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  1. Didn't that burner account also tweet out a link to -- and quickly delete -- a NYDN story written by Manish moments before he posted the link on his own account?
  2. Mike Maccagnan had 3 years to build and prep the team for Sam Darnold -- and failed miserably -- plus two more years with Sam Darnold -- and continued to fail miserably. Joe Douglas has had only 1 full off-season to fix the team, and with the Becton and Mims picks has already done more for this offense in one year than Mike Maccagnan did in five. Blaming Joe Douglas for the state of the team now, after only one full off-season of work is like selling someone a house that is already on fire, then returning to the smoldering ashes the next day and saying to the new owner: "what the f*ck did you do?"
  3. I would've preferred to have Ficken missing kicks for the rest of the season.
  4. It really is my favorite tank gif. It's a double threat.
  5. Sure, it was a bad hit, but it's no excuse for Darnold's poor play when his inability to see a wide open receiver and get rid of the ball promptly directly caused said injury.
  6. ^^ POTY I couldn't sum up my exact feelings more eloquently if I had @T0mShane's English Lit degree and @Sperm Edwards's dedication to writing.
  7. Because he choose to hold on to the ball rather than throw to a wide open Crowder Cager.

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