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  1. Well, I think this proves that whatever Geno said to make IK punch him, he probably said from underneath a blanket.
  2. LOL I love how this sh*t didn't come up until he was on Rex's team. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  3. Well, there's his problem. Instead of concentrating on the football, he's stroking the shaft and cupping the balls.
  4. Marshall, Decker, Kerley, Smith and the last two spots are probably between Enunwa, Owusu, and Powell Hakim and Posey are two wildcards dependent on if they continue to show up in the last two pre-season games.
  5. Vick speaking with numerous teams (one of the being the Jets) is hardly the Jets "reaching out to him". Methinks contentious thread title be a clever ruse to drive up post count. Well played, Max. Well played.
  6. I'm sure Calvin will be fine once the season starts. I don't really think he's a player that needs many reps, anyway. Shame that Mauldin is injured at the same time, but this is a great opportunity for Reilly to step up. We probably won't see Calvin again until week 1, so in the mean time, I imagine he'll just go slow, take it easy, and...you know, pace himself.
  7. No, I completely agree. All I'm saying is that I'm very excited to see if he can do for our offense what he did for the Bears... ...and if he does, I'll luv him long time.
  8. Pssht. Don't talk about football "luv" until you find yourself masturbating to visions of Marshall punking defensive backs in the EZ for easy touchdowns on a weekly basis. EDIT: Just watched the video. I have to say I really like him, too. I like how he says he's still learning and getting better, and that it's more of a chess game for him, and that he has to step out of his comfort zone to win in different ways. He definitely sounds as if he relishes competition and wants to continue to improve, and that he'll push others around him to do the same. Very encouraging.
  9. That was my first thought. The only silver lining here is that Bowles/Mcags are seemingly aware of our TE problem and actually appear to be trying to do something about it. None of our TEs can block worth sh*t, and none of them are able to consistently stay on the field and be productive. This is why I think Tommy Bohannon is so valuable to the team. He could easily be obsolete, but our TEs are either ineffective, or inconsistent in both the blocking, and the passing department. I believe he is THE best blocker outside of the line, with the only other effective blockers also being backs (Ivor
  10. Not if you start posting bewbs in the 100,000 goal thread. That's what I might do.
  11. Well, as minuscule as my rep was, I'll miss it. Made me feel special. But, I'm not one to rock the boat, so just be quick about it. Do what you will! Give it a single good rip! Get it over with already! Oh God, what are you waiting for? The suspense hurts more than the act! Come on... Come on! Do it! Do it! Come on! Do it Now! I'm here! Kill me! Do it now!
  12. "I'm glad we don't play him twice a year" is a generic statement that coaches say about any player that's good. I think you're reading too much into it.
  13. Oh, so that's why. When I first joined the site I used to think that the over-inflated rep just showed who was loved the most. I would divide their rep by their post count and think, "Damn, that's one popular person". That's why I thought that one of the most beloved and respected posters in all of Jetnation was T0mShane. I soon learned that I was very wrong.
  14. Oh, I also noticed that if someone's post is popular, the little banner that hangs in the top right corner may cover up the rep count box if the post isn't long enough. An example of that can be seen here: http://forums.jetnation.com/topic/122701-i-am-going-to-state-the-painfully-obvious/?page=1 The banner covers the rep count on Lizard King's and Jet Nut's posts, but not munch's.
  15. I agree with other that it's way too white--it's like the Patriots in here. I also noticed that I can't see who gave me rep in my profile. Other than, it looks fine. Different, but fine. I imagine everyone will get used to it. Thanks for all the hard work on the site and not letting it go stagnant!
  16. lol! He did? Ouch. EDIT: And that sucks about Kerley. I hope Eskridge is fine and sticks on the PS at least. D Rich hasn't impressed at all.
  17. That was meaningless, yet very satisfying win. They built off of and improved from last game. Better tackling. Recievers holding onto balls. Now they just need to continue to improve into next week.
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