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  1. No multiple choice. Only essay questions, but it's written in a language you don't understand about a topic you've never heard of, and instead of giving you a #2 pencil, the prompter gives you LSD.
  2. Thought this thread was going to be about car insurance.
  3. I remember that. Wasn't that like a designer puppy from some puppy mill or some sh*t?
  4. How Jets fans in this thread picture themselves: How they actually are:
  5. Considering he just had a receiver drop an easy catchable ball, yeah I see the similarity. He also doesn't trust his O-line like Zach and prematurely bails from time to time. His O-line also sucks.
  6. Vyncint Smith and DJ Montgomery eat their vegetables, make their beds, and do their homework without being asked, while Denzel Mims talks back and plays on his Xbox all day and says "whatever" a lot.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree, but for the complete opposite reason as you.
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