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  1. I'll be happy with the first win to start. Then I'll move on to two wins. Then I'll move on to being competitive on a regular basis Then maybe a bid at division champs.
  2. I agree. Either will work. This is what I came across. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/elijah-moore/32004d4f-4f27-9723-3c75-0e082bc200c9 The weaknesses in this profile are not definitive, and more possibility. FWIW.
  3. What is Crowder, at 27, worth? His a consistent WR, and I would be more than happy having him with the team. However, with an every stone unturned thought process, what is he worth?
  4. Love the NFL Comp of Antonio Brown. Hopefully, he isn't the head case, but is Antonio Brown 2.0.
  5. I am not a fan of drafting a kid who has had shoulder surgery on his throwing arm, and with that said, I admit I don't know anything else about him. He has obviously garnered some recognition though. San Fransico has already made a big splash with all indication for a QB. Is it plausible the Jets could make a move with them for #3 and Jimmy Garappalo. I am not advocating JG, but has run the offense we are probably going to be running. Grab Pitts or Sewell at #3 possibly another offensive playmaker at 23. Let JG and Darnold compete for starting QB.
  6. In all fairness, shouldn't they? I mean the Jets do indeed suck.
  7. Yes, pretty sure that would mean they are pretty good. The 5th year option that is.
  8. Nothing about last night was Tom Brady, yet MVP. Brady is media hyped and nothing more. Good Quarterback, no doubt. GOAT, no.
  9. I know. The reaction is like the Rams gave up a ton. Most likely a late round pick in 2022 and 2023.
  10. They don't even have a 2021 first
  11. If I am NY or Miami, #2 or #3 are not part of any negotiations. I'd rather give up both 1s next year and 23. That is 3 ones. I am still not sold on him. What happens when he throws another fit, and demands a trade, since it about him and not the other 52 guys that he is a "leader" of.
  12. Does requesting a trade void that clause?
  13. I'd rather give up 21, 23 and 2 1s next year in this scenario. I'm not really an advocate of Watsons behavior, as it sets precedent.
  14. So, since you have a no trade clause, tell them you are no longer playing for them. You will only allow Jets to trade, and the Jets can offer a 2022 7th. Sit out a year if they don't trade you.
  15. What is to say he doesn't pout like a baby when things don't go his way again? Incredibly fun to watch, and highly talented. Great! If he throws a tantrum against his team, he is not a team player. Period. I get not being happy with your boss, but there are right ways to handle it and poor ways. JMO
  16. One interesting development we may see this off-season is who will be let loose. There are some awful salary cap implications for a lot of teams. Atlanta and Obviosuly New Orleans, etc.
  17. Why would anyone trade for a player that thinks they are above it all? He might be the best player ever, he has his job that he gets paid for. JMO
  18. Saleh was prepared to sign a deal after seeing the facility and spending time with Joe Douglas. He was seeing fleeing the facility after reportedly 33 seconds of listening to Jets Owner Chris Johnson.
  19. hawk

    Mac Jones

    Whelp, everything I hear makes me think we should just build a great team. I like that idea also. I'd be willing to bet a trend setting thought process! Surprised that concept has been thought of.
  20. I wouldn't say "people" are operating like that, or comparing "to" Brees. Most people are open minded that look at all options for educated answers. Some are stubborn know it alls who really know nothing at all.
  21. Took a couple trade backs....4th round on BPA
  22. There is a sentiment that Darnold regressed last year. If true, that is coaching. Period. The talent around him didn't change much from the year prior, coaching did. The Flacco argument is tired because he is a quarterback at this stage in his career where he is going to do what he wants and the effect of coaching is minimal. *I am not advocating Darnold stays or goes*
  23. hawk

    Mac Jones

    Why does he not get any recognition? Poise, accuracy, awareness, anticipation Trade back, and yes please. Or Smith at 2, Jones at 23?
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