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  1. Me, neither! Prolly cause I'm hacking my lungs out, though.
  2. He'll blaze a trail right into the end zone and leave the Bills hazy in his smoke. I assume you mean Sheldon.
  3. Has Manish Mehta officially moved to Buffalo yet to cover the Bills? Seriously. Me, every time I see one of this hack's "articles" posted here and given credence:
  4. You should remember that that statement came out of your mouth...err, fingers...or whatever. But, let's just say that we're serious for a moment; what kind of contract? A short, incentive-laced one that's based on playoff performance with a chance to extend? Then, do we extend? How much? How long for? What about Mo? Do we even think that Mario has enough time to even contribute for us in the playoffs?
  5. Bowles real-talk translation:
  6. If he's cut before the game, Bowles will sign him, send him out as captain, walk out onto the field himself at the coin toss, and cut Mario on the spot on live TV. Just to send a message.
  7. I don't think Williams is the one you should want to move on...
  8. Yes, because that's totally the behavior I want out of a player we sign...
  9. Bingo. I think we may finally have that combo in Bolwes/Macc.
  10. No, he was just the Head Buffoon hence the title "Head Coach".
  11. Agreed. Everyone around here is forgetting that the most important position in football is GM, and his most important duty is to reign in and ignore the whims of the idiot head coach. It's all in the business.
  12. Agreed. I also motion that we never again mention Kotite, Mangini, Herm, or any former Jets head coach. Ewbank? More like, Whobank. Is he a current coach on the Jets? No? Well, then who gives a ****? The past is the past, and it doesn't exist. Todd Bowles is the only coach that ever was and ever will be. And while were at it, let's never again name those nameless nancies Brady and Belichick. After all, they are not Jets are they? No, so who gives a ****? Only current Jets talk around here. Do you guys know what we really need around here? More Kellen ******* Davis threads. Joewilly, GET ON
  13. Nope. Never thought that show was funny. Oh, yes. I remember. Yeah, but which one would be the one. ^This is the real crime here.
  14. Oh, really? He did that? That's not cool. Spoilers are never cool. What a douche.
  15. Inclement weather??? Please. Fitz was born from the icy maw of Mother Winter. Fitz will be all like:
  16. I said that exact same thing each time after I saw the infamous "blue waffle", "lemon party", and "goatsee", all just before saying--each damn time--"I gotta know what the **** that is". Curiosity is a cruel mistress.
  17. There's a lot less inner sadness in the orca exhibit in Seaworld than there is in the Miami Dolphin locker room.
  18. I'm still kinda miffed that I didn't see what the big deal was. Just another inside joke that I'm out of the loop of. Just another exciting moment that will be passed down in the annals of JetNation lore to be forever remembered, reminisced, and laughed upon. And I missed it. I don't even care that some would call The Event "unpleasant" or "disgusting" or "horrifying", or "soul-reaving". I just would've liked to have been there. To share in such a tragic, yet unifying event that so naturally brings people closer together. But I missed it. It's like that time in middle school where I miss
  19. That'd be wonderful, because I'd name RT as the 2nd biggest need on the line, only slightly ahead of RT. Perhaps Breno could slide inside and take over for Winters, assuming Colon doesn't come back. For what it's worth, though, I thought Colon did a much better job this season--particularly with cutting down the penalties (though he had that one when he wasn't even in the damn game). Carpenter is solid, and Mangold--while not the specimen that he once was--is still a great C. The day that Mangold is the weak link on the line is the day that we have the greatest O-Line in the NFL.
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