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  1. This is where we can, and should, seal the game. Come on, Ivory!
  2. Aw, man, Pryor down. He's been good so far this season, dammit!
  3. I'm going to eat a can of tuna and hope there is dolphin in there.
  4. Philbin should take notes because that's how he's gonna have to get back.
  5. Non-pi call, aside. That was an atrocious pass by Fitz. Simply puke worthy.
  6. Unless it's one of those digital clocks that specify am or pm.
  7. But, the Pats are gonna jam their headsets to keep Philbin as their coach.
  8. tl;dr I gave you rep anyway, because I just assume you're right.
  9. He missed a couple wide open receivers--as in, he didn't see them. That was my point.
  10. Winters abusing Suh. Holy sh*t. Is Winters finally good?
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