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  1. Come on defense! Get a 3 and out and this game can be ours!
  2. LOL. Using their last time out with 10 minutes left in the game. So Rex.
  3. Miles is having a good game. We are deep at safety.
  4. Please leave then. Go be a Packers fan. I hear their fans are very amiable.
  5. Chunky burrito soup? That's a cute nickname for the Jets.
  6. FINALLY They FINALLY get called with delay of game.
  7. Okay, that should be his official nickname from henceforth.
  8. Goddammit, Fitzy. I want to win too, but you have a gimp fvckin' thumb. PRO TECT YOUR SELF
  9. Please stop trying to force your false narrative onto people. Thanks.
  10. Only good coaches like Rex have his team blow two 2nd half time outs.
  11. According to UnitedWhoFan, you really mean: Todd Bowles Todd Bowles Todd Bowles Todd Bowles Todd Bowles Todd Bowles
  12. My halftime adjustments: 1. Don't suck 2. First downs 3. ???? 4. Profit! I'd be a terrible coach.
  13. Good job, Stacy, you moron. Injuring yourself on a futile play.
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