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  1. 1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Since you and @Spoot-Face don't feel like putting in the work on this one, I'll do it for you.

    Here's the list of bubble/special teamer WR5s/WR6s (where applicable) on current NFL depth charts:

    • BUF:  Jake Kumerow (23 career catches); Isaiah Hodgins (0 career catches, 2020 6th rounder)
    • MIA:  Trent Sherfield (37 career catches) 
    • NE:  Tre Nixon (0 career catches, 2021 7th rounder)
    • BAL:  Tylan Wallace (2 career catches, 2021 4th rounder); Binjimen Victor (0 career caches, 2020 UDFA)
    • CIN:  Stanley Morgan (5 career catches, 2019 UDFA)
    • PIT:  Miles Boykin (56 career catches)
    • HOU:  Connor Wedington (0 career catches, 2020 UDFA)
    • IND:  Mike Strachan (2 career catches, 2021 7th rounder); Dezmon Patton (2 career catches, 2020 6th rounder)
    • JAC:  Jamal Agnew (0 career catches, converted CB); Tim Jones (0 career catches, 2020 UDFA)
    • TEN:  Dez Fitzpatrick (5 career catches, 2021 4th rounder); Racey McMath (2 career catches, 2021 6th rounder)
    • DEN:  Kendall Hinton (15 career catches); Seth Williams (1 career catch, 2021 6th rounder)
    • KC:  Daurice Fountain (2 career catches; 2018 5th rounder)
    • LVR:  Mack Hollins (56 career catches); DJ Turner (2019 UDFA)
    • LAC:  Jalen Guyton (59 career catches); Michael Bandy (0 career catches, 2021 UDFA)
    • DAL:  Noah Brown (39 career catches); Simi Fehoko (0 career catches, 2021 UDFA)
    • NYG:  C.J. Board (17 career catches); Richie James (0 career catches; 2018 7th rounder)
    • PHI:  Greg Ward (88 career catches); John Hightower (10 career catches)
    • WAS:  Cam Sims (49 career catches); Dyami Brown (12 career catches)
    • CHI:  Dante Pettis (52 career catches)
    • DET:  Quintez Cephus (35 career catches)
    • GB:  Juwann Winfree (8 career catches); Amari Rodgers (4 career catches, 2021 3rd rounder)
    • MIN:  Bisi Johnson (45 career catches)
    • ATL:  KhaDarel Hodge (30 career catches)
    • CAR:  Brandon Zylystra (30 career catches)
    • NO:  Deonte Harris (0 career catches; 2019 UDFA)
    • TB:  Cyril Grayson (11 career catches)
    • AZ:  Christian Blake (28 career catches); Antoine Wesley (19 career catches)
    • LAR:  Ben Skowronek (11 career catches); J.J. Koski (0 career catches, 2021 UDFA)
    • SF:  Marcus Johnson (51 career catches)
    • SEA:  Penny Hart (8 career catches)


    By my count, Jeff Smith has more career catches than 32 guys on that list above.

    Okay, I get it. You're just trolling me.

    Reaction GIF

  2. 5 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:



    Please.  You both are going out of your way to make this a thing too.  I'm just destroying your silly arguments because its fun. 

    Any hand-wringing over the WR5 spot isn't worthwhile, including from me.  So I'm just like...why not keep the guy who has been here since 2019 and the coaches clearly seem to like?  Why create a hole that really isn't one?

    Oh my god. I can't even with you. I never said to cut the guy or that I think he's not worth a roster spot.

    Your brain desperately needs mafia.

    Stop Saying Words Shut Up GIF by Leroy Patterson

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  3. 3 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Again, we’re talking about the # 5 WR and bubble spot, not a starter.  You asked me for a game where he showed something and I did, with an awful QB under center no less. 

    Find me an alternative # 5 WR out there that would be available and an upgrade.  Ourlads depth charts are a good place to get started on that research.  I’ll hang up and listen.  

    Lol, I'm not even arguing to cut the guy. I'm just saying I'll get excited when he breaks out in real action.

    And, no, a career best game of 80 yards and no TDs is nothing to get excited about.

    Now calm down and go rub one out.

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  4. 7 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:



    True, but Jeff Smith isn't some unknown product.  He's been on the team since 2019 and has caught passes from 5 different Jets QB's (Wilson, Darnold, Flacco, Mike White, Josh Johnson).

    And hell, @#27TheDominator has been telling us about him since Smith graduated from BC in 2018, and took him in the 2019 JN Mock Draft.

    wake me up when he actually does something on game day.

