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  1. Yes. Rex. ...No, Idzik. ...****, no, Geno! ...Dammit, who do am I supposed to hate?
  2. Well, that's the beauty. It means whatever you want it to mean.
  3. What's worse is there is only 8 people left in the pool, and that includes Tom... ...who chose Cleveland this week. All three teams that I thought of picking this week lost, and yet Tom marches on. With Cleveland.
  4. With both MIA and BAL losing, there's only 8 people left in our survival pool. lol.
  5. Well, I'm out of the survival pool, but... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ******* DOLPHAGS! YOU LOST TO THE JAGS!
  6. Well, I'm out of the survival pool, but... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ******* DOLPHAGS! YOU LOST TO THE JAGS!
  7. Well, I just might be getting knocked out of the survivor pool with Miami. And I think I'll be okay with that.
  8. Anyone else notice Tom advancing with Cleveland this week? Fearless bastard must really hate Mariota.
  9. I sure hope not. I picked the Ravens to win. Enough games have already gone bad for me this week.
  10. The Patriots won't want to play them again for the same reason I don't want to fist-fight another toddler. It's not that I wasn't dominant, because I was. It's just that it simply made me, and all the spectators, sad.
  11. Always book on the Raiders to eventually Raider themselves into perpetual Raiderdom.
  12. Nah, keep the one thread. Everyone's already there.
  13. Probably. The NFL Redzone announcer made a joke about Edelman imitating the world's largest air pump with his TD celebration.
  14. I nearly picked New Orleans in the survivor pool, but I switched at the last minute to Miami. It's a win-win pick for me. If Miami wins, I stay alive in the pool. If Miami loses, I get to laugh at ******* Miami for losing to the JAGs.
  15. Wow. Like 32 people in our survival pool who picked New Orleans just got knocked out.
  16. San Diego loses with an INT. Cry me a river.
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