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  1. I guess they needed someone to buy beer for everyone.
  2. Because he can't help himself and has zero self-awareness. Then when he gets called on it, it's everyone else that's the peoblem, and not him.
  3. Fantastic news. I wouldn't blame him if he took the win and walked away from football while he can still walk.
  4. That's awful. Worst thing in this thread. 2nd worst: joewilly
  5. @Mogglez: "DoN't LaUgH, gUyS. JeTs HaD a FiGhT yEsTeRdAy."
  6. *crown of his helmet. He's basically a giant meat missle.
  7. I, for one, am already prepared for Wilson to suck and make fun of him. It's the Jet fan way.
  8. I guess JD won't be lynched, after all.
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