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  1. Until you turn on a black light, though.
  2. Honestly, what you're describing sounds like a nightmare to me. I already have trouble with turning my brain off at times, and the bold describes me to a T. Also, you remind me of Bart Simpsons when he takes his Focusyn.
  3. Are you sure this isn't affecting your estrogen levels?
  4. How I'm picturing @Jetsfan80 right now:
  5. All I took from this is that you probably masturbate 5x more now, what with your increased testosterone.
  6. Only one spelling error. Guys and gals, our little Shawn is growiing up!
  7. Especially when they try to play Mafia.
  8. Oh, I thought you were talking about @Chimp the Pimp
  9. They'll hire his mom to help.
  10. Are we sure his mommy didn't pick it for him?
  11. It truly was a performance to behold. Probably the single best Mafia performance I've ever witnessed. Much respect. So, you should go out on a high note and never play again.
  12. Okay, these nicknames have officially jumped the shark.
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