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  1. Yeah, haven't found anything either.
  2. Not me, but I hope Pacquiao kicks Mayweather's ass!
  3. Uhhhh... come again? Don't you usually... you know... hate everything and everyone? Not that I think there's anything wrong with that. I firmly believe that a healthy hatred for people is an under-appreciated quality and is good for the soul, and critical skepticism is one of my virtues.
  4. I think you're reading into that whole timezone mix-up thing too much. I think that it was only some bullsh*t excuse that Geno made up when he either 1) simply forgot about the meeting or 2) didn't care about showing up on time. I'm not trying to attack you, or disagree with you that Geno may be a slouch and/or douche, I just wanted to say that I don't believe his excuse was the actual truth.
  5. Listening to Mcags in the press conferences, I get the sense that he not only wants to field a competitive team now, but to also build one that is competitive for the future. It's weird, when he was talking about Petty, he kept using these strange phrases like "developmental" and "maturation process" and "investing time in a quarterback". These ideas seem so alien to me, as a Jets fan.
  6. Exactly. This kid has a true and unadulterated passion for the game and he not only lives to play, but plays to live. He has the potential to be pretty special. And yes, I do. Gift from my brother a few years back. I'm so glad that Cro is back and I have a relevant jersey to wear again.
  7. So, this is a kid who basically throws a temper-tantrum every time he sees he won't have a chance to start, and he jumps at the first chance to sign with us? Ouch.
  8. They like us! They really, really like us!
  9. Nope, not being sarcastic in the slightest. I truly like this kid and would love to have a jersey. The only ones I have are Thomas Jones, Keller, and Cromartie. Not that I have the money to buy a jersey, but that's not the point.
  10. Thanks for the info, and welcome to JN!
  11. Holy, tearful, balls; I want to have his jersey now, god-dammit!
  12. Yeah, oof! That's one Mac move that I don't agree with.
  13. Kinda sounds like a shiny, new David Harris.
  14. Wait, does that mean he's signing with us, or just visiting?
  15. Oh, then I guess Nawrocki is just a moron. lol
  16. He was projected as a 4th-5th round pick and we got him in the 7th? Nice!
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