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  1. Yeah, I didn't see any other way for him to be able to know that I visited Leelou. It was spooky.
  2. None. I know what our QT says and I have never seen a mason team before. It doesn't behoove me to start to question our alignment just because other people say so.
  3. The truth is my defense, even if it only exonerates me after my virtuous death.
  4. Perhaps, but as a first timer I wasn't going to do that.
  5. JiF first suggested it, I agreed he was a good candidate, and then Crusher also said Decker. It was unanimous.
  6. The coordination between the three of us has been terrible, and I wasn't about to start making my own decisions about who to watch. I was trying to use the power. Just not well, and not everytime. I missed one. Honest mistake. Won't happen again.
  7. N1: Watched Leelou -- No one visited N2: Watched Decker -- Brett and Leelou visited N3: Missed deadline
  8. I honestly don't see how else he'd jump to that conclusion. Someone has to be scum, and I know it's not Crusher, JiF, and I. It's also not Leelou or Decker, and I don't think it's Hess. That leaves just leaves CTM, AVM, Calder, and you to find 2-3 scum.
  9. Did CTM say that you were trying to lynch Lily after she claimed and after Decker confirmed? Because that's the part I had a problem with that Brett said. I know you were questioning her claim. I was, too. I just noticed that your first post after Decker confirmed her was an unvote off of Lily.
  10. I saw Brett when? You mean N2 when he visited Decker? How does that vouch for him? I saw no one visit Leelou N1.
  11. You want to know why I reacted that way? Because it's my first time as a PR and I just got outed by Brett completely out of the blue. I was also told by JiF and Crusher to not reveal, so I didn't want to confirm what Brett said before I consulted them. Not really hard to understand. I know I haven't earned the benefit of the doubt, but I can't tell if Ape is Town and stupidly agreeing with CTM's scum logic, or if they are both in it together.
  12. Ummm, I wasn't trying to discredit CTM's "defense of you"--honestly I don't even know what that's referring to. What I was doing was attacking Brett's statement that you wanted to lynch Lily after she had claimed and Decker confirmed. I didn't think that was true. I thought he was pushing misinformation, so I said something.
  13. Duh. Shouldn't this have been everyone's thinking ever since it happened?
  14. I'm the alien conspiracy to your Fox Mulder.
  15. Yes, I said I did. Time will tell that I'm telling the truth.
  16. Alright, buddy. If Town gets you to L1, then I'll hammer you. JiF would want it that way.
  17. Only I can submit the NA, so your skepticism is a moot point.
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