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  5. 41 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    I think we're getting off course here, lol, I was just saying is we didnt "attack" the WR position by adding 1 new face this offseason. That's all.

    But yes, I agree with everything else you unnecessarily typed here and I'll add, I think they are top 5 in rush attempts w/ the addition of Hall and the versatile TE's.

    Yeah, I kinda forgot what my initial point there was, for a second, lol.

    I'll just say: no, they didn't attack the WR group, specifically, only bringing in one new face, but that doesn't take into account what they did at the TE position.

    ❤️ u always

  6. 15 minutes ago, Lith said:

    All good.

    You mean, something you said on Jet Nation was taken out of context and blown out of proportion?  Shocking!!!  I guess you are a full fledged member of JN now.  Welcome

    None of my comments were directed at you specifically.  I did not even realize that you had used the term that spurred the conversation. 

    Personally, I just wanted to call him Taylor Swift and have a laugh.

  7. 7 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    I honestly dont remember the Jets interested in a single FA WR.  I remember the trade talks that were never going to happen and I remember being in on Hill but if they were feeling desperate at WR, you'd think they would have at least brought Cole or Crowder back.  Either way, they certainty didnt attack the market, they literally added 1 new face and that was via the draft.

    Ah, you may be right. I may be conflating the trade talks with FA talks. I can't even recall who the FA WRs were. Still, they supposedly were active in trade talks, just nothing materialized.

    I really don't think they're loosing much in either Cole or Crowder. Cole, IIRC, wasn't spectacular, and Crowder (while I liked him in the past for us) is kinda redundant with both the emergence of Berrios and Moore.

    Honestly, unless we're dumping Davis (which I don't think is feasible) then there was really only one spot available in the top 4 after resigning Berrios, and that went to Garret Wilson. Any other acquisition is going to be fighting with Mims and Jeff Smith for the final two spots, and isn't going to have any meaningful impact anyway. We could still see them add a vet when roster cuts start.

    Plus, I think the revamped TE room will have waaay more of an impact than the bottom 3 or 4 WRs will.

  8. 1 minute ago, Lith said:

    You have never seen that language or tone from me.  At least not that I can recall. 

    I do agree with you on Becton.  I don't see the same reaction towards Zach.  Disappointment in his play, yes, but not the same level of vitriol.  Jet fans are rooting for Zach to succeed in 22 regardless of what we think of his 21 season.   I know I am.

    To this day, though, Zach is giving us more reason to believe in him than Becton, so I can understand the dissent towards Becton. A month ago I would've said the Becton doubt was being overblown, but not so much anymore.

    Still (shrugs) both players will show us definitely this season.

  9. 16 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    Where do people come up with this garbage and how has do they have the time?  Its getting out of hand with all these stupid silly made up stats.  Any bozo can come with anything these days and people bite on it.  This isnt real.  This isnt quantifiable.  The idea that there selling this with any shed of accuracy and legitimacy is ridiculous.  lol

    I wonder why these terrible disappointing players who kept letting down Wilson were able to turn it on for the other QB's?  Do they have a made up stat for what happened those games? 

    My favorite part was, "that why the Jets were so keen to attack WR" - oh really?  lmfao.  The Jets added 1 new WR, in the draft.  They added TE's, is that what he meant?  Otherwise, I dont call sitting at your allotted draft spot and taking a WR who was arguably the BAP as "attacking receiver this offseason"  There was no attack, they signed zero veteran WR's.   The resigned Berrios and drafted a WR.

    Well, to be fair, apparently they were going hard after a number of FA WRs, because that's all we heard all spring, but none of them wanted to sign here, lol.

    I still expected them to sign someone other than Berrios, but I guess it's still possible once roster cut downs start, depending on the development of Mims and Jeff Smith (lol).

  10. 10 minutes ago, PorP said:

    We definitely agree. And I do think some of the balls off receivers hands were Zach's fault. 

    My thing I guess,  we went from a 3-4 to a 4-3, a west coast offense,  new coaching staff,  2 new primary receivers,  1 new primary RB and still no TE's all in 4 months. 

    No way is that on the shoulders of 1 guy,  but QB is the only position on the team that pays for the mistakes of other positions. Do I think Zack was flawless... no he played like a rookie.  Do I think some of Zach's stats came from other position groups learning or being poor... yes. 

    There were definitely many people around Zach who were failing at their job last year, but it's not like he gave us a whole lot to be excited about other than anecdotal tropes like "potential" and "if he does this", or "if he learns how to do that".

    It's all meaningless until he can show us when it matters, and anyone who acknowledges that isn't a "hater", just skeptical.

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