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  1. Yeah, I'm sure Geno would have done better with barely a week of practice under his belt since training camp. I think we may end up seeing Geno this season, but this week was too soon.
  2. What'll be worse is if the Eagles suddenly suck again next week and for the rest of the season.
  3. No, what cost them this game was their unwillingness to run through a brick wall. Obviously.
  4. lol. 2 penalties on the Iggles, and I bet they STILL get the 1st down.
  5. I think Marshall is still the only player/coach on offense that wants to win.
  6. Easy 1st down for Cumberland... ...he ******* trips over himself.
  7. Please don't refer to Fitz as "Fritz". I used to know a dog named Fritz and he was wayyyyy better at being a dog than Fitz is at being a QB. It's a disservice to that little dog.
  8. CB holds Announcer: "Did he hold? Yes. But tremendous play."
  9. Defense ACTUALLY seems to have made some half-time adjustments. If only the offense can do the same.
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