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  1. The having fun part. Only children have fun. Adults know that life is a futile march to the grave.
  2. You should send him a pic of someone's dick. That'd make him stop.
  3. Yeah, I like those two. There's only like two episodes that I don't like. Got the whole series, plus the two films, on DVD. If you didn't already know, Vince Gilligan first met both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in separate X-Files episodes that they did. It's season 10 now, that they are airing.
  4. In the battle of the worst fans between Jets and Patriots, the Patriots run away with the title with this little gem: http://espn.go.com/blog/afcnorth/post/_/id/64229/pats-fans-taunted-smith-about-dead-brother Stay classy, Pats fans.
  5. I know, right? I'm so excited. ****in' love that show.
  6. lol I'm pretty familiar with joewilly by now. We've gotten along before, but, to be fair, I have taken my fair share of shots at him. Sometimes it's too easy. Just wasn't what I was doing now.
  7. Yes... ...and you mentioned Phil Simms... ...so I made fun of him. I wasn't taking a shot at you. I just think they're both bad.
  8. You're right. Nantz would still ask Brady how much he respects himself and the Pats.
  9. No, I'm discussing Phil Simms and taking a shot at him. And his son.
  10. A redzone INT, huh, Carson? An Arizona comeback would be awesome, but it ain't happening.
  11. They truly are a credit to their team, aren't they?
  12. Then I give you credit for joking and going with the flow.
  13. LMAO I'm not quite sure if he's ******* around for lulz, or if a mod or someone is ******* with him. I'm leaning towards the latter. If so, it's glorious.
  14. I soooo wish that he/she/both/neither posted here.
  15. Carson Palmer be like: "Face is my middle name".
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