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  1. This is a joke, right, and not an actual claim at L-4?
  2. Whoa, I didn't no I had DP-vote power! Can I put 'em both in 80?
  3. This one is probably the most important term in all of JN Mafia:
  4. This is the first time you've actually given a reason for the vote. For future reference, lead with this.
  5. I have to say I do like him. Can we keep him?
  6. Greenseed and Crusher my top 2 for Scum right now.
  7. Roles are typically handled by random.org No, my point was you were coached to do so. I can use your same logic and question how, in your first game ever, was it that you were able to hammer scum? Why did you choose to hammer Nolder? Deadline was not imminent. It was also your 3rd post of the game. Very suspicious. All of this sounds coached.
  8. How noble of you, defending the defenseless noobie. Noted.
  9. Not when it comes time to pay them both LT money. That's a lot of money to put into two players on the line. I just don't see this happening, nor do I want it to.
  10. F*ck it. If they gave us a 1st round pick, sure, why not?
  11. @CTM would program a stripper bot, wouldn't he? The only problem is inserting a USB into the stripper bot's thigh to upload bitcoin into the bot's e-wallet just isn't the same as putting a dollar in her G-string.
  12. If you like that, then you @GATA see her first learning to dance, not 3 weeks fresh off the factory floor: So cute!
  13. @Greenseed4 Oh, and nice hammer on Scum on your first day. You must be some Mafia prodigy, or, like, really, really, really lucky. I honestly see no other possibility. Nope none. In fact, I'm going to call you BatSeed4, from now on, seeing as how you're the second coming of Batman AKA JiF (Greatest sCum Hunter Alive).
  14. No, no, and yes. This is just the beginning, my green friend. If there's one meme that best encapsulates the essence of JN Mafia for newbies, it's this: But, mark my words. Everyone learns to unclench and give in to the Mafia eventually.
  15. lol We caught Nolder in one post. Good night, sleep prince.
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