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  1. At this point in the Season, I am more optimistic the passes are hitting their hands and not bouncing.
  2. Highlight reel throws are great for ESPN, but his success will come from the short passes. Didn't I read he bounced another screen pass yesterday? Take the snap, make a read, and let your playmakers make plays.
  3. White essentially has to go. Every Wilson incomplete pass will have Jets "fans" screaming for White.
  4. Do all rookies pay or just 1? It may be a little more difficult for a 4th rounder versus an early first rounder.
  5. *putting application in* I can make sh*t up also.... Oops, I mean I have "sources". I just failed my application, shoot
  6. The comments on Mims are to 31 other teams not the Jets fan base....IMO
  7. Rangers looked like the Rangers I have been watching this season. Nice to see them play their game. At the very least, skating the puck into the zone versus the constant dump and chase while getting destroyed on the backcheck from Tampa.
  8. They used to play football, not this pussy ball game now. This is not to say Wilson won't be good, but today's game and the real game from a lifetime ago are uncompareable.
  9. I really appreciate the self checkout. Unfortunately for the businesses that have them I have not been trained properly and I occasionally miss an item or 2. It takes me about 3 minutes to check myself out and those items usually add up to $15 or $20. I figure that it's my pay for working for them. So it all works out. If they paid someone $20 an hour to check me out, they would probably make out better, but who am I to say.
  10. If the Rangers continue to play on their heels, Tampa is going to destroy them. Tampa is taking it to them in every facet of the game, and despite a last minute 4th line for the rangers, they had zero sustained offensive zone pressure.
  11. If I were him I'd where over sized sweat suit with pillows stuffing it. Just to **** with you guys.
  12. This is a prime example of when you try to stop what the other team does versus bringing your game to them. Played on their heels most of the game.
  13. Maybe we can see what he can do with a more complete line? Is it possible he can live up to the draft selection with 2 competent edge rusher, with support inside to take away double teams? Who is the only lineman to focus on in previous years. Q and thats it. Will he? No idea, but let's see what he looks like with some support?
  14. This has the be the most embarrassing display of team play of any sport I have ever watched. That 4 min power play was unacceptable.
  15. That's awesome news!!!! Don't suck!
  16. Did anyone have any doubt they would give Pittsburgh the goal there?
  17. Oh great... Louie the Bat is going to be visiting out biggest difference maker and doing his best Tonya Harding impersonation... I have no idea who the difference maker will be on this team, but someone is frigged.
  18. Typing in thr link to check the ticket prices, I am so excited to possibly go...... After seeing the prices, ill continue this style of watching....
  19. I won't matter if they do not control the offensive zone. Like coach said, soft
  20. People were excited about that draft at the time to. It doesn't always Translate. Hopefully they all stick, but the plan was good.
  21. At a boy Joe Masterfully played. It may not work out but it was a well laid out plan.
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