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  1. I didn't watch the game, but this was a great thread. Simply the best. There really was nowhere else to go for MNF Bears vs Rams updates.
  2. Mekhi Becton downfield blocking POV:
  3. Yeah, that's weird someone else usually does. Glad you decided to step up and do it yourself, rather than waiting for someone else! I do know you rather like waiting.
  4. Jeez. I sure do hope we don't look competitive against them.
  5. Thanks for the thread, @Jetsfan80! You've really done the entirety of Jet Nation a valuable service. These Official MNF game threads are always a hoot!
  6. Personally, for me, trading him is all predicated on landing a top QB in the draft. So, if that happens, are you going to want to exercise Darnold's 5th year option for $25mil just to keep him as a back-up? Or do you let him walk for nothing? Or are you one that believes we don't even draft a QB in 2021?
  7. Tbh, I don't know much about him, but when I hear talk about the best QBs in the draft it's mostly only Lawrence and Fields that get mentioned. And I'm not an avid college football watcher. Doing a quick look at him, I noticed he will only have 2 full seasons of game time, too. Eh.
  8. And Titans. He doubled his odds. Smart man.
  9. I'm really not. I kinda like the Falcons now.
  10. ^^ Better footwork and hip movement than Darnold.
  11. "Yes, I'd like a liver meat sandwich. please. Hold the self-awareness. Irony helps me post." -- joewilly12 Also, you're*

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