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  1. I think Marshall is still the only player/coach on offense that wants to win.
  2. Easy 1st down for Cumberland... ...he ******* trips over himself.
  3. Please don't refer to Fitz as "Fritz". I used to know a dog named Fritz and he was wayyyyy better at being a dog than Fitz is at being a QB. It's a disservice to that little dog.
  4. CB holds Announcer: "Did he hold? Yes. But tremendous play."
  5. Defense ACTUALLY seems to have made some half-time adjustments. If only the offense can do the same.
  6. Of course I blow. I'm not exempt from, "everyone and everything blows".
  7. Come one, Devin! Make me believe! Make me care about something!
  8. Life is easier if you assume everything blows. Lessens the blow of disappointment.
  9. Look at my avatar. Look at my face. What do you expect? I live and breathe hatred and disappointment. Come to the dark side. At least it's warm.
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