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  1. As I can see you demonstrating on that pencil.
  2. That's true. Verb is without sword, after all.
  3. Protecting your girlfriend, I see? fos
  4. Yeah, well, we all know that once you blow your load on 80, it'll take you a minimum of 3 days for the low T pills to build up in your system enough to produce another shot. I have time.
  5. This is so much fun so far. Sooooo much better than JiF's queer ass game he modded. I mean, a guy running around in a tight, red leather outfit, thrusting his justice in the face unsuspecting men? Gay.
  6. @JiF We all know what you do with peanut butter and Gargamel's cat behind the Mushroom Mart.
  7. That's Verb trying to stretch his clit into a penis. The rest are laughing at him because he gets no sex.
  8. I think they'd have to hose the place down afterwards.
  9. I'm sure there's enough room for you to pop in, too.
  10. Good luck with that, man. See ya back here eventually.
  11. It's funny; that's exactly how I first read it and had to do a double take.
  12. Then what's JiF's role gonna be???
  13. A beaver knows what it wants.
  14. Not if I have anything to say about it!
  15. Pics or it didn't happen.
  16. Dude, you turned her gay. Now she's window shopping for a new lover.
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