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  1. Someone we've never heard of, but will all unanimously say we love.
  2. The more I read this thread, the more I want the Jets to trade for him, just to see some heads explode.
  3. I'll give JD and Saleh the benefit of the doubt no matter what they do at QB, but passing on a QB at #2 just to watch them succeed with another team while Darnold continues to bust will quickly put them both on my sh*t list.
  4. I always thought that, in his first two years, play action was where Darnold excelled. Year 3 he sucked at just about everything.
  5. Okay, I no longer feel good about Barry.
  6. Like tipping your hat to the toxic ex-girlfriend who introduced you to her beautiful and emotionally stable best friend.
  7. From the article: Sounds to me like Saleh probably already has a pretty good idea on what he wants to do with Darnold.
  8. Nah, @joewilly12 strikes me more as a top. Easier to pretend that way.

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