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  1. I've always been partial to the brown eye, myself.
  2. The most experienced QB behind Aaron Rodgers on their roster is Blake Bortles. No wonder Davante Adams wants out.
  3. I was perplexed as to the reason I was tagged until I got to the end of his post.
  4. Would kinda infringe upon the Browns.
  5. Goodspeed, Boys, and good luck. EAD @Jetsfan80, you creepy, dead bitch. Also, @jvill 51 that Homelander death scene was brilliant! I wondered if the baby would make an appearance! So epic!
  6. Holy sh*t, that's awful. F*ck the implications for the Jets, I just feel bad for the man's family. RIP Coach Knapp
  7. It's taking 80 as long for him to put his kill in as it did for him to get laid.
  8. I'm actually going to miss you when we kill you.
  9. I've been having the most fun so far these last few pages.
  10. If Crusher dies when he uses his PR, than taking 80 out without using it is better for town.
  11. To catch scum. It's that simple. It may even, in fact, be the exact person he's charged with finding.
  12. Why tonight? You so certain you would find him? They could've always just shot at you, too, rather than out one of their own.
  13. But how powerful would Homelander have to be to be worth it for scum to go voluntarily go down 2 players this early in the game? Because that's what this is about; protecting Homelander.
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