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  1. Yikes. You just decided to toss that one in there, eh? If Ape had not said anything, you would never have noticed. Also, it was around the time you two were going back and forth (and I think where the Ape thought something was about you when it was about me).....so I was confused for a minute on what was going on with you two. A random comment that you saw somebody mention, and what you did with this post was exactly what you are accusing me of - trying to focus the spotlight elsewhere. Nope. That's something that I had noticed myself. I didn't need anyone else to point tha
  2. I've not yet been introduced to that Brett. Pleas notify me if he should show up. Thanks.
  3. Awesome movie. That would be epic. Do it.
  4. Yes. That's exactly right. But, as town.
  5. Hey, look; I found my funny again. I'm such a jokester.
  6. You know what guys? Despite whatever happens this game, I'm soooo ******* excited for future games when I am scum. Because, if you think you've finally caught me now; waffling, feigning, flailing, and all around being disingenuous, appearing soooo clearly scum, then you're going to find out that you are completely wrong and that I'm town and I've been nothing but 100% genuine in my words, actions, motives, and defenses. But, the part that really puts a shiver in my quiver is that it's going to totally fvck with whatever meta you all think you're building on me for the future. And it's
  7. This is also the game where I've got the most pressure. I've never had to defend myself this much before. So, yes, it's going to appear that way.
  8. You're so much better at that than CTM.
  9. 1. It's not sudden. 2. Oh, lol. If only you truly knew me.
  10. Is that better? Back to my dick-self?
  11. That's literally how I've played since D3 on my first game. Literally.
  12. I do get a tad more uncomfortable when I drop the jokes a bit; they're my defense. I can get that I'm going to be wrong as town, but that doesn't mean I have to like it and not try my best to avoid it. And I never said I wasn't going to take a position; I'm just not taking it yet. I'll make a decision on who to vote before the deadline. There is still time.
  13. I'm still not quite okay with it yet, but that's a personal thing. I'll get there eventually. I'm still trying to play careful and mistake free the best that I can. You were my first mistake. *pours out drink*
  14. Eh, it was said mostly in jest. Maybe... Still, the truth is the truth. It's not just me, but CTM has been called out for the same thing (not by me, though). Still not gonna change my approach, though.
  15. Yeah, and it seems that if I don't, someone's gonna yell: "HEDGER!" "WAFFLER!" "SCUM!" I should get with the program, but it's probably too late for me to do it now without it looking forced. I'm gonna stick with my plan and wait until closer to the deadline.
  16. It seems to me that you're tying CTM and I together. I don't know what I have to do with any of what CTM is doing. No, I was implying that he was trying to deflect attention away from himself. I've been "hedging" because I'm not certain one way or the other yet. I'm not about to go balls deep in someone that I'm unsure about. This pretty much sums up how I've been playing this game ever since I started. No wait... Except for that first game where I played guns blazing with my reads and turned out to be very wrong. I'd rather look like a scummy
  17. In my defense, I am not as eager to see you lynched as Brett is. I'm still not sold on you one way or the other.
  18. Then I think he'll find it particularly difficult to open this beaver's lips without a little coaxing.
  19. If he is scum, then I truly feel honored that he considers me important enough to rally a mislynch against. <3 you, too, @CTM.
  20. I yam what I yam, and what I yam is a hairy vagina. Someone told me that once... You are rising on my list, but that's only because of how you are reacting. Also... should I be suspicious of how certain Brett seems to be of your scumminess, or is that just Brett being Brett. I honestly don't know right now.
  21. Great. So now, if I do vote you, you would have predicted it. And if I don't, it's because you overtly predicted and foiled my plans.
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