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  1. Or Leo. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a dog, but still...
  2. Mr. Sniffles. Not Jets related. I just think that'd be adorable.
  3. I'm shocked you didn't punch him in the face for being an obvious troll.
  4. Awwww, he gave it away. I wanted it to be a surprise. Shucks!
  5. Sooooo.... The Texans, huh? Yep. We're screwed.
  6. Last year, I never would have thought that I'd feel relief after hearing, "Pryor could return to the field." His presence is much needed. I wonder how he's had such a quick turnaround from last year. Is he simply better because of his experience, or is there another factor? Hmmmmm.
  7. Wow. I can't believe I missed my chance to be a part of that. Train wrecks are always a lot more fun when you get to see them in person. If only I knew what was to come when I posted in the 2nd page of this thread. For shame.
  8. The Cardinals have one HELL of a cheerleader--the same one that we cut for Tim ******* Tebow. Just imagine, he could still be on OUR sideline, cheering US to greatness.
  9. I assume you mean Julian Edelman. Nice, but inconsequential. Pats will still dominate without him, sadly. Losing Gronk would be worse for them.
  10. Worst possible outcome. Patriots win, but don't beat the spread. I don't even get a point. I feel dirty and ashamed.
  11. I would hope so. If he doesn't, he's just risking one of two things happening: 1. Embarrassing himself as he fizzles out pathetically and ungracefully. 2. A serious injury that affects him for the rest of his life.
  12. I picked that Pats to win in the pick 'em league. Is it bad that I really want that point? I mean, they're gonna win the division anyway. Is it still bad, though? Am I a terrible Jets fan? I'll still laugh if they lose.
  13. And now he's been benched. If Peyton doesn't decide himself to retire at the end of the season, you gotta hope that the coaches at least say: "Dude, you're done. You had a great career, but you're done."
  14. In other news, Peyton just threw his 4th INT this game. You gotta think that this is his last year.
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