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  1. I blame 80. Talking me up like I'd be good at this game. Liar.
  2. Thanks, I know. Just wanted to make a good first impression.
  3. I'm debating whether or not to put my cards on the table, and show the thoughts I had on every other player. But, I don't want to put out any false suspicions. I don't want to do any more damage to the town than I've already done.
  4. I didn't choose him, nor did I ask for any help. But, +1 for "Hesshole". lol
  5. Thank you. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who has ever gotten on a train, missed their stop, and realize they just got off on the bad side of town.
  6. I'll say this: I'm more upset at me simply being wrong, than I am that Leelou was lynched. Sorry Leelou. I was getting so excited about the game and was legitimately thinking that I was actually getting really good, really quick. That's why I've posted a few times saying something along the line of "I ******* love this game". I was like: "Yeah! I see through your bullsh*t, and your bullsh*t, and you're not getting anything past me!" I was feeling prettttttttttyyyyyy good. I thought I had it all figured out, and I was sure of two of the other scum, and a possible fourth. Turns out, I'm not as
  7. It is, but if you could see my notes... My God, I'm an idiot. I honestly don't know who to suspect anymore.
  8. All that time re-reading and taking notes, I thought I was on to something. Truly did. I felt excited and it gave me a boost of confidence, and I saw a potential moment to take down my biggest suspect, and I pulled the trigger. I shouldn't have.
  9. I had no idea you were looking for a reveal, though. Honestly. I didn't show any remorse because I was certain. Certain that she was scum. I was dead wrong. Soooo, yeahhhh... This throws allllllll my suspicions right out the window. *******, stupid notes. ****. I don't know what to think anymore. I'm never gonna live this screw-up down.
  10. Really? I'd be more worried about him seeing Villain's "STOP defending a max 6 win QB" thread.
  11. Not as painful as it will be for them to remove the New England Patriot* brand asterisk beads from the sphincters.
  12. Well, of course he doesn't regret it. I hate them so much.
  13. Finally about half way through this damn thread. Need a ****in' break.
  14. CLEAR buddying of Crusher... Seriously, though, can your taste buds orgasm? I think mine just did. Now I wanna hear Peyton: "Meatball sub, you taste so good."
  15. ^^ A much better theory than CTMs.
  16. I wasn't aware of your intentions for putting down a vote on her. I have been reading all the new posts, but frankly have only been skimming so I can quickly get back to my re-read that's more in depth. Figured I'll look my closely when I finally catch up (if I ever DO). So, all my current reads are based on what I'm finding back further in the thread, so they're not as current. My suspicions are also evolving as I go, so I could be wrong about Leelou. I hope I'm not. Or else I've made an egregious error.
  17. Either you're being a fool, or I'm being a fool. Time will tell. HURRY UP, JiF! <3
  18. Game ain't over, bub. Still more scum to smoke out. IF I turn out to be right--as I'm pretty certain I am--then I think that Leelou was the mastermind of the scum team. God damn, she is good. I think the rest will fall easily. If wrong. I will eat crow and this will go down as, probably, one of the most memorable noob townie fvck-ups in JN Mafia history.
  19. Yes, as I said in my post. Check the bold. So, yes I DID know that it was six. I discovered that while I was VC checking BEFORE I posted. I didn't try to hide that.
  20. I really think your hate-boner for Ape is blinding you, but I could also be wrong about him. Or wrong about you. Not at first. I was planning on putting my vote on her when she had 4, and was hoping that someone else would finish the lynch. Before I posted, I went back to check if JiF's post count was right and to make sure that the previous 3 votes before CTM were still there. That's when I saw Crusher's vote and thought, "all the better". This whole time since yesterday I've been re-reading and compiling notes. Just over 24 pages of notes for 31 pages of the thread. As of late, I've se
  21. Uhhhh... *scratches head* I guess I kinda did. When do my lightning powers arrive?
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