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  1. If you mean "today" as in, this real life day, then probably not. I will put a vote in before the deadline, though. So far I'm leaning Leelou, Verb, and now CTM a bit. 80's close.
  2. LMAO I really hope Brett isn't scum here.
  3. wrong wrong wrong You are just putting words in my fingers. Stupid I mean that you simply don't want me to look at your play.
  4. LOL Brett: "I think CTM is purposely playing clean". CTM: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow your roll there, boy. First, we must ask ourselves, what is "clean play." *CTM takes another toke, absently twirls the long braids of his faded, Rastafarian hat, and stares up at the ceiling as if reading the wisdom from the universe itself.* "Before you judge another's play, you must first judge your own play."
  5. Exactly what I just hinted at. OHHHHHHHH, but I guess I was just echoing you before I even saw your post. lol
  6. True, Ape does that with a lot of people. It's his nature. But my point was not how Ape was playing this game, but how you were playing. It seems to me that you keep wanting me to look closer at Ape instead of you.
  7. You're correct about the first game. I didn't see the scum tells, but I'll agree that you went after him because you did. But, my impression so far is that you and Ape butt heads a lot. Whether I'm right, wrong, fooled, or not, it's my impression, and I'm using it to form my opinion about you this game. And, I know I'm echoing others, but I've found your game a little lackluster so far. I mean, I've thoroughly enjoyed the sh*tting chimps, but you--as I--have gotten off to a slow start, content-wise, this game.
  8. I thought their "rattling of my cage" was 100% warranted. I wasn't posting much game content and was merely coasting through with jokes. Their pressure--Ape's more than Leelou's--was what brought me into the game, and now I'm trying to participate more on a serious level. So, it's not really a coincidence on part of the timing. I see things in the thread, which in turns gives me the idea to join in or share a similar opinion. Now, about your play. In my previous one and (a half?) games with you--which you were town for both--you seemed to always be more vocal and trying to take the ro
  9. spoot echos mine and ape's post right after our posts when getting some attention. the last sentence seems to coincidental I figured you or someone else would point that out. You're doing your due diligence. Yes, I was aware that I was essentially mirroring what others had said, but that is a sentiment that I had previously expressed. And, your response stood out to me more than Ape's, because yours seemed more of a "defense", for lack of a better word, of Hallia than Ape's, which seemed more like a simple inquiry of Brett. So, if anything, I was following your lead, a
  10. He's on my list, but he's not quite high enough... ...yet. Also, regardless of your alignment, I should tell you for the future, that saying, "Hey Spoot, let's lynch [this player]" won't work on me. This beaver is a renegade that takes no orders or directions from anyone.
  11. So am I, but look at the bad-ass beaver that I've become!
  12. How is that weird? Those are two sentiments that I've expressed in previous posts.
  13. I won't be voting Hallia, as I don't think she's scum, but I also don't think Brett is scum either, so I'm not sure why he's voting her.
  14. Okay, I thought you were specifically referring to me absence in that period. I did kinda blow my whole load on just a few posts. It takes time for me to reload and build upon my impressions.
  15. Not voting anyone, although I'm sure you already knew that. Not quite ready yet as I don't want to mistakenly mislynch someone, and with it only taking 5 votes, there's not much room for error. I'm leaning either Verb (for seemingly taking some things way too seriously, a la Brett's "buddying" accusation) or Leelou (for seemingly overreacting to Hallia's fos). Now, I'm not confident enough in any of my reads to make a play just yet. My suspicion of Leelou is built around my initial town lead on Hallia, though I could be wrong about Hallia, since this is the first time I've seen her po
  16. Dude, you just gave away your reaction test. Weak.
  17. I left because nothing was going on and I decided to exercise, geyser-butt.
  18. Shhhhh He's doing me, now. I like it. Wait your turn.
  19. Ape, you seem to be talking about me, but I think 80 was referring to Verb in the bolded. And as for your bolded. I did, and I did. If you'd take your eyes off your own penis every once and in a while, maybe you'd see that others make posts, too. It was all in one post, because unlike you I only need one post to convey my thoughts. Succinctness. I don't need to constantly beat my own dick, but I understand you're mostly doing it for CTM's benefit. Now this is a fvcking game!
  20. Oh, do you mind clarifying exactly what defense of mine that was? I want to know what will work on you in the future.
  21. Okay, I'm going to step away for a bit to avoid engageme-- --sh*t! I mean... ...to exercise. Yes... ...that's what I'm doing...
  22. I think a cat. You're kind, sociable and lovable, but you could destroy us all in mere moments at the discretion of your whim. You are our benevolent God who allows us to exist. They Egyptians were on to something.
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