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  1. Obviously, you didn't hammer AVM because you wanted to extend the game play in order to drag your scummy balls across all our faces for as long as you could. Obvs.
  2. Perhaps I'm just not as willingly as you to lynch a potential townie, as long as we get information from it. I can't, in good conscience, make that decision. I'd be a terrible president.
  3. Maybe if my only goal is self-preservation.
  4. Precisely. And, as I've said to others in the thread, I'd rather fail by going with my gut instinct (however wrong it could be) then by second guessing myself (because I'm feeling pressure by others to make a decision). I am not one that easily gives into peer pressure.
  5. I want to make one thing clear. If I ever had--at one point--seriously suspected Ape of being scum, I'd be all over lynching him right now. But, I never really suspected him. I did suspect AVM, though. I believe you are town, so I don't think you are lying to me. It's just that I'd rather be wrong by going with my gut instincts (voting AVM) than being wrong by second guessing myself (voting Ape).
  6. I admit, I'm pinning my logic on the hopes that he is right. If so, AVM and Pac are guilty. I get your point. I do. I just have some reservations, built off of my gung-ho play and jumping to conclusions earlier. I'm really hoping someone else makes this decision for me.
  7. I don't know, that's kinda the signal I was getting from Smash. Keep in mind, though, that Smash is still a scum suspect. You are not. <3 Logic, shmogic. It makes sense to me. But, I realize that your way makes sense to you to. Besides, it sounds like according to everyone else, you are quite familiar with bad logic. <3 <3
  8. Oh, and who said I wanted any respect from you assholes?!
  9. I know, right? I wish someone else would come in and make a decision. I've already hammered one innocent townie. I'd rather not do it again in the same damn game.
  10. Look at it from my point of view. If Ape is right, then that means that two of AVM, Pac and me are definitely scum. I know I am not, so therefore, AVM and Pac are lock to be scum (if Ape is right). If one of them isn't, then he's lying. I do get what you mean, I just think it's an unnecessary step. I could be getting fooled by Ape, but I'd rather loes by being fooled by a vet player, than lose by second guessing myself.
  11. Okay, then. You questioned why scum hasn't all gone to Ape's train to take him out, since he's apparently so powerful. I was trying to imagine a scenario where they already WERE, but it'd have to mean a 4 scum team of Pac, LK, Smash, and you. LK is cleared though, so that doesn't work.
  12. @Integrity28 @CTM You both were talking about balance right? One of CTM's arguments was that, with Ape's reveal as sensor, the town becomes too powerful and it unbalances the game. Now, I have no background with this game, so I have to questions: Ignoring LK's claim for a second. What is the likelihood that there wasn't a Doc. What if Jif replaced it with the Sensor, to make it more balanced? Is the Doc always pro-town? Is there a chance that JiF could have shaken things up by making Doc pro-scum? (Now that I think about this one, probably not).
  13. To be quite honest, you all have sort of lost me on all the details. With so many references to someone's meta (that I can't verify, and am not simply gonna take someone else's word for) and arguments built on the game balance and what is or isn't plausible (in a game that I've never played before, so I can't take any of it face value), it's all just a big mess to me. I think I'm way past trying to coherently understand this current game. I'm not really eager to jump onto one side if I can't fully understand it and with so many working pieces that are flying over my head. Now, I'm just having
  14. I AM having a lot of fun. Win or lose, lynched or not, right or wrong; this is a great ******* game.
  15. Do you mean that you are 99% certain that ONE of us is scum? Or are Hess and I each independently 99% likely to be scum. Please explain slowly, it's hard to hear with all the scum in my ears.
  16. And, if we lynch AVM and he flips scum, then that probably ALSO proves his claim, without the need to kill a potential townie. Totes. Here's Ape, whispering his evil plan in my ear: Notice how I don't appear at all comfortable with my role. The Ape is a very domineering personality.
  17. I guess I'm slightly more inclined to believe Ape, because, if I believe his scenario, that would mean that Pac and AVM are sure scum, because I know what I am. AVM has been on my suspect list for quite a while. I was wrong about Leelou, but perhaps I got one right. It would partly validate my earlier findings. If Ape IS lying and flips scum, well then guess what, I'm probably next anyway because a couple of people (including you) have made it clear that they think he's coaching me. To me, it looks like if Ape is scum and goes down, then I'm probably going with him regardless, barring any unf
  18. Well, I see no developments were made in my absence. Lovely. I still feel fine about my vote.
  19. I'm gonna be leaving in a few minutes and won't be back for a few hours. I'm gonna leave my vote on AVM and let whatever happens happen. If I'm still alive when I get back, I'll see where things stand.
  20. Is that's what called WIFOM? If town would never explicitly state that they could be wrong, then scum would obviously do the same, posing as town. So, either way, whether he admits the possibility or not, you could always pin it as scum. "He says he could be wrong! SCUM!" Or "Look at him, saying he's 100% right, he is trying sooo hard to make us believe he's town! SCUM!" Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  21. I have zero point of reference for either of your meta, and I find both of you pretty equally likely to be lying. There's not much I can do except semi-blindly follow one of you. Except I can vote AVM, who has been on my suspect list for quite a while already.
  22. I have no ******* idea which side to choose. CTM's fear mongering, or Ape's arrogance. So, I'm just gonna choose the side that more closely aligns with my initially held suspicions. vote AVM If I'm wrong, I'm dead next, and at least I'll find peace in death.
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