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  1. Even Eli "Manning-Face" Manning knows how to fvcking slide. Unbelievable.
  2. Shoulda just spit in his eye. Woulda been cheaper and leave less emotional scars. But hey, at least he now has a good excuse for later in life when people ask him why in the Hell he's a Jets fan. He can say: "My Dad is a Jets fan, so he made me one, too." And they'll say: "Oh, that makes sense. I'm sorry." Me? I don't have that excuse. I chose this life myself. Like choosing your own method of execution. I'm still glad I'm not a Philly fan, though.
  3. It has it's own merit, but I'm partial to the insult "putz".
  4. If I could have made it smaller I would have. I don't like to admit when my anger is misplaced.
  5. Wait, do you mean that Sanchez is the sh*ttier QB or Fitz is?
  6. It's not their fault that Folk got hurt mid-season when there are no good kickers to sign off the street.
  7. Good point about the kicker. I didn't think of it like that.
  8. Easy solution to our KR woes. When Cro is healthy, have him return kicks full time. Don't want him on defense anyway.
  9. True, but that's just a Sanchez **** up, mixed up with the DBs **** up, piled on top of a Schotty **** up. Ineptitude all around.
  10. It's funny, it's like, when Fitz throws a bad ball, our WRs can miraculously bail him out, but when he throws a good ball, they suddenly suck. Boggles my mind, it does.
  11. So, not only is Kellen bad at catching, he's just bad at football in general and brings misery and devastation to everyone around him. Lovely.
  12. It's like Schotty all over again, with all the WR routs ending before the first down marker, on third down.
  13. I knew from preseason that this guy was sh*t.
  14. Putzfaptrick can take his gimp thumb and shove it up his ass. I know, I know. The loss really wasn't on him. He played fine. I'm just hurt and angry.
  15. A real coach would go around and personally gag each of his players with their own sweaty, dirty jock strap after a loss, so they don't say anything stupid. Fail coach, thy name is Bowles.
  16. I wonder what the question was going to be? "So, Geno, in your opinion, do you think that Rex's strategy to rattle your team by having IK--the man who punched you in the face--go out as a captain for the coin toss? And if not, what else did Rex do to make you guys lose?"
  17. No worries. To be fair, I'm not at the top of my game right now. Kinda feeling like sh*t. Carry on, we need people to lighten the mood around here. Gifs are gold.
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