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  1. This shows a nice breakdown. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-jets/cap/
  2. Talking about what we will be talking about in 3 years.
  3. I dont know about Macc, but I do know if the most world renowned food expert bought me ingredients, I wouldnt be able to make any dishes if I didnt know how to make a recipe.
  4. I believe Enunwa can be. He has all tools you need to be, now it's just finding away to get the ball in his hands. I find it more about playcalling and staying on the field. Jmo
  5. Im afraid our cap space is an illusion. We dont have very many players under contact, and have some key internal free agents.
  6. Didn't an official get fired for missing a false start last week? Yet, throw a flag on a helmet to helmet then picked it up, and nothing?
  7. I couldnt agree more, usually. The point that Bowles wont get calls is a valid statement. What do think would happen if the refs thought they might get their asses chewed by the HC. Probably doesnt get picked up. JMO.
  8. Its weird listening to romo, and then looking at trubinsky who imo looks like romo.
  9. Roberts had an opportunity on that scramble. He needs to recognize that. If your qb scrambles, go off script and find space. All he had to do was head up field. Darn.
  10. The Jets will be fine. I am going to take him in my Draft Kings entry tomorrow. He won't do anything.
  11. I am not sure I understand this one. We have a receiver on the cheap, and on pace for close to 700 yards from a rookie QB, just to let him walk? Personally, I am not a huge fan of his, and I understand he is hurt, however, I would think we could generate at least a pick out of him.
  12. Tyrek Hill is absurd quick, and fast. Could you imagine Darnold with Hunt, Kelce, Watkins and Hill?
  13. Why is it everytime someone has an opportunity to lay brady out, they seem to pull up. That TD, he should have been destroyed.
  14. Didnt matter as Hill was there to catch it. but how does Hunt get tackled as the ball flies over his head, and no PI?
  15. I think we also have the Browns to thank. If im the Browns, I take Barkley #1, and take my chances of Baker falling, or taking the consolation prize of Darnold, Rosen or Allen. Obviously they were sold on Mayfield. Which lead to the way ot played out. Barkley/and anyone of the top 4 Qbs better than Mayfield/Chubb. If Barkley goes one, then Darnold probably gone 2.
  16. There is that "official" help from the referees. Edelman pushes off, fabricate a hold on chiefs to offset. Wtf.

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