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  1. Or Ape is right and CTM is lying because it's AVM, Pac, & CTM. ****! unvote
  2. **** it. His way is most likely going to get me lynched. So this is probably my best play. unvote vote Ape If I'm wrong, well, I'll still probably be lynched anyway.
  3. lol My favorite combo I've done was: Ass-less Chaps + The Heart of A Child = The Trail of Tears. I had nothing but bullsh*t cards that didn't fit, so I tried to put them in the most hilariously ridiculous way.
  4. Obviously. Lynch me and find out, bub.
  5. We're all still here. You're good.
  6. Okay, I figured that someone WOULD counter him. Just wasn't sure if there was always a doc in the game. If so, then it's LK. I just was wondering the possibility that LK saw that no one was claiming doc, and then decided to risk it and claim himself, on the hunch that no one COULD counter him. And, if they did, he could always say that they are just lying to save themselves--and that HE was the one that did it first. Ape could've done the same thing with Town Sensor.
  7. Well, then you have a typo. Because in the two scenarios bolded below, you say I'm scum in BOTH. Don't know why you don't see what I'm referring to. Is that a typo, or are you lying?
  8. He called himself the "Town Sensor". Have you seen that before? Is there always one in every game? What if there isn't one this game. How easy would it be for Ape to claim it, with no one able to prove him wrong? Also, is there a doc in every game? If there is, then I'll believe that LK is not lying.
  9. There is something wrong with your math there. Assuming you and LK are telling the truth, then if AVM is scum, then it could still easily by AVM, Pac, and one of (Smash, Crusher, CTM). According to both of your possible scenarios, I'm a lock to be scum. Which I'm not. So, if you are so sure that I'm a lock to be scum, why not just vote me first? Go ahead. I dare you.
  10. That's okay. I've been wrong, too. I forgive you.
  11. Oh, boy. I hope you're ready to eat crow. Really hiding behind Ape, aren't ya? I really can't tell if your scum or dumb. (First time I've insulted somebody's intelligence here. Congratulations.)
  12. I wish everyone would just hurry up and make a damn decision already. The suspense is freakin' killing me!
  13. If Ape IS lying, then I've been fooled by him ALL game. Gotta respect his game, if true. He could be the mastermind that I thought Leelou was.
  14. If you agree that either you or I are a lock for scum, and you don't think it's me, then it has to be YOU. Unless someone is lying.
  15. Someone is lying and I don't have the skill or knowledge to figure out who, or properly defend myself. Just know that I warned you. This is my retribution for lynching Leelou. I'll go to the gallows willingly, if I have to. No one can say that I, Spoot-Face, run away from the consequences of my actions.
  16. If you are referring to me, then no, I have not been studying the gameplay. I have looked up a few terms that I didn't know--some of which I'm still trying to understand--and they are still a few terms I've seen that I couldn't find. The only thing I was studying was the thread, and I gave up on that after Leelou flipped town.
  17. Oh, well, why didn't you say that before? Should be plenty easy for a grizzled, wily vet like me. Either Ape is fooling us all, or I was right and YOU are scum, buddying and hiding behind Ape. Clever girl. I'll see you in Hell.
  18. I know. People just don't respect the beaver enough. I'm glad you do, though, Chuck.
  19. I want to reiterate that, along with AVM, LK and 80 were my two other suspects for scum. I always felt a town lean on Pac. When I flip town--and if Pac is lynched and HE does, too--you should all take a hard look at 80 and LK. LK especially. I was wrong about Leelou, but I'm not wrong about myself.
  20. I'm scarred. Probably about to be lynched soon. Hold me?
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