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  1. I'm still glad that he turned down the role in Django Unchained. Jamie Foxx is a much better actor, IMO, and the movie was better for it.
  2. Eh, in most things I've seen him in he just reminds me of Robert DeNiro. I'm not hating on him, by the way. I like the guy.
  3. Robert DeNiro is good at playing Robert DeNiro, just like Will Smith is good at playing Will Smith, and Nicholas Cage is good at being bat-sh*t crazy. I still can't tell what the hell it is that Ryan Gosling does, though.
  4. I mean, by all means, keep going.
  5. I like you, but you're losing ground here with quips like this, buddy.
  6. Might be the only watchable Pauly Shore movie in existence.
  7. Out of all the threads I want to see locked, a Shawn thread is nowhere near my top 20. Dude is a savant.
  8. I was skimming through the different personalities, and they're all very complimentary. Like, where's the personality type for the a**hole?
  9. I actually know very little about it, so I can't refute this.
  10. ^^One of the best villains in a TV show, hands down.
  11. JetNation's daily post count is going to drop off significantly after that day.
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