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  1. Joe Flacco he ain't, amirite?
  2. Then Bill Belichick. Not sure for what, but I'm sure there's something. Scumbags gonna scumbag.
  3. By golly, if Sam Darnold doesn't improve this year... There's always the year after, apparently.
  4. Also known as size "Jabba".
  5. I'd get a Jeremy Ruckert jersey, but I'd be afraid to jinx it.
  6. I was being facetious. But spending time to blog about the Jets on your wedding day seems like a bad omen to me.
  7. Bell is a bit bigger than a 4-year old, so he should do fine.
  8. Nothing at all. But that was a cringey ass post, lol. Only you're allowed to do that, in my book.
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