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    Thankful to be Thankful for McCown for another Thanking year

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    The Thanking Shrine of Josh McCown
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    Thanking Josh McCown; all else is meaningless.

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    Well, I've been Thankful for Josh McCown for two years now. It's going pretty good.
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    The Thanking Shrine of Josh McCown.
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    Thanking Josh McCown; Being Thankful for Josh McCown; Giving Thanks to Josh McCown
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    Collecting Thanks for Josh McCown

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    When we re-signed Josh McCown.
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    No, but I would be if Josh McCown asked it of me.
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    Those two months of uncertainty of whether or not we'd re-sign Josh McCown. And when he broke his arm.
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    Josh McCown
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    Josh McCown was. He sees all.

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  1. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    Hey guys, sorry for the absence. My sleep has been absolutely ****ed the past few days. I'm gonna try to get caught up with the game this week. unvote
  2. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    Thanks, Doc. Can you write me a prescription for moar bacon, plz. Thnx. Thank you. Thank you. Omg, you totally fit in here. Thank you. Thank you. I'll make sure to get better so that you can kill me and enjoy it properly. No fun in killing an already dying man. I'm really curious to what attracted the downvotes here. Then again, it's CTM. Flies inevitably always find their way to a stinky pile of poo anyway.
  3. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    Ugh, you know what's worse than having shortness of breath off and on for about 6 months that all of a sudden gets worse? Going to the ER only to have them send you home, saying "we don't know what's wrong with you." Bastards. So, if I ever abruptly stop posting, don't be alarmed, I probably just stopped breathing. I'm probably gonna lie down for the rest of the night. Good night, and I should be on tomorrow.
  4. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    FYI I'm not feeling well. Gonna go to the ER. May be absent for awhile. I'll try and keep you all updated. Sorry.
  5. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    It's actually spelled "bukkake". I'll tell ya, women will get their equality when men no longer have to correct their spelling.
  6. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

  7. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    Yes. I could post a gif of it... But I don't think Max would appreciate that.
  8. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    3rd Breakfast Part 2: The Bacon Strikes Back
  9. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    Ahhhh. I see my Goodness has triumphed over your Evilness, and transformed you into... Baron Once-Bad Now Good Beaver
  10. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    *GASP* Baron Bad Beaver! I almost did not recognize you without your costume!
  11. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    Pac does this a lot. Pay no attention.
  12. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    Right on cue
  13. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    I was totally right on you. That's all that matters. I read the scum thread. You were scared. It's cool that I have rivalry now, just like the other JN Mafia Rivalries: 80 vs Verb CTM vs Ape Smash vs Ape Brett vs Ape Probably a few more vs Ape Lizzie vs Logic JiF vs His Own Sexuality Nolder vs Serotonin and Everyone vs Pac add Crusher vs Spoot to that list.
  14. Spoot-Face

    Interesting Tweet

    Yes, I have that affect on people.
  15. Spoot-Face

    MFB Part Deux

    So, let's go over the facts. 1. 2 games ago I totally owned you in my first Scum Awakening game. 2. Last game I easily saw through your ruse and totally pegged you as Scum before anyone else, and you unsuccessfully tried to get me lynched, forcing your fat sausage fingers to put down your ham bone and pick up a gun, wasting precious eating time. You are never going to let all that go, are you? I'm like a piece of ham to you now, aren't I? A piece of ham that you can't put down, but can also never, ever eat. I want you to know that I'm really enjoying this.