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  1. I think this is a bit premature. Give him a chance to learn the playbook, runs some plays, get some chemistry, and see where he is at. If he even or within say 90% with the top QB but progressing, week one. If he is not, later.
  2. A no brainer would be to have an open and fair competition. If the kid is close, give him the nod. If he isnt, give the best the nod. If the kid isnt mentally strong, it wont matter if he starts game one or game 10, the crowd is going to turn on him at some point.
  3. hawk

    Bills and Browns Boards

    I still would have taken Barkley 1 and QB 4.
  4. Had hopes Gesicki would make it to the Jets some how.
  5. Only Vince Young could mess up the name Harold.
  6. hawk

    NFL Draft Curve Ball

    I could see the Giants take Allen at 2, and groom him behind Eli for 2 years.
  7. hawk

    NFL Draft Curve Ball

    The Browns would be foolish not to. Unless they view the their QB head and shoulders above the other 3. Jmo.
  8. I couldnt agree more on Darnold. My personal order is Rosen, Allen, Mayfield, anyone but Darnold. Darnold looks like a wet noodle when throwing. My prediction for the top 4. Browns - Barkley Bills move up for Rosen (Giants miss on Barkley move back) Jets - Allen Browns - Mayfield
  9. hawk

    Bold Prediction

    I still think, barring a trade, Barkley and Chubb go 1 and 2. Browns would be foolish, in my opinion, to take QB at one when they still have number four, and four highly rated Qbs. JPP be released screams chubb at 2. However, who the hell knows. There is always surprises in the top 5 or 10. Always a big trade.
  10. Lets assume the Bills give the same deal to Giants for 2. 12, 22, 53, 65, 2019 1st, and 2020 3rd. (I thought 65 was the Browns pick) They are then going up to 6 (as you suggested) with the 12, 22, and 53. The Giants essentially trade from 2 to 6 a 2019 1st, 65, and 2020 3rd. This is still assuming the colts are WILLING to deal. In the 3 way trade scenario the Giants get 4, 35 and 65. The 4th pick is better than 6th. The 2019 1st is the same value as 35 this year. 65 is a wash. That leaves the 2020 3rd, worth nothing so lets say the difference between 4 and 6. The trade route from 2 to 6 and the 3 way trade are nearly the same. Wouldnt you agree?
  11. No, if the Bills would like to trade to #1, they will have to give the Browns a guarantee they wont take their guy. I dont know how they would give that guarantee. I am not going to pretend to know the inner working of the nfl front office, but i do know that trades involve paperwork. I would assume they could build in language stating the Bills can not take player X, or state there are conditional picks if they take said player that are void if they dont. The Browns do have a guarantee to draft there player by selecting 1st. However, they have an opportunity to gather draft capital by moving down one spot. Why wouldnt they take it? That leads to why the Giants would make that trade. They also can gain additional draft capital by moving down two spots. However, to answer your question directly, why would the Giants allow the Browns to do that? They do not want to drop outside of the top 5, and they still gain additional draft capital. Regardless of whether they think they can still draft the perceived player they want, they still have a top 5 pick, and new premium 2nd and 3rd picks. That said, I would assume that the Bills have extended an offer to the Giants, and they would get the so called haul of draft picks you are talking about. You are right, they might be able to trade back up for the player they want. However, they are nearly guaranteed to get the player they want, and have much better control of that at 4 then 12 plus. They do not have to find a willing trade partner. If they trade back to 4, they could still get a haul couldnt they? Say the last of the top 4 Qbs are at 4, they would probably get a ridiculous offer from someone desperate to get the last of the top 4. Assume Darnold goes 1, Allen 2, and Mayfield 3, thats leaves Roesn at 4. What would Arizona offer them, New Orleans, Jacksonville, or Some other QB hungry team. Are the Giants in better position to parlay the 4th pick and trade back again, or trying to trade back up to number 6? I think so. This debate started from me saying this trade makes sense for all parties involved. You disagree. Your hang up appears to be the Giants are getting ****ed, and the Browns are getting everything. I disagree, I feel the Giants are in a great position to get the player they were hoping for or parlaying for the said haul. I do understand what your saying, a second and third to move from 2 to 4 doesnt seem like much. I do feel they are position themselves to either still get the player they want at 2, or trade back again. That in itself is value, wouldnt you agree?
  12. I couldnt agree more on Darnold, but i like Allen. Of course, the biggest concern for Allen is his level of competition. Will it slow down for him? Rosen, the purest QB in the draft, but as has been said many times, concussion concerns. Its amazing how many verying opinions are out there from talking heads.
  13. Well, I guess that is a possiblilty in this trade scenario. The Giants could still use a QB, and they would probably take one in your scenario presented. The Jets would have the final 2 qbs rates even, but it is possible.
  14. The point is, you are still getting the player you want. There is no way that the Browns are going to trade out of 1 unless they have a guarantee they still get Allen. They are giving up a blue chip prospect at 4 to get a shot at 2 more blue chip prospects at 12 and 22, and one in 2019. They could also parlay that pick to move back into round one or up from 12. I was using the theoretical value chart to show the Giants are getting raped by the Browns. They are getting better value by the chart than the browns. In any way you slice it, if you know you are getting the player you want, and still increase your chance of of hitting on more players with additional draft picks. You take it every time.