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  1. More like the Marvelous Mrs. Jones. Have you seen his pace?
  2. I agree. They shoulda nipped this thing in the butt months ago. But, instead, they're just waiting for the story to blow over and lose vigor. Soon they'll be shoving the "Reformed Watson" narrative down our throats. But I won't swallow. No, sir.
  3. I dunno. I think he kinda drags this place down.
  4. Not gonna happen. Deshaun is gonna take one look at the Miami Massage Therapy staff picture and nix the deal. EDIT: The guy in the top left might be into it, though.
  5. And I'd love to rub my ass on many of them.
  6. That's like asking which Stooge do you want doing your taxes; Moe, Larry, or Curly.
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