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  1. Hey, do any of you guys remember those exercises your grade school English teacher would make you do, where you write about anything that pops into your head continuously for 20 minutes with taking your pencil away from the paper? This feels like that.
  2. I give the impression a C-. I mean, you didn't even mention Jamal Adams once.
  3. Well, if you wanted to marry Gata, you'd first have to fight @Pac, but if you wanted to marry Kelly, you'd be fighting persecution and intolerance over your lifestyle choice for the rest of your life. The choice seems pretty clear to me.
  4. I have no idea how it started. I only joined in once it was a complete mess... I wonder if that says something about me?
  5. I know your heart belongs to someone else. @T0mShane
  6. You're adorable when you're struggling to write a coherent sentence.
  7. Well, it sure sounds like you've been getting a grip on yourself quite regularly. And not any part of that story about you ogling the physique of the much younger daughter of the woman you're dating is the least bit creepy sounding.
  8. "Spoot-Face" isn't sexual. Not everything is about penises, willy, get a grip on yourself.
  9. Well, of course you're not scared. I'm sure you've never stepped one foot inside an institution of learning.

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