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  1. I thought it was playful way of asking me to look into JC's play and follow him there, seeing as I unvoted Crusher. @Barry McCockinner can clarify if that was his intent, or if it was just a joke.
  2. vote CTM He had one post where he sounded really salty over Ape voting him. Struck me as frustrated Scum.
  3. JC being blatantly uncooperative in early game is classic JC. I've tangled with him several times over that behavior, and he was mostly always Town. That's just how he is, and I've learned to ignore him during the early game, for the most part.
  4. Okay, you're the 2nd person to say this. I'll accept that maybe I'm just having one of my rabid beaver moments. unvote
  5. You didn't push back hard last game, though, but okay. Being the 2nd vote on Nolder's train means nothing.
  6. Your first reaction to my suggestion that Greenseed was coached was skeptical. You called my vote "interesting" and that it was possible, but you didn't think it was necessary. Then when Bum posited the same thing, you said it was a fair assumption and that you thought the same thing when it first happened. That's not a change of opinion, that's a revision of history.
  7. I honestly didn't think about the vote much when it first happened. Only after your post to Bum did I look back and get suspicious. But, fine. It was a joke, but it was never the basis of my case against you. You're pushing back hard now, which makes me think I caught you. I think Town Crusher would just ignore the puny little beaver gnawing at his ankle.
  8. Fine, it was a joke vote. Still doesn't change the fact that his responses to both Bum and I saying the same thing felt different.
  9. Well, the insinuation that Pac hasn't had a funny post in 15 years still stands.
  10. Maybe. Or maybe not. One of those two options.
  11. Yes, that one post from Crusher was very funny!
  12. Yes, I'm assuming JiF did random the roles and didn't telegraph Crusher's alignment by forcing him Town.
  13. ^^Right after you questioned my vote on Greenseed.
  14. What? That has nothing remotely to do with the point I was making. You just told Bum that it's reasonable to think that Greenseed was being coached, and that you thought of it, too, but back when I voted Greenseed for the same suspicion, you were more dismissive of the notion, and then followed that up by voting me. unvote vote Crusher
  15. Off topic, but this is one of my new favorite songs recently:
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