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  1. She's what's holding America back from being great again.
  2. As much as this kid is an ass-clown, this is legit funny. Okay, laughing aside; Cro did nothing wrong here and I hope Jimmie Johnson punches his kid in the face. We don't need this bullsh*t.
  3. This thread has great potential...
  4. Yes. I'm sure Sheldon has something that could help me forget that abortion of a game. Or at least make me not care.
  5. Well, we had Ivory (albeit sore) against the Colts and couldn't run well, but Decker abusing their LBs in coverage was a huge part. Ivory was a loss, but Decker truly is a difference maker--much more than Kerley is.
  6. I wholeheartedly agree. We should be putting the blame where it rightly lies. Down with Max! He started the putrid game thread! ARRRGHHHHHHHH! Joewilly for Admin!
  7. Yeah, and if Fitz looks like sh*t, we just may see Geno start after the bye. And then I wonder who the third QB we'll see start?
  8. Hey, guys, at least Miami sucks. We can all take solace in that. But if we f*cking lose to them...
  9. Oh, I agree that Fitz had a bad game, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious to see if Bowles would put Geno in, but, realistically, it was never gonna happen. You saw how they didn't play Devin last week, even though he was healthy, because they wanted to slowly work him in. To think that they would throw Geno out there with barely any practice, let alone any first-team reps, AND after Fitz played two decent games, is simply wrong.
  10. lol. I didn't get that reference, so I had to look it up. That was funny.
  11. Perhaps that was primarily meant to pull the coverage deeper towards Devin, and allow other guys to get open underneath, and Fitz just failed to find them.
  12. I agree. Bowles is such a dunce for not pulling Fitz in favor for the guy who literally just started practicing again, like, a week ago. Shake. My. God. Damn. Head.
  13. I don't know about STATZ, but McElroy scored a 43 on the Wonderlic. It's not Fitz's 48, but it should still be "good enough", right?
  14. Was it Gailey's game plan or Fitz and the O's execution? Serious question; I have no idea.
  15. Ooo! Ooo! I wanna play! I wanna play! Bring back McElroy! Did I win?
  17. Football isn't Fitz's game. He should stick to spelling contests.
  18. Yes. And that is very, very sad for us. But we should DEMAND better.
  19. Another one? Dammit, I guess we can cross him off the list, then. Schottenheimer Sparano Mornhinweg Gailey Better luck next offseason?
  20. Other mistakes the team made aside, my point was that your bar for "good enough" is laughably low.
  21. What's funniest about this London game is that it counts as a home game for the Dolphags. Hahahaha! F*ck them!
  22. Lol. Only a true Jets fan would think that 1 more TD than INT is "good enough".
  23. Step 1: Shave off Fitz's beard. Step 2: Glue it on Geno's face. Step 3: Super Bowl.
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