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  1. At this point I don't think there is any opinion that I could say that wouldn't be labelled as "scum mis-direction". I haven't helped myself in the slightest. I've played a terrible town game. My first game and it's earned the title: "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Spoot-Face."
  2. I was being coached up on that.
  3. Goddamn, fvcking, a$$hole double post. Ghey.
  4. That it does. I hope you feel better. I was sick for nearly the whole month of January. Got the flu (which I haven't had in years) and it lasted about a week, and then I had a sinus infection that lasted another week and a half. I don't think it's a coincidence that I developed the flu, literally the night of watching the Jets lose to the Bills. I actually got sick from that. Go figure. And this was all on top of this nagging cough that I've had since mid October, that I still ******* have. The doctors don't know what's causing it, and I figure I'm just slowly dying. I don't know. It sucks.
  5. Yeah, it'll be a sad day for all. I've learned to not fight the inevitable.
  6. Thanks! CTM suggested that maybe I was the Kingpin, so I immediately google imaged "Beaver King". Am very happy with what I found.
  7. Couldn't that also be suspicious, though? The person most suspicious of Crusher is executed in the night, and the next day Crusher suddenly claims he is the real doc, so the Town shouldn't lynch him?
  8. Well, if that's true and you're not being oddly sarcastic, then I guess I was right to question your claim. Points for me!
  9. Yeah, I've accepted that my mafia detective skills are still absolute sh*t, and I'm a really sh*t townie. So, I've decided to embrace my only strength. Trolling for teh lulz. I'm such a dick.
  10. Damn straight. Deciding which good piece is the most expendable >>>>>>>>>>>>> deciding which sh*t piece is the best bet to keep (Hi, Chaz Schilens!)
  11. It sucks if you don't notice a spelling error until an hour later. "Noooooooo, derp spelling is forevvvvaaaaa!"
  12. Good point. But, perhaps we should weigh the difference between Snacks' run stopping vs Mo/Sheldon, vs the difference between the speed of Mo/Sheldon vs Snacks. Forgetting an actual NT (like Barnes) for a second, a front 3 of Mo/Sheldon/Williams would undoubtedly be a good deal faster then a front 3 of Mo or Sheldon/Snacks/Williams. But, would there be a significant drop-off of run stopping ability? The first line would be more versatile, too. Now, as to your point, Mac was saying that they would very much like to keep Snacks, so perhaps he does see his run stopping as valuable enough to ove
  13. Haven't read the thread, but saw a few posts that seem to propose the argument of keeping Snacks vs keeping Mo or Sheldon. Arguments of "run stuffing" aside, didn't Mac, in his recent post-season interviews, say that he wants the Jets to get faster? Wouldn't that make Snacks the odd man out if it came to him vs Mo or Sheldon? I like Snacks and would love to keep him, but I think speed should be a priority. He's a dominant force on the line, for sure, but he sure as Hell ain't fast. Besides, TJ Barnes is a big man, I'm sure he could plug the hole just fine.
  14. It's so cool that they got John Krasinski to do the narration in the video. Meh, what the hell? Go for it, Max.
  15. She may not look like much, but this one peels one hell of a banana.
  16. I did accept your reveal after CTM cleared it up for me. And yeah, I figure I'm next. (Sigh)
  17. Well, I'll be damned. This one's for you Ape: Well played. Well played.
  18. Well, the Detriot Lions just got a whole lot Lionier.
  19. I would never have questioned it if I knew that docs are very common. I now know. I believe you.
  20. Oh, I understand. Believe me. It's just all I have right now, though.
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