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  1. The steak is just to wet his appetite and get those fluids flowin'.
  2. I don't know, it's got my fluids flowing, my liquids loose, and my mind moist.
  3. Maybe Chris Johnson plans on sealing the deal with a juicy kiss?
  4. I just hope Saleh is careful about being too fluid with Sam Darnold. That's how you catch teh Mono.
  5. I hear he sprained his wrist when he waived.
  6. I thought you were gonna uninstall her "self-importance" chip?
  7. wrong thread But, yes, I'd be happy with either QB. Fields more so, though.
  8. Just about anyone over Marvin Lewis. I'm not too enthusiastic about Dan Mullen, granted I'm not very familiar with him. The great thing about trusting Joe Douglas right now is that I would be equally optimistic about Saleh, Daboll, or Pederson getting the job if JD deemed them the best fit. Hiring Daboll would give the added benefit of potentially weakening a division opponent, but I don't expect that to impact JD's decision if he doesn't think Daboll is ready/has the chops to take on the responsibility of leading a whole team.

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