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  1. Its ashame they laid an egg against the winless Dolphins and Bengals. Not to mention blowing the first game against the Bills. Oh well.
  2. Also in Johnson's announcement was that GM Mike Maccagnan was staying and he was throwing his full support behind Maccagnan. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.upi.com/amp/Sports_News/NFL/2018/12/31/Jets-Christopher-Johnson-fires-Todd-Bowles-keeps-GM-Mike-Maccagnan/1001546297446/ Fired 5 months later.
  3. How did he look sunday night? Edit: Did he play?
  4. I didnt get to watch much of the game, but isnt the consensus that the OL struggled most of the game? Is it possible that the first game was against a stout defense and a new system, which may need a game or two to gel? Serious question.
  5. Have we ever had a QB that could throw that back shoulder like that back shoulder to Robby. That play alone will bring Robbie to the next level. Corner back will always have that in the back of his.mind, and will get beat deep more often, demanding over the top coverage. Will be a huge play for the Jets in more ways than one!
  6. What world are we in when are concern is a kicker? Not a qb, not wr, not rb, not etc? Am I dreaming?

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