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  1. I bet we're not even good at that, though.
  2. Okay, you can stop taking timeouts now. You're just giving more time for Houston to score against us. We're not getting the ball back this half. Just gotta prevent another score.
  3. Hey, we're actually taking timeouts in order to, you know, preserve time before the half so that we can, you know, score. Cool. Progress.
  4. Hopkins had a huge role in making Fitz look decent last season.
  5. Wow. Terrific throw by Yates. Revis needs to step up.
  6. The whole team + coaching staff + facility staff should all take turns flicking his balls every time he doesn't slide.
  7. Kerley with a rare positive punt return.
  8. Wow. That blew. Like a middle finger to the defense after that defensive stop, holding them to 3.
  9. Not a smart pass by Fitz. Decent throw, though, but a tad bit short.
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