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  1. I'm almost--ALMOST--at the point where I say throw Geno out there, because it's not like this team is good enough with Fitz, or that he's gonna magically get better. The way I see it, there are two possible outcomes with throwing Geno out there: 1. He improves and either brings us to the playoffs, or at least gives us a modicum of hope for his future with us. 2. He blows chunks and brings us a high draft pick, which gives us a modicum of hope for our future at QB. I'll take either at this point.
  2. In my fragile, depressed, post-loss state, I'm not quite sure how to take this. Okay, I've decided. I'm insulted. I couldn't decide on what emotion to express.
  3. Then not a ton of teams deserve the playoffs. Just let the Pats offense and defense play themselves in the playoffs until they all get injured.
  4. I hope this is it and he's not just a moron. Would be refreshing after all those years of Rex assuming his vaunted defense will make the stop, and they don't.
  5. After last night's game, this isn't even funny.
  6. That's what we deserve. **** this team. And **** Rex Ryan.
  7. **** you, Kellen Davis. **** you. I knew you were sh*t from preseason.
  9. Come on defense! Get a 3 and out and this game can be ours!
  10. LOL. Using their last time out with 10 minutes left in the game. So Rex.
  11. Miles is having a good game. We are deep at safety.
  12. Please leave then. Go be a Packers fan. I hear their fans are very amiable.
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