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  1. Well, thank f***ing Christ we have the self-appointed arbiter of truth and emotional reaction to let us all know how we should feel about stuff.
  2. Jim Jones was 1000x the leader that Jamal Adams is.
  3. No entity in the known universe can suck the happiness, joy, and hope out of your soul quite like the New York Jets can.
  4. Gase may as well pull down his pants, get on his hands and knees, and present his ass for Bill.
  5. I'm actually thankful for that turnover, because now Sam doesn't have to see the field again
  6. For f***'s sake just show some mercy and bench the poor kid.
  7. Silver lining: we may still be in play for the #1 pick.
  8. So, who is our back up QB? Darnold needs a break. No coming back from this sh*t in this game
  9. @The Crusher @Charlie Brown Ban this troll. Get him out of our game day thread
  10. The one time they let us get away with that instead of blowing it dead and it's a pick.
  11. Anyone want to buy 3 pairs of slightly used boner pants? PM me for details

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