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  1. The day that community college chicks quit drinking is the day that @CTM stops having sex.
  2. Man, anorexia is serious. I actually feel worse for that kid than the fat guy.
  3. At a JiF and Crusher wedding, all the guests get their own exercise bikes to sit on:
  4. They're going to have an entire swimming pool filled with whiskey in hopes that @DPR will show up.
  5. Happy Birthday, JetNation. Call me when you turn 18.
  6. In light of this momentous occasion, I'd like to share a gif from when @JiF and @The Crusher first met:
  7. Spoot-Face

    MIA JNers

  8. FACT: @T0mShane had just as many interceptions as Jamal Adams this year.
  9. Yes! Now the pressure is off me to get my game setup ready.
  10. This last one got progressively darker, quite quickly, lol.
  11. If yours is ready first, just go for it. While brainstorming my setup, I came up with 3 distinct versions -- well, 2 distinct and one hybrid. My game still needs some incubating first before I'm ready to go with it.
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