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  1. If the Jets trade for Watson and in a few years end up trading away his favorite weapon at the behest of some shyster con-man douchenozzle who has no business making football decisions, and then proceeds to give more power and influence to said douchenozzle while he throws everyone else around him under the bus, fracturing the trust in the entire organization while he molds it to his liking by firing everyone who doesn't jive with his philosophy, then I'll be just as irate as Deshaun and probably advocate setting him free, too.
  2. Vintage Pac Has undying love and patience for failed QBs like Sanchez, Geno, and Darnold, relentlessly defends Jamal Adams with his All-pro status, but scoffs at the idea of giving up 2 1st round picks and one aforementioned failed QB for a 3x Pro-Bowl QB coming off a season in which he set career high numbers in yards (~4800) TDs (33), both which would be Jets franchise records, while throwing only 7 INTs and doing so on an imploding 4-12 team. You gotta at least respect the consistency.
  3. You know those women that walk behind a bride holding her gown so she doesn't trip over it? Someone has to do that for Andy's gigantic balls.
  4. I reckon he'll be "healthy" even if he isn't. It's the NFL, after all.
  5. Wow. Andy Reid just dragging his fat balls across the Browns' collective faces.
  6. I want a team that can consistently compete for a title every year, and in this modern NFL era that heavily favors offense, you need a QB to do that, which is also the hardest piece to find. Deshaun Watson would unequivocally be that piece. I'm not saying the price won't sting, but I think it'd be worth it to land the most talented QB this team has ever seen since Favre -- and possibly longer -- in his prime.
  7. Yeah, and how many Super Bowls did that give us? I want a QB.
  8. He hit his head on the ground. How else would you explain someone looking like they just downed 20 shots of vodka?
  9. Nvm. It was the WR coach. Thought it might have something to do with Mahomes getting injured. Hill is just a psycho, lol.
  10. Whoa, did anyone else just see Hill push a Chiefs coach on the sideline right before the cut to commerical? Was that Bieniemy?
  11. His brain. Dude looked like he had no idea what was going on.

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