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  1. Encouraging a drunken monkey and realizing he can't tell the difference between a metaphor and a simile.
  2. Marrying your dream man and getting into bed on your wedding night and finding it's @Jetsfan80.
  3. Signing up for a Jetnation Mafia game and finding @Pac on the player's list.
  4. Wanting to play a Jetnation Mafia Halloween game, and no one f****** signs up.
  5. Going to a buffet, and finding @The Crusher already beat you there.
  6. Having a hankering for a banana daiquiri, but realize you already ate all the bananas, so you just drink straight rum instead.
  7. Running out of baby wipes after eating Indian food the night before.
  8. Spoot-Face

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    Don't worry, after Macc picks his own HC next off season, he'll sign Matt Barkley to a $10 million contract to make sure that never happens again.
  9. Because Macc once ordered a half and half soy cappuccino, but Wayne Hunter made it a half and half soy mochachino and now Macc hates linemen.
  10. So excited for the thread debates in a year about whether to clean house and fire Mac's hand-picked HC along with him, or to give the new HC at least three more years with a real rebuild and a real GM picking our drafts, while, at the same time, limiting ourselves in finding that quality GM hire by handcuffing him to an incumbent HC that he didn't pick... yet again. Then in 4 years after that... "Well, HC (insert failed name here) is certainly a problem, but I'd like withhold judgement on GM (insert potentially failed GM name here) until we see him with his own yadda yadda bullsh*t That, my children is called "The Cycle of Failure and Managerial Ineptitude" Ain't life fascinating?
  11. Spoot-Face

    Damien Woody on fire.

    I feel like @joewilly12 lied to us.
  12. You know that even if we did catch up, we'd just end up dropping it anyway.

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