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  1. Careful, you're gonna give Verb penis envy.
  2. Either I'm a stupid townie or stupid scum. Your call, dude. I figure you're leaning towards the latter, as probably most are. I haven't done much to help myself.
  3. Oh, I was already stubborn about lynching Hallia. That wasn't on him; that was all me.
  4. Perhaps. We'll see. I'll lol if I end up being the random.
  5. Well, that's probably it. I'll just say I wasn't willing to vote someone I thought was town to save myself.
  6. What am I supposed to say? I already said I don't want to lynch Hallia, and I'm happy where my vote is now. Not much else to say.
  7. Oh, I'm still here. Just don't have anything to add.
  8. I think I gave myself the most sh*t for it, too. lol
  9. To be honest, there's so much going on right now that I didn't make the connection.
  10. sh*t. I hope everything is okay and goes well. Good luck.
  11. No, it doesn't, nor did I specifically say it, but yes, that is my current defense right now. Doesn't change the fact that I am town .
  12. That is true. And that was a fair point you made. Ape said the same. And sure, I was trying to defend myself by explaining how I play, and that it's no different than it was before. Like I said, I didn't do a good job. Congratulations for capitalizing off that.
  13. I won't deny that I've done a terrible job of defending myself. I just think that you are capitalizing off it. Bravo.
  14. Yeah, so what? I brought it up. That's not my point. My point was my "meta" was still being used against me, because my play is somehow different than it was before. It's not and I stand by that.
  15. Yeah. I had no idea. I'm a vanilla townie I thought he just meant any last words or last defense.
  16. How the fvck did that all post twice???
  17. When the fvck did you ask me to reveal?
  18. Spoot's Last Stand: Eh, you can't really have meta with only a couple games under your belt. I'm not gonna go further into it, as folks have already addressed. Explain these statements then, specifically by Leelou: CTM referring to the difference between my play now and my play in previous games. Meta. "this game" as opposed to previous games. Meta. Here CTM seems to actually get it. @Integrity28 Ape asked if he had seen someone do this. Leelou trying to push the "meta" argument somehow o
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