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  1. Definitely. I will say that you guys have kept things closer at PNC than Boston could, and if this goes to game seven like I think it will, I'm going to be nervous as Hell. The way these teams can play a suffocating defense is similar and it'll be a close one. Plus Igor is inhuman. Tbh, though, I'd rather lose to you guys in this round than lose to Tampa next. I hate them so much, lol.
  2. It's frustrating to say the least, and it's unsustainable. It just boggles my mind, and I'm waiting for it to bite them in the ass and finally lose at home (honestly, they shouldn't have even won that first game this series). Fortunately, as a Jets fan, I'm used to disappointment, lol. Hell, even being a Canes fan in the 2010s wasn't easy.
  3. Wtf does French toast have to do with history class? This is a weird leap and post.
  4. As a Canes fan, tell me about it, lol. I expect this series to go to game 7, because I'll believe this Canes team can win a road playoff game when I see it. It's been a hard fought series, and may the better team win. Out of all the teams in the East, the Rangers are the one I'd prefer to be knocked out by. F*ck all the rest.
  5. Chapter 2: Becton drives to the nearest secluded rest stop men's room with 6 family size bags of cheetos, and enters the last stall at 11:59pm and waits for his prey.
  6. That's already @T0mShane's profile name on OnlyFans.
  7. I cast a level 3 protection spell and summon a zombie to fight him.
  8. I was referring to Mike Tyson actually punching the sh*t out of some dude disrespecting him on a plane.
  9. Instead of picturing Joe in his underwear to relax his nerves, @T0mShane pictured him in a Steelers jersey and it became all too real for him.
  10. This joke would've landed harder if you misspelled "mistress".
  11. I'm just in awe how you took my non-serious, tongue-in-cheek post, seemingly agreed with it, and used it as a jumping off point like it was some profound take.
  12. Pretty sure that was just for the restraining order
  13. Every week you interview Mike White. And Joe Namath never returns your calls.
  14. I hear they also get grapefruit slices instead of orange slices. That Joe Judge is ruthless.
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