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  1. Is that because he never actually faced legit competition in college?
  2. This reaction is precisely why I do what I do.
  3. Watch him end up being drafted by the Dolphins and becoming our Arch nemesis.
  4. Back to my regular scheduled programming: vote 80's battered peen
  5. Lmao. Every now and then, between the poop and dick jokes, I drop a duece of hard knowledge. And, I agree, if the Jets keep an extra player anywhere, I wouldn't be surprised for it to be on the DL or LB group, seeing as how much they want to rotate fresh bodies. Wouldn't surprise me to even see Wesco be casualty in order to make room. With Conklin, Uzomoah, and Ruckert, he's kinda redundant. Don't really need a 4th guy.
  6. Did not know that. They probably both stick then. What's the cap hit if he's cut, though?
  7. 1. Wesco, only because Cager is switching positions, and the TE room is full. I'd guess, if Wesco makes it, does so in the FB role. 2. Thomas, because I haven't heard of either of them, and there's probably more open competition at the LB spot than RB. Likely, neither do. 3. Hardee. MUCH more likely. Dude is our ST captain, IIRC. Feeney hopefully shouldn't even make the squad. 4. Huff. Been around for awhile now and has shown some promise. Personally excited for him as a rotational piece. Don't remember much from Martin. 5. Had a hard time with this one, and wouldn't be surprised to see it go either way, or them both make it, but, for the purposes of the poll, I ultimately landed on Mims. I think if it comes down to either him or Smith, all Mims has to do is show the staff he knows the playbook and can operate in this offense. Dude has so much more upside, despite Smith's contribution to STs. 6. Marshall. Freak athlete, they like to rotate on the DL, and Edoga is backup quality at best (and, like Feeney, is hopefully upgraded this summer).
  8. Is Peyton Manning a 3x Pepsi Zero Sugar rookie of the week winner? I think not, sir.
  9. "Hmmm, do I want my 3 million dollars in large bills, or do I want to get it all in 1s and roll around in it in a large pile on my king-sized, silk-laden bed?"
  10. Test test... Test test... Check check... Test test, you're testing my love for you Check check, you're checking to see if I'm true
  11. Nothing at all. I'd also accept an alien extermination/subjugation of the human race.
  12. Overreacting to a nothing tweet. Please god, just release the nukes and end this all now.
  13. You're murdering his character, bruh
  14. Is America still fat and sugar obsessed? I'd wager they do.
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