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  1. Again, I don't see the point you're trying to make here, besides throwing Josh Allen in everyone's face.
  2. And that's even leaving out the part where Cal McNair promised everyone that the fate of human parasite, and culture destroyer Jack Easterby would be up to the new GM/coach, and that Easterby wouldn't be anymore near the hiring process, and that a consortium of respected football minds -- plus Korn and Ferry (lulz) -- would lead the process, only to renege on his word and immediately hire Easterby's good friend, without any input from the consortium, and affirm Easterby's standing in the organization to the shock and dismay of everyone.
  3. That's a pretty near-sighted way to frame the issues he has with the organization, but now it's starting to make sense why you're so triggered by this.
  4. I think this speaks more to the dysfunction in the Texans organization than it does to Watson's character.
  5. That's perfect attire. Some may ask you to lose the socks, though. Don't worry about the temp. It's going to get so hot in here that you'll be begging for AC.
  6. Give me a QB who's already won a Super Bowl, or give me mediocrity!
  7. Imagine thinking that Deshaun Watson and Sam Darnold in training camp together is a "competition". That's as much a competition as @The Crusher vs Liza Minnelli when the buffet puts out the last tray of pork chops. That dizzy bitch has no chance.
  8. I hope you're not wearing anything you wouldn't want to get stained.
  9. *Tom Brady nearly throws an INT* Aikman and Buck: "That was a really bad route." Edit: not Nantz, the other vapid, ball-gargling tool, whatever his name is. Edit 2: Buck, that's it.
  10. I suppose top 5 QBs don't also throw for 4800 yds, 33 TDs, and 7 ints at 70% comp.
  11. So, what you're saying is, Deshaun Watson woulda made Mike Maccagnan seem like a decent NFL GM?
  12. Yeah, and just imagine what a real coach and Watson could do for this franchise!

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