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  1. Welcome to the Jets Aaron, you washed up insufferable douchebag. Also, I hope Zach Wilson goes the other way in the trade. Go Jets, lol
  2. Sorry, guys. Still not feeling up for it these days, plus preoccupied IRL
  3. Haven't been feeling like posting or reading the forums much lately, but I still poke my head in. Thanks, though.
  4. My farts are more toxic than all of you clowns
  5. Zach's body language looks like he just doesn't give a ****. I kinda know how he feels
  6. ^^Hands down best thing that's gonna happen tonight. ❤️
  7. Wait Q isn't dead for the rest of the season? This just got interesting
  8. Didn't really want to watch Zach Wilson in the playoffs anyway
  9. Good play call there. Almost feels like they ran that first QB sneak just to set up that follow up play to Uzomah.
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