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  1. Fitz should just run it instead of throw it from now on.
  2. Hell, let Kerley throw. It's not like he's doing anything else.
  3. Ah, thanks. I think I'm paying more attention to this thread than the game.
  4. I thought that was a first down. Could be a good break for us.
  5. Wait, I just realized; what happened to two of our timeouts? I don't remember those being called. I must not have been paying attention.
  6. It's an illusion that that song is any good. #Fitzillusion
  7. You've gotta be ******* kidding me! Both those passes were so overthrown they were uncatchable!
  8. I would guess it's partly due to either 1) Devin running wrong route; or 2) lack of chemistry between Devin and Fitz. Lack of reps is probably to blame. A number of Fitz's passes are bad, but a disproportionate number of his throws to Devin are bad. It would lead me to believe that it's not all on Fitz.
  9. WOW. Another near interception. Fitz's passes to Devin are pretty much all bad. It's gotta be due to Devin's lack of reps.
  10. He's chewing on a miniature, magic leprechaun. The source of all his power, and a natural fertilizer for his beard.
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