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  1. Yeah, the theme, prolonged-relaxed start, and the small number of players have all contributed to me being much more playful and blase so far. Haven't paid too much attention to the game until about 30 or so minutes ago when I started going back over the thread with a little more seriousness. And that wasn't feigned bravado Mr. Apeface, that was an unadulterated insult, pure and simple.
  2. Even I fvcking figured that out almost immediately... ...I think.
  3. Here's a live feed from Ape's bathroom. FYI, he doesn't just think his sh*t doesn't stink... It's tasty, too!
  4. Not really. Like I said earlier, he's a pussy. I defy @StraightCash to L2 to me. Once this beaver gets a hold of you, it don't let go. It has one hell of a grip.
  5. Brett will like anyone when it's convenient for him in the moment. He's such a slut, right? And the more you can't have him, the more you want him.
  6. Likes 80 80 Everyone else Doesn't Like 80
  7. That sentence is wayyyyyy too easy to manipulate.
  8. Au contraire, ma soeur, it sounds soooooo right.
  9. You hear that @Verbal ? You're lucky just to be in the presence of Your Apeiness's excrement. Savor the scent.
  10. lol First thing I read when I got back.
  11. Just a heads up; I have a doctors appointment today. I need to leave by 11:30 EST (although I need to go out earlier to make sure my car is clear) and I won't be back until maybe 3ish. If you all can refrain from lynching while I'm gone, that'd be nice, but if the urge becomes too strong and you do away with me like Pac does pinatas, then I have a funny picture waiting for you all.
  12. If hipsters are this generations hippies, then I now fully understand why Red Forman hated hippies so much.
  13. You could also do a deadmau5 brew and call it "Dumb Fvcking Mouse-Face Douche Brew". And then you can brew it with actual dead mice and mouse turds so drinking it would be the equivalent to listening to the God-awful music.
  14. Most enjoyable Mafia game so far. Nyn > JiF > errybody else
  15. "Authentic Retro Lumberjack Beard Home Brew" "Retro Authentic Lumberjack Beard Home Brew" "Lumberjack Authentic Retro Beard Home Brew" "Lumberjack Retro Authentic Beard Home Brew" etc. etc. "Skrillex Brew" "Bob Dylan Bourbon" It's all the same brew, though. They'll never know the difference.
  16. Nah, JiF is a gentleman. He's more subtle. He spreads peanut butter somewhere on his body and asks me to find it. Spoiler alert: It's on his butt. It's always on his butt.
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