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  1. Don't want people taking shots, win. Problem solved.
  2. I dont even see how it is to 52 players. OTC says 41 signed and spotrac says 39 signed. I believe that they have to be under the cap by the start of the league year, so it's not like they can tag him in the negative and trade him.
  3. I dont remember exactly, but I seem to remember he was ready to come to New York last year with his Twitter activity. Allen Robinson would be a great target in Free Agent, won't cost draft capital, and has always played at a high level without the best QBs.
  4. He was pumping up a quick out. He played in how many games and how many snaps, and an 2 yard out route is what you point to? Come on bro
  5. He would never have lasted when they played real football.
  6. As a Grown Ass "Man" crying like a little girl. If my kids ever acted like he does I would beat the sh*t out of them (not literally). My distaste for Tom Brady has nothing to do with how he plays football, he is pretty good at that.
  7. I have alwaysed like what I have heard about Kellen Moore. There was a time I had hoped he found his way to the Jets.
  8. I was thinking the same thing, but didn't say anything. Not sure why he would be considered that.
  9. Enjoyed your post. I like what JD had done. We can see some progress from last year, and more importantly the 2021 team showed progress throughout the season, including Wilson who I thought looked terrible most of the season. To grade someone's performance though you have to have comparable to highly regarded GMs and not so highly regarded GMs. That being said, I am excited to see what this off-season brings because I feel JD has done a nice job. JMO
  10. Basically any declaration from an arm chair GM over another prospect because they watched a highlight film or two.
  11. So, umm, New Orleans is ****ed. Who may shake free or may be available via trade due to Cap?
  12. I guess you just made the case on why we shouldn't trade for him. JMO
  13. Just think, if Trevor Lawrence wasn't such a chicken sh*t Vagina, The Jets would have the #1 Overall Pick. Weird how one play / one win can change so much.
  14. Its fun to watch a well placed pass in Stride and a run after catch. Losing season or not.
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