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  1. First, f steven a smith Second who gives a f what steven a smith has to say.
  2. Im not fan of Baldinger, but that roll out pass was a good play to breakdown. I remember watching that, and saying what a great play that was. Incredibly hard play to make, and he made it look easy.
  3. If im being honest, he is the guy I was secretly hoping the Jets would wind up with. I am pretty excited from what I am seeing/hearing about Darnold.
  4. Josh Rosen: http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2018081151/2018/PRE1/Chargers@Cardinals?icampaign=scoreStrip-globalNav-2018081151#menu=gameinfo|contentId%3A0ap3000000947382&tab=videos Josh Allen: http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2018080952/2018/PRE1/Panthers@Bills?icampaign=scoreStrip-globalNav-2018080952#menu=gameinfo|contentId%3A0ap3000000946692&tab=recap Baker Mayfield: http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2018080959/2018/PRE1/Browns@Giants?icampaign=scoreStrip-globalNav-2018080959#menu=gameinfo|contentId%3A0ap3000000946555&tab=videos and finally Sam Darnold: http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2018081051/2018/PRE1/Falcons@Jets?icampaign=scoreStrip-globalNav-2018081051#menu=gameinfo|contentId%3A0ap3000000947105&tab=recap This could be very interesting to watch over the next few years. I thought everyone looked pretty decent, and the one I thought would look the best, Rosen, didn't. My god, watching Allen throw the ball is exciting every time, Mayfield looked pretty good, and Darnold, looked legit.
  5. anyone have a stream for this, can't seem to find one on reddit.
  6. hawk

    Jets Training Camp - 8/8

    Yes, I understand the 500K is guaranteed. However, his contract is for $6 Million. Another team, or multiple teams may have offered him something similar, but the incentive we offered may have been more enticing. If he is traded, those incentives will also trade to the next team. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-jets/teddy-bridgewater-14441/ Contract Notes: $250K/game he plays 50% of the snaps (max: $4M) Passing Yards Incentives $250K for 2500 yds $500K for 2751 yds $1.25M for 3001 yds Touchdown Incentives: $250,000 for 10 $500,000 for 16 $1.25M for 21 $2.5M for 50% of snaps AND playoffs
  7. hawk

    Jets Training Camp - 8/8

    His contract is $6 million isn't it? If already asked and answered, please disregard.
  8. hawk

    Jets Training Camp - 8/1

    Good thing it doesnt rain during the season
  9. hawk

    Revis officially retires

    Probably whoever offers him the most money on the 1 day contract.
  10. I remember wanting Tyler Lockett in that draft, and was dumbfounded when they took Smith over him.
  11. I think this is a bit premature. Give him a chance to learn the playbook, runs some plays, get some chemistry, and see where he is at. If he even or within say 90% with the top QB but progressing, week one. If he is not, later.
  12. A no brainer would be to have an open and fair competition. If the kid is close, give him the nod. If he isnt, give the best the nod. If the kid isnt mentally strong, it wont matter if he starts game one or game 10, the crowd is going to turn on him at some point.
  13. hawk

    Bills and Browns Boards

    I still would have taken Barkley 1 and QB 4.
  14. Had hopes Gesicki would make it to the Jets some how.