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  1. You can't use the word quickly around the Jets, it sounds too much like quigley. It'll make them want to punt.
  2. If we have this ball, and DON'T score 6 here...
  3. Don't even try and reason with him. He'll just make sh*t up.
  4. They finally figured out how to stop the wildcat. Congrats, guys.
  5. Fitz threw that directly at the back of the defender.
  6. No. No one is. Not even close. Only you are mentioning it. You are calling a witch hunt, and you're the witch.
  7. I prefer the term "sexually ambiguous porn".
  8. Yeah, I think tackling is overrated, too.
  9. Adblock Plus, ftw. And not watching gay porn, ftw.
  10. You... Have got... To be *******... Kidding me.
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