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  1. Agreed. There's no better way to get your foot in the acting door than by pretending you give a sh*t if the team that employs you scores.
  2. OMG You are SO right. What's wrong with women thinking that she should be able to both CHOOSE their own career path AND not face sexism? Silly broads, you can't have both! Plus, why are they complaining about low wages when they knew going in that when they applied for the [insert any position] job that it was gonna happen? They're just lucky to have a job in the first place. #BitchesBTrippin'
  3. Totes. It's a very lucrative career path. It goes: 1. NFL cheerleader 2. Stripper 3. Porn Star 4. Reality Star They just need to tough it for a while until they reach "Reality Star" then it's smooth sailing from there!
  4. They're probably just starved. The "no player shall bed a cheerleader" rule is stupid. Let the players bang the silly broads, and I assure you they'll stop complaining. Problem solved. Gimme another one!
  5. What are you doing in Nazi Germany circa 1936?
  6. If you are lynched and flip scum, why would you name your scum buddies for town to lynch next, and why should anyone believe you, then?
  7. All my notes made me think I was a secret Mafia genius. I fooled myself. lol
  8. Thank you. Sadly, I don't think I'd be that good my first time around. I'm not even as good a townie as I thought the first time around.
  9. Yeah, well, we'll see if you still feel that way if I'm lynched this game.
  10. I know you do. Even if you walk me to the gallows. I won't blame you, I've been a sh*t townie. Hurting the town, and really hurting myself. <3
  11. Not really, no, but it is probably my best play here. Before Leelou was lynched, I was sure of a (Leelou, AVM, 80) scum team, with LK as a possible 4th. YOU had actually pinged me early on, but then that suspicion disappeared. If what Ape is saying is true, then perhaps I was right about AVM, even though I was wrong about Leelou. I guess we'll find out, one way or the other.
  12. Ditto on the motor. The guy never gives up on a play. Will chase you down from ten yards away. He certainly has a propensity to run.
  13. You're both wrong. Shelly is beating people with metal pipes now.
  14. I wonder what a redneck cream soda would be... A scoop of cool-whip in a can of Natty Lite?
  15. I agree with this. I don't see any evidence that Brett could've been converted to scum in the wording.
  16. Not yet. Still gotta buy an HD camera to fully capture the glory for Pac's benefit. I'm thoughtful like that.
  17. It's funny, Pac was the first one (and only one until now) to show any sort of suspicion or slight wariness that I could be scum, yet I had him pegged as town for nearly the whole game. He was actually the first ever "read" I developed, based off his interactions with me. I no longer know what to think of him, though.
  18. Oh, despite my lolnoob error, and all my suspicions falling to pieces, I am still very much enjoying this game, and I will most certainly be back again.
  19. I was just messing with ya. I've noticed that. That observation played a role in who I suspected.
  20. The problem with my trolling is that half the time I don't even know what my actual point is. Not much rhyme or reason to my thoughts, which could make me hard to read. But, I usually can't help myself whenever there's any opportunity to make a joke. I don't think there's anything resembling "calculated trolling" in my book.
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