crippling numbers, or Trade him to literally one team he says he will play for. That said, another team possibly could emerge if their draft doesn't go as plan, but professionals don't sit and hope something will come up as a negotiation strategy. Will something happen with the Jets and Packers? Probably, but JD loses if he gives up too much in compensation for the trade. I don't think that happens. What are the other options to the Jets? Draft is one. Trade for a mid level guy is another. An extreme is Lamar Jackson, who will not get what he is looking for, but is still an option. The point is, the Jets do have options. The Packers do not.
  13. hawk

    Nuclear Option

    You are constantly saying this, and constantly wrong. Green Bay has no option. They either trade him or lock into $105 Million in guaranteed money. Is there another option for a known future Hall of Fame QB to play for the New York Jets in 2023? No, but to say they have no options is just wrong. It isn't Zach Wilson either, albeit, that is in itself is an option. Green Bay on the other hand, No Option. The player himself has said he wants to play for the Jets, which literally leaves only one option for Green Bay if they want to move on from Rodgers.
  14. I think he is trying to make weight for Tight End, possible an H Back.
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